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  1. Muse music is def not targeted for teens. That will be One Direction's job LOL I will puke if London does a saccharine, heart warming mushy ballad like the you and me of Beijing. It's just not Londom at all to be mellow!
  2. Muse's song can be really uplifting too. Neutron Star Collision can easily be an official Olympic song. It's already an anthem in the gym circuit!
  3. So seems like Elton will be the only one doing a traditional ballad type of Olympic song? I'm surprised Adele is not one of them
  4. I feel this song will resonate amongst the athletes than the public more. It's like a fighting song! I like it starts with a slow, melodic prelude. That's a nod to Bohemian Rhapsody too
  5. WOW I love it!! What an inspired choice to have Muse do the official song. It's completely different from others and it's so edgy and sounds dangerous and mind blowing and totally British! Hints of Queens! I'm so glad they didn't go for the usual rousing, crowd pleasing song and go for this totally different sound. One of the best moves by LOCOG, such bravado!! I still can't believe Muse is doing the official song, never in a million years I thought of that! A big fan of them aside, I really think the song pumps up the excitement immediately. Whoever approach and approves Muse of doing the official song should get a gold medal immediately!!
  6. Guys, the official London 2012 song Survival by Muse will get its premiere on Radio 1 7.30pm tonight!
  7. Can see the floor pattern clearly now. Those splinters are def not a map of London, though from far they can look like it. I agree with previous theory that the splinters are the debris of the industrial revolution. Perhaps they might lit up too to create some cool graphics
  8. Interesting all these 'cartoon figures' are plucked on the NHS bed and pushed around. How are all these figures relate to the NHS segment??? Nightmare in the pediatric ward??
  9. ** SPOILER ALERT ** Evening Standard's full item-by-item description of the dark satanic mills section http://www.standard.co.uk/olympics/olympic-news/london-olympics-2012-green-and-pleasant-land-will-give-way-to-dark-satanic-mills-7880599.html
  10. One disadvantage of the cauldron at the white plate spot on the river bank is it is behind the pods when viewed from the stadium concourse. Then the best view is always from across the river
  11. Wow that's some giant chimneys. So it's most definite the transformation is from green pleasant land to industrial revolution. So glad it is!!
  12. Maybe it is not their plan to have the public get up close to the cauldron, and the cauldron structure is not meant to be viewed from such close proximity. If it is a tall tower, it would be best appreciated from a certain distance and I think across the river is the minimum distance to appreciate the design and see the flame on top. Also the small bridge will only be used for special access only eg. maintenance, VIP. BTW that iron bridge had uncanny resemblance to Heatherwicks rolling bridge. Pure coincidence or part of the scheme?
  13. I hope you guys get to keep the costumes! Great for memory!
  14. Thanks kinetic that picture with the red line really hits the white plate at the exact north south axis! Now this is getting more interesting, and it had been there so early in construction. That old relic bridge seems to be placed there for a reason. Why would they want to link and make people go to that little landscape bank which is cut off from the rest of the stadium concourse?? I think we are onto something here... at last?
  15. That's why it made me think the Tor and the tree will be removed at some point of the ceremony, leaving the mound structure with a different surface treatment or another smaller stage under. With the industrial revolution segment that follows, anything green and meadowy will look out of place. So I reckon all green stuff will go and be transformed.
  16. Oh wow that IS insiders picture, thanks for that! Love that they had the trees made to such details even the roots! Looking at the Tor contour up close, it doesn't look like an easy hill to climb, or descend. Made me wonder the feasibility of the final torch runner climbing to the top of the Tor
  17. I think the lighting ceremony will happen on the Tor, but where the lit cauldron will move to next is anyone's game. Obviously the Tor and bell stage at either end will be dismantled by the time athletics starts.
  18. Judging by the size of the ledge and it's prominence position, I think it is to be used for someone performing something on it. Should be strong enough to support a person, no?
  19. That sounds like a nice continuation of story I like the debris idea
  20. From the Virtual Tour posted by Rob in the olympic park thread: http://www.jasonhawk...irtualtour.html Anyone noticed that quaint little arch bridge linking the colour mosaic bridge across the river to the green landscape to the east of the stadium? There's two little rectangle white patches on the grass. Firstly, what is that little arch bridge for? It looks so disproportionate and odd, linking to that patch of landscape that really is a dead end with no special interest. Could it be the bridge is special access only and the rectangle patches are where the cauldron is?
  21. Looking at the latest tor/oak tree picture from the Ceremony thread's Sun website link, you can see the ledge on the roof more clearly now. Still not entirely sure what it's for. Is it possible the grass surface of the tor will be peeled off at one stage to reveal a different stage under? The swirling contour of the tor resembles the swirl of water (river) too, maybe it is part of the design concept for the cauldron? I still strongly believe the tor HAS got to be used for some other purpose. That tree and the tor is not placed there without any practical function. We know the tree will be lifted up at some point, but what comes under or what replaces it is still up in the air. At this stage I will bet all my chips on the cauldron being lit on this tor/ mound/ stage.
  22. LOL, that's cute. I'm really intrigued by the splintered map of London. Does that effect represent something else?
  23. Thanks paul, so it's for the volunteers. I would be torn whether to attend meaning no more surprise on the actual ceremony day.
  24. Twitter's been buzzing today with people receiving invites from LOCOG to the opening ceremony technical rehearsal. Wonder how were they chosen and is technical rehearsal and dress rehearsal the same?
  25. Been awfully quiet here recently, is this the calm before the storm?
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