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  1. I was just gonna say something similar. And, the Purple Line already serves low-income areas, particularly the Westlake/MacArthur Park Station. If anything, the extended purple line will serve the city of 2 of the city of LA's largest employment centers, where people of all income levels work. I can't imagine the residents of the Westside's Wilshire condo corridor taking the subway, for some reason, but it would obviously be a service to them, as well as possibly their housekeepers.
  2. According to this, Beverly Hills finally can't slow down the progress of the subway construction anymore: http://www.lamag.com/driver/beverly-hills-finally-loses-crazy-stupid-subway-battle/ Thank goodness, too. It was them and Westside residents and some of the people they elected into local government who stopped subway construction through their part of town back in the 1980s; classism and racism under the guise of supposed methane pocket concerns.
  3. Even without an Olympics, often these infrastructure projects have early-completion incentives, like a monetary bonus for the contractor or whatever. And now with Measure M funds, maybe it would be possible to work on this round-the-clock.
  4. I enjoyed "La La Land," I thought it was entertaining. Story-wise, I liked that it ended the way it did (don't wanna give out a spoiler); I thought it was a realistic ending. The only thing I could have done without was the one song that Emma Stone sings by herself near the end; I thought it was tedious to watch/listen to. In fact, with many movie musicals I've seen, I always feel that there's at least one song or dance number that I want to fast-forward through. In "Chicago," for instance, I hated having to endure the song about cellophane. Even in "West Side Story," a movie I love, I al
  5. Oh no, not at all, that wasn't my intention to be patronizing. I was just saying that I myself had learned about him about 10 years ago. My reaction was more of a "You've never heard of him? Oh you have to listen to his work!" kind of thing. Kind of like when I recommend Odetta to people who have never even heard of her, and she's an old artist.
  6. No time frame to know of someone, it's just that he's been around a while, and is one of the better contemporary musical artists. Don't get me wrong, I still don't know who Ariana Grande is, and don't care to know. I guess it all depends on what kind of music one is into. I'm still very unfamiliar with Justin Bieber's music (is he even a thing anymore?) etc. I don't listen to Top 40 radio stations.
  7. Wow, you've never heard of John Legend? This song came out about 10 years ago, and this was my first introduction to him:
  8. Well by all means don't miss out on San Francisco. My partner and I enjoy going there often. But if you do make it to LA, I can give you a list of where to go. The less touristy spots, the hidden gems, where to get good lahmajoon and khachapuri, Burmese and Sri Lankan food, stuff like that. Even where to get good shakshuka for brunch. And ube milkshakes. And I know a place not too far from me where you can get really good carne asada fries.
  9. Nope, not retractable. It's essentially a canopy over a partially sunken stadium, so it's not enclosed at all---open sides.
  10. Were you able to make it to Santa Barbara at all? That's another coastal city worth a visit. I totally understand about getting around by public transportation in LA. Buses are only good if you don't have to go far, but it can be a drag if you have to go more than a few miles for sure. Just for shits and giggles, one time, my partner and I took the bus from downtown LA to Santa Monica, just to see what it would be like. It was a Rapid Bus, which is faster than a Local Bus, but it still took some time, and it was very crowded. Now that there's Metro Rail to Santa Monica from downtown
  11. I never thought that the customs people in the US (I've been to 3 US points of entry while flying, LAX, Seattle and MSP) were friendly or unfriendly, just kind of neutral. The friendliest customs/immigration guy I encountered was when I went to Sweden; the guy at Arlanda was totally friendly and even joked with me. The surliest customs/immigration guy I encountered was at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul; he was young and hot, though, so it made up for his unfriendly behavior. He wasn't rude or anything, he just had an expressionless face and literally said nothing as he looked at my
  12. There's a documentary that came out about a year or so ago, called "City of Gold." It's about the Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic, Jonathan Gold, who writes restaurant reviews for the LA Times, the LA Weekly, and other publications. I liked the film; not only is it about the food critic, but it's also about LA's food scene, and the city itself. Jonathan Gold is a native Angeleno, so that adds a nuance to the film. As a native Angeleno myself, I saw it as somehow a love letter to Los Angeles. In fact, there are many shots of the city that are more revealing and somehow romantic than the
  13. I'm sure there are some movies shot in LA that you've liked where LA plays itself, that you've liked? I'm really into film noir and old Los Angeles, so those are right up my alley. "Double Indemnity" and "Mildred Pierce" come immediately to mind, as those are the quintessential films noir. From the 1990s, I like "Pulp Fiction" and "Jackie Brown," though I think "Jackie Brown" is the better of the two, I just love that film. And I guess it shows more of the South Bay than it does LA proper, apart from LAX and one of the death scenes towards the end in that gritty part of downtown.
  14. I didn't think awarding 2 different games would be a good idea anyway, and I would think many would think the same, precisely for the reasons outlined in the article. I mean come on, one city would have 7 years to prepare, the other would have 11 years to prepare(!). That's way too long,
  15. I saw "La La Land" this evening. I liked it a lot, and it definitely is a love letter to LA; the writer/director intended it be such. The director also made it a point to show LA as is, with no "beautification," with only some well-known landmarks (notice the Hollywood sign was *not* used); he wanted to include very ordinary-looking parts of LA, the parts that most residents see when going about their lives within the city. I really liked that they used Grand Central Market and the Colorado Street Bridge, though in very fleeting scenes. And I thought it was kind of funny that my town w
  16. From the Los Angeles Times, Dec. 2, 2016, 8:45 am: LA 2024 releases revised budget for Olympics, revenue to equal $5.3 billion in costs
  17. I beg to differ; I don't like it when guys use vocal fry either. I think it's a bad habit. especially in formal speech or something like a voice-over or when reading the news, radio or TV.
  18. ^^^^ Nice video but ugh, that voice narration---too much vocal fry!
  19. Yes; most of it is supposed to be below ground level, at least from renderings I've seen.
  20. ^^^^ Yeah, I find it kind of embarrassing, actually. And it's possible that Trump might just be a one-termer; he could be gone by January 20, 2021.
  21. I'm thinking LA won't get 2024. And this is for the Donald; I'm sure this is the embodiment of the people he and his voters like to hate on, huh? BTW the glittery sparkles give me a headache.
  22. And maybe one day the Electoral College will be abolished. There's no need for it. It just perpetuates the status quo of a rigged 2-party system. People have told me that a vote for Jill Stein is a vote for Donald Trump. My response has been no it's not, it's a vote for Jill Stein. Plus, I live in California, a highly Democratic state, and the state with the most electoral votes. Hillary Clinton is guaranteed to win California. I can write-in "Lucifer" or "Carrie White for Prom Queen" on my ballot, and Hillary Clinton will still win California.
  23. It's not a wasted vote; I voted for a candidate and party platform that lines up with my values. I'd rather vote for something I want and not get it, than vote for something I don't want, and get it. The Democrats and Republicans are funded by the same corporations, they're both basically corrupt. You can't get real change in the US if people are constantly voting for the same two status quo parties.
  24. I personally don't think a Hillary Clinton win will help the LA bid much either. Hillary Clinton is a warmonger who will only continue/prolong oil wars and drones killing innocent people; I doubt she'll impress the IOC with her neo-liberal economic policies and status quo foreign policy. For the record, I voted for Jill Stein for President. I voted on October 13. Gotta love early voting/being a permanent mail-in voter! #JillNotHill
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