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  1. Latest batch of aerial pics, can anyone pick out any clues? http://www.standard....?action=gallery p.s. The beach volleyball venue looks massive.... like a temporary wimbledon centrecourt!
  2. The additional funding is for the overall ceremony, not just the cauldron lighting. Plus why would he specifically mentioned getting PM's approval? I would think if it's a regular in the stadium lighting, Danny Boyle and Jacque Rogge's approval is more important than the PM's. This sounds to me like a bigger operation than that and might involve the 'bigger society' at large, hence a PM need to be consulted.
  3. Interesting tips thanks for that. First I find it so intriguing that perhaps most of his office staff has no clue about the cauldron design too? And to require a PM's approval for a caildron lighting may means the cauldron lighting will be def something out of the stadium. Either a very huge fire show, or it involves a lot of flame around the city or country. Or one very important national landmark will be used as one of the cauldron site. The level of secrecy is so tight they might very well pull off another 'Who designs Kate's Wedding Dress' until the very last moment of the lighting ceremony, same as when Kate steps out of that car outside the Abbey.
  4. I don't think so. One of the last few torch bearers maybe, but definitely not the final torch bearer. I wouldn't think it's a fair choice
  5. It doesn't really sound like an Elton song, more like an MGMT. Was expecting at least Elton will give a ballad Olympic song.
  6. Finally we see the flying shards in action!
  7. Yea I noticed the yellow stand-alone logo at the bottom of the wall too, really nice. It's a CGI. The venue is not fitted with this branding yet from some latest twitter pic I saw yesterday
  8. This is the first time I see the Look used in such bold way that it really complements the venue architecture and also a beautiful focus by itself, instead of just a background decoration. By far this is my fave use of the Look so far. I think it works so much better in a large surface with less dense intersecting lines.
  9. Oh wow that's gorgeous. Very space-age looking!
  10. Quick diversion since davey mentioned this: Do you think an Olympic gold medal will mean more to Andy Murray than winning a Wimbledon? Or for any tennis player - which is more precious, grand slam or Olympic gold?
  11. Definitely! Aquatics seems to be the only venue with a proper grand approach in entering the building via the two staircase. I love how green and healthy those grass looks. The rains have been doing wonders for the plants around the Park I reckon!
  12. Some pics from Twitter of the rings at Aquatics Centre
  13. Anyone knows anything about this conspicuous TV studio (?) perched on top of a council flat block at the southern end of the Park?
  14. Thanks looks great! The bright white patch of light over the northern roof only serves to prove something special is definitely happening at that section (over the tor, the roof ledge) of the stadium
  15. I know it's not meant to be, but I like that they look similar to the animation style if the BBC trailer. Makes everything more coherent
  16. Stratford station all dressed up! Courtesy of Lloyds TSB
  17. Another thing that came across my mind. Was there any ceremony in the past that's been affected by the rain? And will the show carry on as usual or does London has any contingency plan if it rains on that night eg. slightly different programme or taking out performance that can't be carried out due to wet weather? On another note, can you choose to go to the Live Site in Olympic Park after your segment so you can watch the rest of the broadcast? Or there is a special after-party site where all cast will gather after the show? I hope they don't expect you all to just go home after that!
  18. LOL maybe in the end it will be a mini cauldron rolled out from backstage. That way they can hide it from anyone right until the moment it's lit!
  19. Well guess you are right. I'm sure it's alr an amazing experience taking part in it. Sure they will still be reeling on it to even notice the ceremony has ended
  20. Just feel pity for the performers not able to soak up the rest of the ceremony till the end
  21. From today's Evening Standard. Most volunteer performers will be whisked away from stadium after performing and miss the end of the show. That's a shame though, I always thought everyone will be seeing the rest of the show backstage on some telly. Is it true Adrian/ FD?
  22. I had a look through the construction drawing of the Orbit which is publicly available here in the Architect's Journal. There is no mention of any gas services and the top of the observation deck are full of lift dampers, chiller and AHU rooms. So I think we can safely discount the possibility of a cauldron placed on top of the Orbit once and for all. http://www.ajbuildingslibrary.co.uk/projects/display/id/5305
  23. That's really sad news. Was looking forward to his performance... I reckon the ideal replacement is Daniel Day Lewis http://www.standard....28-7920059.html
  24. More like something that can be carried by a few torch bearers or volunteer performers and just plugged into the site outside the stadium. Almost like a traditional village helping each other to assemble a hut
  25. Maybe the cauldron doesnt need any construction at all. Just instantaneous 'plug in' method by the final torch bearer.....
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