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  1. Whether inside or outside is still contentious. I still read it as where the VIP sits 'inside the hospitality pavilion', which is indeed opposite the alleged outside northern compound. Either way, it is almost a certainty that the cauldron will be something that's fixed and most probably lit at ground level and not on the roof.
  2. But not necessarily in a giant format? Can be on a flag or props?
  3. I believe what he meant by VIP stand is the huge white colour hospitality pavilion (marque) outside the stadium, across the river on the slightly north-west direction.
  4. When he says 'directly opposite where the VIPs will sit', I suppose he didn't mean that circular patch of garden across the river? Cos' that cleared land is directly opposite compare to the northern bridge entrance indicated in the planning dwg. Either case, if the cauldron location is indeed at at this northern compound, the question now is what kind of design it will be and how is the flame going to be transferred from the ceremony.
  5. Came across this short article from the 26/4/2012 issue of Architect's Journal (AJ). Sounds like the cauldron location is indeed on the northern end of the stadium as speculated/ shown in the planning drawing. 'Unattached gas pipes' seem like pretty conclusive evidence to me now.
  6. Yes she was amazing, that gorgeous blue gown billowing in the wind, and also that shot of the handsome Australian boy singing along! So full of hope and pride!
  7. I meant the solo drummer beating to the one on the screen and the boy on paper boat..... i thought that's pretty nice and simple Speaking about flaming ring, it seems in every ceremony, they will think of great ways to create the giant ring. Sydney is a projection on the giant cloth? Athens ring of fire on water. Beijings beautiful star dust ring peeling of from ground is the best to me. Probably this is another point in London's ceremony I am keen to see how they going to do the ring.
  8. Just rewatched the opening scene for Sydney and Athens on youtube. Sydney's countdown sends goosebumps again. And that shot of the horse galloping on the brown outback ground is so quintessential Australia. Love it, think it's such a genius idea to have the ceremony open with an Outback look. The same goes with Athens, I still remember how my jaw dropped when I first saw the pool of water on TV. It is just breathtaking and so so Greek too. Really wonder what London will do to deliver this first, most powerful imagery to the world??
  9. 2,000 cast in the opening segment? Wow that is about Beijing's number of drummer. Looks like London is going to open with a bang instead of subtlely like Athens
  10. Taking all opinions on board, I think the only way the orbit can co-exist with the cauldron is for the cauldron (bowl) to be attached to the very outer edge of a loop. It is fixed with minimal contact point to the loop edge, appearing to hover/ cantilever out of the loop. That way, the orbit loop is used as a supporting structure only, while giving the height the cauldron flame needed for visibility, without having to worry the orbit and cauldron design will clash. Something like a 'nest' perching precariously from a tree branch. It will definitely be visible to all and at the same time stay away from the mess of the orbit.
  11. What can be the naffest old fashioned view of Britain and turn it into something appealing and moving?
  12. I like your argument on the Orbit, it does make sense. But someone here mentioned it's either Heatherwick or the Kapoor/ Balmond. Not both.For example the last thing you would imagine is Heatherwick's design perched on top of Hadid's Aquatics Centre. Why create such rivalry if it's not intended as a collaboration in the first place?
  13. After seeing what shoddy design the top pod is (looks like an industrial airport control tower), and the general 'horribleness' of the Orbit, I am no longer a fan of having the cauldron on top or anywhere near that thing. What's the next speculation now? I am beginning to bet my chips on a small/ medium cauldron being lit inside the stadium stage ala Sydney. Whether it will be moved outside or grow in size is still up in the air.
