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  1. A little off topic, but this is quite funny. American athletes photographed in bad light http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2168894/Shoddy-genius-Photographs-taken-U-S-Olympic-team-slammed-disgraceful-wonder-mistakes-deliberate.html
  2. Why would there be radioactive waste dumping ground right next to the stadium?? That's the most absurd thing I've heard. I think darjole is trying to lure us from obviously correctly guessed the cauldron location.
  3. I like the sound of it Can we declare ourselves as the first online community to crack the cauldron location first? We just need one last evidence, one single latest pic that shows something going up or someone is working on that plate! I'm also curious to find out how that quaint bridge is utilised, whether it has anything to do with the cauldron lighting or it's design. And will public be allowed to cross that bridge onto that patch of land (which I highly doubt so)?
  4. Wow that's quite a revelation. Seems like the only hole of its kind around the stadium. Are we nearly there finally? If there's any activity going on the plate in the next few days to come, then it's almost safe to say that's the cauldron location.
  5. Totally agree. Wouldn't think why LOCOG who use a random, non-relevant image on the most high profile ticket design. Plus, if it's really related to the cauldron, the ticket holders will find it more memorable and collectible after that because it contains the highlight of the show. But why would they need drainage/ manhole on that piece of no-man's land?
  6. There's a enclosed compartment under the bridge??
  7. Danny Boyle apologised to the volunteer for the leak. That's very kind of him. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-18702569
  8. But it will only add to confusion isn't it? If I'm a tourist and I kinda know the quickest route to the Park but it's not shown on the signage, I'll be very confused and torn whether to take it or not. Hope there's stewards along the way to explain to ppl the quickest way at any particular time pending on the crowd update. To be honest, I still don't think the overcrowding will be as bad as they said. Almost like scaremongering and overplaying the whole bit.
  9. I thought that might be the case too. The only other route is to get to Central Line and Stratford from there. But it doesn't really make sense to expect ppl in Waterloo to take that route to Stratford. Throngs of spectators from the south-west will be coming in from Waterloo station, is this really their strategy?
  10. Saw this signage next to platform of EAST bound Jubilee Line at Waterloo Station. What I found strange is the absence of Olympic Park in the signage. It points towards Excel and North Greenwich Arena (which is 3 stops away from Stratford station). I was changing from Bakerloo Line to Jubilee and Olympic Park is not in any of the many signages along the way . Do you think this is a TFL oversight or there is a reason they not wanting people to travel to the Olympic Park via Jubilee Line from Waterloo? I just can't think of any other route that's faster and more direct to Olympic Park from Waterloo station. Hence very surprised how can they miss this crucial direction in possibly one of the busiest stations in London. Anyone can enlighten me on this or should I email TFL about this?
  11. Are those fly-past photoshopped in? They look so perfect right above you guys
  12. I have a feeling with many spindles the lighting ceremony will include many 'lighters' as well. Perhaps many pre-selected athletes, or involves most of the athletes on parade, or involves the public. Let's see. It's safe to say there will be many smaller flames that form a big flame.
  13. That's cute Is that a fake torch she's holding? Hehe
  14. I think this design definitely is a clue to some elements of the ceremony. Almost certain it is the cauldron design. So in opening ticket the stems are sparsely arranged and in closing they are bunched together. Is this another 'puzzle' that Boyle mentioned? I have a feeling the cauldron will be made up of multiple elements and assembled together
  15. Picture? Someone posted on Twitter. Isnt this similar to the opening ticket design? The trumpet/ stalk design
  16. This is from a post in SSC. Nice big WELCOME sign on the Aquatics approach
  17. Great thx! Looks like fancy birthday candle stick!
  18. Quite interesting clip from Sega Studio on how they made the game... incl how they apply the Look and branding
  19. Thanks O2004, that's some holy creepy drama there! Hilarious too in a way
  20. Now I am intrigued! Can someone tell us who wasn't here when it happened the full story??
  21. I know this will sound ridiculous but i dreamt of the cauldron lighting last night Basically, the torchbearer was flying towards a slanted jumbotron screen....... and somehow the jumbotron was showing an image of the cauldron. And when the torchbearer is approaching the jumbotron, the cauldron image on the screen slowly comes to life to become a 3D/ hologramish object hovering above the jumbotron. Then the torch bearer lit that cauldron which becomes real in the end..... must say it's a great dream and I'm super excited to the verge of crying haha! Proof that i am reaching obsessive stage of this whole olympic thing!
  22. Actually Florence is not exactly that hot now. Their first album is great but the second one is lacklustre. And also I think the fame and overexposure after the first album makes people uninterested in Florence now
  23. I actually think they look quite good. Something about them at longer size with the pictogram works better
  24. Just did the same, bit disappointed that it doesn't include the prelude
  25. That is not the plate. The plate is on the other side of the river, where the bridge is
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