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  1. I'm glad Boyle is not attempting to be too PC in the artistic direction to please everyone. Can one not forget the Games is held in London, which is in England. For all Scottish out there, if the Games were to be held in Edinburgh, are you okay to put less emphasis on Scottish culture and make it very neutral, balanced representation of the other nations? I don't think so. I imagine it will be a very Scottish affair full of tartan bagpipes and Scottish pride. Its only natural and nothing wrong with that. So let the English do it the English way. You'll have your turn in the commonwealth games.
  2. Very London, must be the M25 then as it goes in a loop!
  3. Oh wow both opening and closing, good on you! You are going to have so much fun, do you know what segment you gonna be in? Wouldn't think so, this song is for the diamond jubilee nothing to do with olympics
  4. From this picture we can clearly see how the Glastonbury tor looks like in the stadium. Notice the hill contour which looks like a winding path that leads up to the top? It seems a brilliant route for the final torchbearer to run up this winding path and light the cauldron on top. Gonna be do dramatic and great buildup of anticipation not to mention how photogenic the camera shot is of him running up the hill!
  5. Look at that mound under the tree. With that height and size, it is more than capable of hiding any cauldron underneath! I am placing my bet the tree will be removed at some point and the cauldron will come out from there. Or the tree will transform into a cauldron.
  6. So you are a volunteer performer in the opening ceremony too??# That's what I am wondering too. If those people in the mosh pit is in their normal casual attire, won't they be out of place in scenes that's set in another time? And I am still not clear whether they will be there for the whole duration of the ceremony or just the opening segment. Their position at either end of the field does not seem that practical to be there until the end of the ceremony as it is right in the axis of both end stage where important things always happen!
  7. Yes I went for the auditions and was offered a role. But the rehearsal schedule was too much for me to juggle between work so I pulled out before the first rehearsal. Wished I can be part of it, as a spectator now, knowing how amazing it is gonna be! I know Danny Boyle and Coe said London is not attempting to top Beijings ceremony. But to be honest, from what was revealed today and the alledged 'amazing transformation' after, I have a feeling ours is going to be even more epic than Beijing in terms of the theatricality, staging and story telling. They are definitely down playing the whole thing. London might be very well the most epic ceremony ever.
  8. I hope the last of the artistic segment will be something very contemporary, current, chirpy, cheeky, humorous, avant garde, warm and friendly showcasing why London is the best city to live in the world now!
  9. Wonder who will be the proud supplier of the pigs, cows, sheeps and chickens? Do they scour around English farms to find the best organically raised farm animals? They are worth a lot of money after the ceremony to be auctioned off in ebay!
  10. I agree, I dont want to know any more. This is more than enough!
  11. Just wiki-ed, so oak tree is the national tree of England. That makes sense
  12. It said that the two mosh pits will be made up of young people from the public. Wonder if they are going to be there throughout the ceremony or just the opening segment? This is all getting a bit too much! Can take no more of these excitement haha
  13. Wow, wonder if its a real tree or fake? And it really made me wonder how are they going to have the scenery and landscape built to such detail and then still be able to remove them easily for the transformation? It's like taking the whole village and earthwork apart in what, 10 minutes?? Can't wait to see how they do it!
  14. I have a feeling this pasture green scene is just a taster of even more amazing and breathtaking segment to come. Remember from all previous ceremonies, nobody ever said the best segment is the opening segment! All we heard so far is quite historical representation of Britain. There's the NHS and I definitely like to see a segment of modern, current day Britain, something contemporary. Danny Boyle should get a knighthood for this! More about the mosh pit: Among the other features will be two mosh-pits - one representing the Glastonbury festival and another the Last Night of the Proms - filled with members of the public.Tickets for these positions are yet to be allocated, with organisers still to decide how to distribute them. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-18392025
  15. Anyone can figure what tree is that? And what are those four tall flowers tree thing? Looks like national flowers to me, rose, daffodils, thistle and not sure about the other one. So its really the four countries in britain
  16. I thought so too. With such elaborate staging, they would not be able to hide it if they want to, so might as well reveal them before hand. And it will definitely looks much better in real life with real grass, real water, real animals. This is definitely the most elaborate staging in an opening segment ever! Sydney Athens and Beijing doesnt even come close to this. I don't think this spoiler is a downer. And he didnt reveal what other segments going to be like. Probably they are even more amazing than this!
  17. This scene will definitely be transformed. It will be difficult for the athletes to navigate through these hilly terrains no? And who gets to be in the mosh pit? Are they the public or performers too? Gosh I would do anything to be in the mosh pit! LOL
  18. I am speechless..... I really take my hats off to Boyle. This is so quintessentially Britain there can be no other. Can you imagine the opening shot? Focusing on the villagers minding their sheeps and cows and picnicking.... like a real life scene in the countryside.....
  19. Danny Boyle unveils the opening ceremony set. It's a meadow, with real animals... The green and pleasant land.!! https://twitter.com/#!/GordonFarquhar http://yfrog.com/z/kgtn2dkxj Public mosh pit, glastonbury thor, live animals, river, cloud....... OMG..... So the end stage is for a giant tree!!
  20. They are definitely flying in the right direction! Chopper through Tower Bridge indeed very Bond type of sequence. And from the time this was filmed, still quite bright beginning of sunset, I think we can be pretty sure that the Bond sequence will be an OC pre show. It will not be this bright if it was to open the show at 9pm
  21. Those pods are huge. They are almost like a large shop or a mini warehouse. Wouldn't think they will operate like a concession stalls where people queue outside. The sheer size and depth of it means spectators can actually queue inside and perhaps have seatings as well. Makes me think why do they build such large pods. It makes the theory of them as a disguise to store/ construct cauldron parts plausible. Perhaps the ledge on the roof rim acts as a support platform for Heatherwicks cauldron sculpture? That looks like a perfect location to me to be seen by almost all without being too close to the roof light clutters. The triangular light structure actually frames that ledge quite well if a cauldron is placed there.
  22. The circular stage under the jumbotron, the ledge off the rim of the roof, the triangular light structure - they all seemed to be aligned to a greater purpose. Perhaps the shaft struture on the stage is a lift transporting the final torchbearer up to the ledge stage. He then touch the light triangle which somehow beam the flame to the cauldron tower outside?? As far fetched as I can imagine!
  23. Or do you think McCartney could be a bit senile and said 'closing the opening' instead of 'opening the closing'? Him performing in the closing is a much ideal scenario and I always thought its a given he will be in there since its a celebration of British music theme and he was part of Beatles bla bla bla. Surprised they bumped him up a notch and have him in opening instead. I truly hope his hey Jude will be an off-camera post show thing. I can't bear to see that him a senior age guy singing that old song in such a prestigious, spirited ceremony aimed at celebrating the youth of the world. He doesn't belong there. Let it go.
  24. I don't mind Bond or McCartney or whatever tacky thing they want to do as long as it is not part of the actual ceremony, not in the actual broadcast.
  25. My thoughts exactly. He really is not that great solo. Having him at all big event just because he was part of Beatles is like flogging a dead horse. I rather much they give this valuable opportunity to some up and coming artists or unknowns instead of someone who's already had it all.
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