  14. BBC has announced the full lineup. I am so excited just by seeing the TV schedule and presenters list. Basically it will be nothing but Olympics on TV for 2 weeks!! http://www.bbc.co.uk...apacks/bbc2012/ http://www.bbc.co.uk...ympics/18070768 Comprehensive coverage on BBC TV As host nation broadcaster for the London 2012 Olympic Games, the BBC holds TV, radio, online, mobile and iPlayer rights in the UK. The flagship Olympic channels will be BBC One and BBC Three, as well as BBC Two (when BBC One switches to news), BBC HD and BBC One HD. These channels will cover all of the key live action and top stories from the Games, as well as the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Coverage of every Olympic sport from every venue will also be available via BBC Red Button and bbc.co.uk/sport. Please note: all transmission times are subject to change. The Olympics 27 July – 12 August Live coverage on BBC Red Button and bbc.co.uk/sport 9.00am-12midnight Every Olympic sport from every venue through up to 24 simultaneous, HD-quality, live Olympic streams. 24 channels are also available to cable and satellite viewers through the BBC Red Button. BBC One Olympic Breakfast 6.00am-9.00am BBC One/BBC One HD A combination of Hazel Irvine and Bill Turnbull or Chris Hollins and Sian Williams start the day with a look at the main stories from the day before and the highlights from the day ahead, also incorporating national and regional news and weather. Olympics 2012 9.00am-11.30am BBC One/BBC One HD Mishal Husain brings the first of the day’s live action from the athletics, rowing and swimming heats. Venue presentation from Matt Baker, Clare Balding, Jonathan Edwards, Jake Humphrey and John Inverdale. Olympics 2012 11.30am-1.45pm BBC One/BBC One HD The live action continues into the afternoon with Matt Baker, Clare Balding or Hazel Irvine. The focus will remain on the athletics, rowing and swimming heats plus other events including the men’s triathlon. Olympics 2012 1.45pm-4.00pm BBC One/BBC One HD Clare Balding, Jake Humphrey or Hazel Irvine takes on the baton, focusing on the conclusion of events such as the cycling road races, tennis finals, equestrian and diving. Olympics 2012 4.00pm-7.00pm BBC One/BBC One HD As we head towards the evening, Sue Barker brings us the action from the track cycling, gymnastics, tennis and equestrian. Olympics 2012 7.00pm-10.35pm BBC One/BBC One HD Gary Lineker takes us through the evening and into the night with action from the competition finals including the athletics and swimming. Olympics Tonight 10.40pm-midnight BBC One/BBC One HD Gabby Logan, in the company of star guests from the world of sport and beyond, focuses on the stories and personalities that have dominated the day and looks at the sport still in progress. Olympic Sportsday 00.15am-1.00am BBC One/BBC One HD Dan Walker rounds up the main stories from the day’s action. BBC Two Olympics 2012 1.00pm-1.45pm; 6.00pm-7.00pm; 10.00pm-10.40pm BBC Two Coverage switches from BBC One to BBC Two during the main BBC News bulletins. BBC Three Olympics 2012 9.00am-7.00pm BBC Three Manish Bhasin, Rishi Persad or Sonali Shah will complement BBC One with some of the best action on offer from the 26 sports at the Games. Olympics 2012 7.00pm-11.00pm BBC Three Jake Humphrey presents the best of the live action from the football, hockey, boxing and basketball. BBC News BBC News: BBC One (1.00pm-1.45pm; 6.00pm-7.00pm; 10.00pm-10.40pm); BBC News Channel (including daily Olympics highlights programmes at 6.30pm, 10.30pm and 00.30pm) and bbc.co.uk/news BBC News will be bringing you all of the stories from inside and outside of the Olympic venues, 24 hours a day, on the usual BBC One bulletins, the BBC News Channel and bbc.co.uk/news. Ceremonies (opening and closing) TV: Huw Edwards, Hazel Irvine, Trevor Nelson. Radio: John Murray. Archery TV: Eddie Butler, Liz Mynott. Athletics TV: Steve Cram, Paul Dickenson, Jonathan Edwards, Brendan Foster, Colin Jackson, Michael Johnson, Phil Jones, Denise Lewis, Steve Trew.Radio: Kriss Akabusi, Steve Backley, Darren Campbell, Mike Costello, Allison Curbishley, Sonja McLaughlan, Katharine Merry Badminton TV: Gail Emms, David Mercer. Basketball TV: John Amaechi, Mike Carlson. Radio: Fabulous Flournoy, Chris Mitchell. Beach volleyball TV: Matt Chilton, Ed Leigh. Boxing TV: Ron McIntosh, Jim