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  1. I don't like the fact that it's a rather biased choice to allow McCartney an established artiste to perform his own song in the opening ceremony. I prefer just the official Olympic songs and anthems, patriotic/ folk songs or original Olympic compositions should only be allowed to play in the opening ceremony. I am fine with him or other artistes performing in closing with their own song, just not in opening. The same be said about having the James Bond opening segment (if it's true). Why is Londons opening beginning to turn into a shameless plugging opportunity for these worlds biggest names?? Yes I understand they are British icons, but isn't the opening ceremony suppose to maintain neutral and not endorse/ bias to a virtually commercial entity? I feel by having them both will actually cheapen the dignity of the ceremony, turning it into something like the Royal Variety Show.
  2. Surely after the dress rehearsals in every Games, even without the leak of photos, there's murmurs of what things going to be like leaked by the spectators no? I would imagine now this is do much easier to post a random anonymous comment on Twitter than any Games before.
  3. Not just photography. I dont believe there's not one out of 80,000 that wont mutter a single word on Twitter or anywhere online
  4. Oh dear god, him performing that song is so irrelevant to the opening ceremony. Closing ceremony I dont mind, what I really don't understand is why he is always treated like the most important figure in this country next to the Queen. Any special event he is always the one who get the best slot. I just don't get him, sorry. Who normally get the tickets? I didnt hear anything about dress rehearsal tickets being on sale anywhere.
  5. Three opening ceremony rehearsals in Olympic Stadium. Anyone knows how to get tickets for dress rehearsal? Are they sold/ given out in previous games? And also isn't there a big chance some audience will leak out major plot details after seeing the dress rehearsal? It's easy to control the performers but for the 80,000 crowd why would they care? http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/olympics/olympic-news/london-2012-olympics-60000-people-to-practise-their-routines-in-three-secret-opening-ceremony-rehearsals-7827271.html
  6. No freaking way anything to do with the cauldron will be located next to the McDonalds. That suggestion is even more impossible than having the cauldron on the Orbit.
  7. I also don't get the whole Paul McCartney thing. No denying he is Britain's national treasure where he is always given the headline slot in all important event eg jubilee and Olympics. Sorry but I just don't get his music/ stage persona at all. Yes he was part of Beatles but him solo just doesn't do it for me. His act last night was greatly helped with a lot of staging effect and pyrotechnics. Otherwise, god forbids I say this but i find him quite boring esp him doing a singalong of Let It Be (or Hey Jude) for the millionth time. Personally I felt Elton John has more stage charisma and great songs than McCartney if want to compare artistes from that era.
  8. There's a shot I remembered vividly during yesterday Jubilee concert broadcast when London was covered in glorious sunset right before nightfall. The aerial shot of the Mall and London's skyline and parks are glittering and really beautiful. It made me think of the typical aerial shot of the host city we always see at dusk time right before the start of the opening ceremony. London is going to look breathtaking then!
  9. You are stirring my excitement again! What is normally after the athletes parade in past ceremonies? I thought it will be all oath, protocol stuff maybe a ring or two and then the cauldron. Will there be any more cultural segment even after the parade?
  10. Watched the opening segment of Vancouver 2010 opening ceremony on Youtube for the first time. Why do all the spectators wear a poncho/ raincoat?
  11. Apparently in the V&A Heatherwick exhibition, a special plinth was left empty for the model of the Olympic cauldron when it is unveiled after the opening ceremony.
  12. For goodness sake, do you really expect them to create a bloody stage in the shape of the British Isle and quarter of Ireland? Also, it's only 1 and a quarter island they need to built to be geographically correct. So the centre oval is the british isle and probably a little islet somewhere to Northern Island
  13. But the shaft structure does not look like it is designed for a bell. It looks like it's designed for something to come up through the shaft from below the stage. Like a hydraulic lift for cauldron or maybe a person eg. the final torchbearer!
  14. It's either the cauldron or for the bell, that's for sure. But I believe the bell stage will be on the other end. The whole shaft penetration down to the bottom does not look like a staging for a bell, it looks much more complicated than that!
  15. That is almost CERTAINLY a cauldron! Good find!
  16. For those interested and in London, V&A Museum's Heatherwick Studio retrospective exhibition opens today. And this video showing a machine dispensing exhibition guides is another brilliant example of Heatherwick's genius. This guy is really one of a kind and I really think appointing him as the cauldron designer is the best choice LOCOG had ever made. http://www.dezeen.com/2012/05/29/movie-thomas-heatherwick-at-the-va-museum/
  17. Ausf, something like this? The raised, plateau oval stage surrounded by water
  18. Just rewatched Athens opening segment. The 'slight nod' from what I see will probably be some water elements, drummers (most possibly since they alr told us there will be large numbers of drummers involved) or a Olympic ring of fire.
  19. It's pretty broad in that sense isn't it? Virtually any point in an aerial photo of the stadium surround could be a possible location for the cauldron...
  20. I came across this in a book about Heatherwick's works - a conceptual design for a kinetic water mill sculpture tower in Stratford. Looks pretty interesting, reminds me of what could be like for a cauldron tower (though I expect more bravado in his cauldron design)
  21. Speaking about daylight, i wonder how will the ceremony looks like for most of its part. London now is still dusky at 9pm, and by July time it will be dusky till 10 ish. So when the ceremony starts at 8pm, it will still be pretty bright. Well I guess it won't really matter since all artificial lighting inside the stadium will be of such high magnitude fully self-contained and controlled it won't matter how dark or bright the actual outside is.
  22. That's actually quite clever, sneaky but clever!
  23. But as demonstrated in Athens, any water can be drained in matter of minutes. Also the island moat is just for the opening segment, for sure in any event of this type the whole scene can be transformed to a completely different one very quickly. I don't think we should discount anything too dramatic/ unbelievable because don't forget this is all theatrical staging and it's all about transformation.
  24. Yes, I meant a cauldron lit at the centre of the stage and then moved somewhere else after the ceremony ended
  25. I can certainly see this as an island being built with water/ river surrounding it too. It fits the theme perfectly! Whatever 'landscape' or scene they are building for the opening segment, it won't be hidden for long unless they cover the whole stadium roof. Hundreds of people on commercial floght fly past the site everyday, there's bound to be people posting photos of any significant change to the stadium eventually
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