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  1. That brown oval shape is definitely a raised stage connected by ramps if you look closely. It is slightly raised, not a lot but probably a persons height, good enough to hide props and stuff under and esp the cauldron!
  2. My thoughts exactly. The cauldron will rise up from under the stage, that is almost a certainty now since no way they can hide anything in the field without digging underground or raising the entire field of play.
  3. From MitchHM's bro's pic This shows a lot! Anyone like to throw up some ideas? There is definitely going to be an end-stage being built there! More people should go for heli joy ride closer to the Games to give us updates on the latest happenign since no way they going to release official aerial shots from now on.
  4. Latest aerial pic from Jason Hawkes. Something is definitely going on in the middle of the ground. They seem to be building a platform and some sort of tower looking like structure. It seems pretty plausible that can be where the cauldron is located (at least when it's lit). http://www.bbc.co.uk...ctures-18239274 jasonhawkes.com/
  5. I am sure they will do a screening beforehand to determine if it's a twin or what. NO time for surprise octupussy here, if not the cauldron wont be lit till the next morning!
  6. From SSC someone mentioned that the cauldron will be lit by a child from the host borough (Newham). Love love the idea, it will be a very touching gesture and totally fit the motto of inspire a generation. I hope this is true, there's no protocol that said the cauldron must be lit by a prolific athlete no? SLC 2002 was lit by a bunch of firefighters Been reported that the flame will be lit by a child ( from the host borough )and not a athlete as part of " inspire a generation ".
  7. Those ppl don't know what they are talking about
  8. You can't say this without telling us more now!
  9. I love the idea of erupting energy. All this while, the lighting of the cauldron is the most theatrical. Once it's lit, the flame is just a flame on a cauldron and pretty much constant. Perhaps Heatherwick is turning the post-lit cauldron flame into a piece of theatrics itself too, something that is to marvel at with hypnotic quality. Makes me think perhaps the stems of little caudrons is a theatric piece itself too. Imagine each stem blowing off flames in a rhythm (ala a flame blower in circus). Or this big blows of flame outside a Melbourne casino, but many of them. A series of successive bursts (never an unlit stem in between bursts) keep the flame burning. And each burst is like sending out a shockwave of Olympic spirit to every corner of the world. It will be really cool http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCeMxFmUQcc
  10. It's brilliant if the organisers had the ticket design crypticly holding clues for the cauldron design. That will make the opening ceremony ticket much more cherishable after the event. Speaking of a cluster/ bunch of fires, the 'trumpets' on the ticket resembles these daffodils. Or like dandelions too, spreading the olympic spirit wherever the wind blows!
  11. Also we have been discussing the Olympic cauldron. How about Paralympic cauldron? Is there usually two different cauldron design for Olympic and Paralympic? I know the lighting method is different for both. Means than Heatherwick have to design both too then?
  12. I am starting to believe the abstract design of the opening ceremony ticket might hold clues to the cauldron design too. Your idea of clusters of fire or even stems of fire will be breathtaking. Heatherwicks design is always so extraordinary and out of this world I really can't wait to see what hes up to this time.
  13. NBC's Today Show Olympic studio is near completion. Odd location though, next to the athletes village. Maybe convenient for athletes to pop in for a quick interview?
  14. I like the inspiration of the national flower. What is the national flower of Northern Ireland if there's any?
  15. Yes, love it ha the trumpets actually look like zoom in of the seed catheral and the big bang too!
  16. I would be very happy if the cauldron design is something like the Big Bang sculpture. It's powerful simple and magical looking!
  17. A big yellow tractor. If anything this pic shows the scale of this northern compound which is actually quite big. I am quite comfortable with the original idea of a cauldron tower located here it can be like a magic roundabout where spectators passed through upon entering from the bridge.
  18. You can see the full resolution photo here. This pic is taken from one flickr account, can't remember the link sorry but his photos always pop up here
  19. Those circled areas are just construction materials and tractor if you zoom in the high res photos. Not sure where you got the green tinge from, I see nothing here.
  20. I hope there's one cauldron in the olympic park and another one in central london. Probably have the flame traveled along the Thames to Central London
  21. Perhaps Jerusalem in its imagery: And did the Countenance Divine, Shine forth upon our clouded hills? And was Jerusalem builded here, Among these dark Satanic Mills?
  22. Absolutely, there's nothing wrong with having those. Just not very familiar with what Brazilian culture have to offer, those are the only things I relate to Rio. I'm sure there's other elements that can be showcased to contrast with the common perception of Rio's image
  23. Rio's handover is the most easily predictable. Riots of colours, samba, carnivals, noisy music, scantily clad women etc
  24. LOL for a moment I thought the new Thames cable car is providing direct access to the stadium!
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