Neilly, Lucy O'Connor, Richie Woodhall. Radio:Steve Bunce, Darren Fletcher. Canoeing TV: Andrew Cotter, Paul Dickenson, Helen Reeves. Radio: Alistair Bruce-Ball, Martin Cross, Anna Hemmings. Cycling TV: Chris Boardman, Jill Douglas, Ed Leigh, Hugh Porter, Jamie Staff.Radio: Simon Brotherton, Matt Dawson, Rob Hayles. Diving TV: Bob Ballard, Leon Taylor. Equestrian TV: Andy Austin, Judy Harvey, Ian Stark, Michael Tucker. Radio: Pippa Funnell, Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes, John Hunt. Fencing TV: Karim Bashir, Graham Bell. Football TV: Steve Bower, Mark Bright, Garth Crooks, Martin Fisher, Alan Hansen, Mark Lawrenson, Alistair Mann, Guy Mowbray, Jacqui Oatley, Jonathan Pearce, Jo Potter, John Roder, Robbie Savage, Sue Smith, Lucy Ward, Faye White, Steve Wilson. Radio: Ian Dennis, Dion Dublin, Mike Ingham, John Murray, Jen O'Neill. Gymnastics TV: Matt Baker, Mitch Fenner, Christine Still. Radio: Craig Heap, Alison Mitchell. Handball TV: Paul Bray. Hockey TV: Mel Clewlow, Barry Davies, Sean Kerly. Radio: Mel Clewlow, Alistair Eykyn, Sean Kerly. Judo TV: Nicola Fairbrother, Nick Mullins. Modern pentathlon TV: Steph Cook, Eleanor Oldroyd. Radio: Pippa Funnell, Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes, John Hunt. Rowing TV: Garry Herbert, Sir Steve Redgrave, Daniel Topolski. Radio: James Cracknell, Martin Cross, Alan Green. Sailing TV: Leigh McMillan, Shirley Robertson, Richard Simmonds, Rob Walker.Radio: Juliette Ferrington, Pippa Wilson. Shooting TV: David Oates. Swimming TV: Sharron Davies, Mark Foster, Andy Jameson, Adrian Moorhouse.Radio: Bob Ballard, Steve Parry, Karen Pickering. Synchronised swimming TV: Andrea Holland, Eleanor Oldroyd. Table tennis TV: Ian Marshall, Matthew Syed. Taekwondo TV: John Cullen, Nick Mullins. Radio: Jonathan Overend. Tennis TV: Tracey Austin, Chris Bradnum, Andrew Castle, Andrew Cotter, Tim Henman, John Lloyd, Sam Smith, Virginia Wade. Radio: Iain Carter, Annabel Croft, Jonathan Overend. Triathlon TV: Matt Chilton, Steve Trew. Radio: Alistair Bruce-Ball, James Cracknell. Volleyball TV: Jonathan Legard. Water polo TV: Nigel Adderley, Lisa Knights. Weightlifting TV: Colin Bryce, Non Evans, Jim Neilly. Wrestling TV: Colin Bryce, Non Evans. Presenters, news correspondents and reporters Programme presenters: Matt Baker, Clare Balding, Sue Barker, Manish Bhasin, Chris Hollins, Jake Humphrey, Mishal Husain, John Inverdale, Hazel Irvine, Gabby Logan, Gary Lineker, Rishi Persad, Sonali Shah, Bill Turnbull, Dan Walker, Sian Williams. News correspondents: David Bond, Sally Nugent, James Pearce, Dan Roan, Andy Swiss, Joe Wilson. Feature reporters: Tina Daheley, Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, Leon Mann, Jason Mohammad, Ore Oduba, Sir Matthew Pinsent, Garry Richardson, Helen Skelton, Michael Vaughan, Reggie Yates.
  15. Can't wait! Pity I have to turn down my offer, the rehearsing schedule is just too much for me wouldnt be able to juggle
  16. I dont mind much about the red twisting design, thought it's at least unique. I just wished they put more thoughts and design into the observation pod and the spiral staircase. They just look under-designed and out of place
  17. Saw a tweet few days back saying the rehearsal venue is at the old Ford plant in Dagenham. Sounds like a good choice where you can secure the perimeter quite easily. Factory workers passed through security gates spring to mind, ala Made in Dagenham. Great the volunteers get to rehearse in this industrially historic site
  18. Me too. Athens ceremony is the best and always will be.
  19. Seems like the membrane sculpture became a steel trumpet thing... and it looks partial only not all the way up..... is that rusty colour deliberate or yet to be painted on?
  20. Im surprised it's been completed. It still looks quite unfinished, esp the observation pod
  21. This is reminiscent of Athens 'bowing' cauldron needle, but the lighting triangle is not designed to function like this.
  22. But I think such intimate and small-scale ceremony fits in well with Danny Boyles style of the ceremony. Especially with Heatherwick's design, a small cauldron can be extremely beautiful and clever judging by his previous works. It's almost like a jewel on the stage
  23. Yes! Exactly something like this! That looks pretty
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