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  1. Greg Rutherford seems very under-reported before his event today. In today's paper, not much was mentioned about him as a medal hopeful. All news are about Ennis and some on Farrah. He's a worthy champion too, hope he gets the credit he deserves.
  2. What a great night of athletics action in the stadium, and an even greater night for Team GB. I am bit teary to see the pure joy of Jessica Ennis and Greg Rutherford when they were being interviewed and on the medal podium. Amazing night, wished I was there!
  3. Spot the cauldron. The words on the screen is more visible than the flame! Just seen a close-up of the petals on TV, they are burnt black through and through beyond recognition
  4. Just seen the athletics clips. The cauldron really blends with the background you hardly see it with the small flame. It is virtually some black sticks with a flame burning on top. Not impressed.
  5. At least they can boast again that this is the most low-energy cauldron ever
  6. I don't think they can ever turn the cauldron on 'high' heat with spectators comfort and view in mind as described by the journalist in the article I posted earlier
  7. Excerpt of an article in The Times today, seems like the cauldron will have to be on low heat all the time so not to have too much heat haze. And those sitting near the cauldron better be ready to sweat.
  8. Wow I love this video. The kids are so cute and a great introduction to the city and venues. Rio is such a beautiful city, I'm really looking forward to 4 years time and really hope I can go then
  9. Model of the cauldron at the V&A exhibition http://www.dezeen.com/2012/07/31/london-2012-olympic-cauldron-by-thomas-heatherwick-model-and-drawings/
  10. I have to agree with you. I really love London's ceremony and the Games overall so far but I am also massively disappointed with the thinking behind this cauldron logistic. I really love the design and the idea of 204 burning petals to come together as one large flame. I think this is the most potent and meaningful cauldron concept ever, and its visually appealing too. But all these falters when the designer fail to grasp the very essence and basis of the cauldron and Olympic flame, for it to be seen by Park wide visitors. One shouldnt compare it to 1988 Seoul Games, it is a different era and God knows why they have a small cauldron. But ever since then, all cauldrons have been big and visible and that is what people preferred, no matter how much conceptual idea you trying to argue to have in small and inside. I still cannot comprehend that LOCOG/ IOC approves of this, and that image of the rusty cherry picker, the old fella and the construction worker is going to stick with me at least, as that is the moment when the final cauldron was lit. I'm sorry as much as you deny it, that is the truth. I hope the petals can be fully cleaned and polished up before sending up to the NOC. Otherwise they will just be burned charred copper, not exactly the nicest souvenirs to take home to.
  11. Put this on the record: The official final torch bearer who lit London 2012's cauldron is Austin Playfoot, age 82, on a dingy cherry picker, accompanied by a random construction worker. This will definitely go down in history book, well done LOCOG http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2180965/Olympic-cauldron-extinguished-moved-new-position-stadium-tickets-it.html
  12. The cauldron looks all burnt at the petals. Wonder if they can clean it up before sending back to the countries. And Betty finally moved in place inside the stadium http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/2012/jul/30/london-2012-olympic-cauldron-relit
  13. Some pictures of the petals and the base machinery in a workshop http://www.architectsjournal.co.uk/news/daily-news/gallery-thomas-heatherwicks-showstopping-olympic-2012-cauldron/8633793.article?blocktitle=Daily-News&contentID=3169
  14. As I stopped checking the cauldron thread 2 weeks before the ceremony, I have no idea how much details of it was leaked or sussed out by you all. But I suspect one of the reasons Heatherwick came out with this small, collapsible, in-stadium only design is so that he can keep this as a secret to the very last moment. Which it totally works, nobody will know about it other than the few at midnight testing and no erection of tower outside the stadium which is impossible to hide. In that sense, he succeeded but it is a sacrifice too big and not worthwhile to hide the cauldron from public view. In a way, I am so over this top secret cauldron thing. Heatherwick said he doesn't want to compete with others regarding to size etc but he is competing in terms of who can keep it a secret the longest. I hope Rio will ditch all these secret cauldron thing once and for all and make it all in the open. It will be a fresh approach as long as they keep certain part of the lighting method/ design a secret. Heatherwick really kills it for me this time.
  15. He seriously can't be serious saying that. That is a load of crap. I'm sorry I love his cauldron design but it failed on the ground of fitness for purpose. They had it in 1948 a small cauldron because it's the 40s. Every recent games have the technology and awareness of how important it is to have a visible cauldron. Heatherwick really screw this up big time. And it's true, since when is there a competition on cauldron size?? It's just common sense for it to be big!
  16. Betty? http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/2012/jul/29/betty-cauldron-olympic-stadium?newsfeed=true
  17. I only started to realise there is a kid for every team carrying the petal halfway through the ceremony. Did they explain who and what the petals are for in the TV broadcast? I keep trying to figure what those shiny things are from my seat, but at so far up I can't work out what are those. Only see the kids carrying the petal disappear behind the Tor. However, I have pretty good idea the cauldron will be at the middle of the field during the parade when they covered it with black cloth. I know it's not going to be at the Tor since they planted it full of flags already. My other guess is the bell stage will transform or open up to reveal the cauldron, or the water mill will transform. Funny how during the parade, we went down to get some drinks and deliberately not looking around the concourse too far to avoid catching any glimpse of a possible tall cauldron tower being raised up getting ready for the lighting
  18. I love the cauldron design and idea behind it. If something can be improved, is the intensity of the flame. It looks kinda odd the flame burns and move on top, almost like the flame of a gas stove. Prefer it to he more natural, big waving flame like in Athens and Sydney. Perhaps each petal's flame is thinner so all 204 of them ate distinguishable? Still a massive massive misstep and shame the cauldron is MIA for one week, and then only to be seen by paying spectators. This really has gotta go down as the worst decision made by LOCOG or even Heatherwick if he is the one insisted and persuaded them of this cauldron design and approach (with his whole not trying to be bigger, fatter BS). This is about being accessible to all, not to compete. It has to be tall, accept that fact.
  19. Out of curiosity, is it difficult to see the actual playing of table tennis in an arena (small ball, small table and rapid movement). It's already not easy to follow it on TV. Do spectators actually look at the big screen most of the time? Sorry for the ignorant but if nobody mentioned this game, I almost forget that this is one of the Olympic sports.
  20. Wow love this track thanks, didn't disappoint at all! Equal fave with Muse's survival
  21. To me Athens cauldron design and lighting method is pure class and perfection.
  22. Mechanical fireflies, darling. It's Heatherwick.
  23. God no, please not another wick/ pulley method eg Atlanta & Beijing. They are the laziest and most unimaginable method ever. I still believe the Tor will play a role in the lighting ceremony though it doesn't look that easy to climb up! Was thinking he ignites something that releases real 'fire'flies our from the tree and they fly into the cauldron somewhere on the roof
  24. Guys, I am beginning to believe that the one particular triangular light frame above the tor: ledge has something to do with the cauldron lighting. It might be used as transport/ beaming mechanism for the flame; or it might be disguised as a regular light frame and then transform or break apart to form a cauldron. Either way, these light frames are such significant element of the stadium design that's why I am convinced one of them will be utilised in the cauldron ceremony one way or another.
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