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  1. Don't let this distract you from the fact that if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you may be entitled to financial compensation.
  2. I agree; if anything a far-right government would be all about nationalism and promoting themselves, so I would think that hosting an Olympics would be a vehicle for that.
  3. I was being facetious of course. But kind of at the same time, pointing something out. I was raised Catholic but am now atheist with some Zen Buddhist leanings. We choose to attach meaning to something that we don't have to attach any meaning to. Whether it's a scarf worn to be fashionable or a head covering worn for religious purposes, it's irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. And that particular picture is open to interpretation. The Kennedys were Catholic; look at the books they're holding, they might be Missals. This could've been a picture of them taken on their way to
  4. I thought only the face veil was banned in France; I think you can still wear headscarves. So it's OK to walk around looking like this:
  5. I don't wanna be a Negative Nancy, but this, from the Hungarian Free Press: Is the Budapest 2024 Olympic bid doomed? A majority of Hungarians oppose it http://hungarianfreepress.com/2017/02/09/is-the-budapest-2024-olympic-bid-doomed-majority-of-hungarians-oppose-it/
  6. I'm sure you guys have already seen LA2024's finalized submitted bid book: https://la24-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/assets/pdf/LA2024-canditature-part3_english.pdf Here's Paris': http://paris2024.org/medias/bidbook/bb3_en_inter_02_02_2017_bd.pdf Budapest's wasn't available yet. I'm very curious to see it.
  7. ^^^Yeah, I was never a fan of Tito's either. And you're right, the LA area has amazing taco places up the yin yang. For fish tacos, I like Taco Nazo, which is a small chain. I've been to the one in South El Monte; I think the original location, still in operation, is in La Puente.
  8. If you look at previous opening ceremonies prior to the 1984 Summer Olympics, those were also held while it was still daylight. Seoul 1988 was that way as well. I believe it was the 1992 Barcelona Games that were the first to hold the opening ceremonies at night. And just to add, myself having grown up in and continuing to live in the Los Angeles area, I've always been kinda miffed by how east coast-centric the US media tends to be; a lot of awards telecasts that originate in Los Angeles are shown as a tape delay (is that term even used anymore? Hehe I guess I'm dating myself) on the
  9. More importantly for a museum, though, is the exhibit space and how well the art can be displayed. I'll admit that I'll miss the old museum buildings somewhat; I associate them with my childhood, and I remember what the museum looked like before that 1980s faux Moderne building went up along the sidewalk, which kind of ruined the original plan of the 1960s buildings. I actually go to LACMA fairly regularly, and I have good memories of LACMA, seeing special exhibits, films and lectures there; I got to see John Waters there too, and of course they have ethnic festivals there as well.
  10. Oh yes; LA does crowd control very well. Movie premieres, televised awards ceremonies... all involve shutting down whole blocks of streets Hell, even in Pasadena, the Rose Parade route is 6 miles long, lined with crowds. The 7-plus-mile torch relay from the Coliseum to Inglewood would almost be a piece of cake.
  11. I think you're looking at the arrangement in a linear way... I really think this is where the opportunity to get creative arises. The descriptions in the news articles make it sound like the opening ceremonies would start at the Coliseum and end in Inglewood; but I see the possibility of 2 simultaneous ceremonies being experienced live and on TV at the same time. The use of holograms, one performer or set of performers being in one stadium somehow interacting with another performer or set of performers in the other stadium, while the torch relay continues and is shown on screens making
  12. Yeah, the Parade of Nations is so tedious to watch. The 2-stadiums ceremonies proposal could be a logistical nightmare, or it could be an opportunity to get very creative.
  13. It's been a busy few days it seems, regarding LA2024's bid. From the LA Times: LA 2024 announces three more competition venues Archery in Inglewood next to CoC stadium: Modern Pentathlon at StubHub in Carson: Mountain Biking at Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park in San Dimas: Link: http://www.latimes.com/sports/more/la-sp-la-24-olympics-20170117-story.html
  14. I don't think it was indecision so much as a compromise to appease the city of LA. I guess having the opening and closing ceremonies at a stadium that isn't in LA city limits didn't sit well with some LA city council people. Does anyone remember San Francisco's failed 2012 bid? That plan was to use Stanford Stadium as the "centerpiece" Olympic stadium, which I thought was really odd, being that the opening/closing ceremonies and athletics/track and field would be 30+ miles away from the actual city of San Francisco.
  15. If this was directed at me, I still don't care whether LA gets the Olympics or not. I wasn't getting defensive, I was just countering the "why stop at 2 stadia, why not make it across the USA or use the cities that hosted before?" comment. I assume that comment was meant as sarcasm, but I was countering it with a "why would the LA bid committee pay for a US or international opening ceremonies?" type of thing.
  16. It would be a Los Angeles city-wide celebration, not a country-wide or past-Olympic-hosts celebration. If this were to come to fruition, I'm pretty sure that people would know which stadium would be holding the main ceremonies. For the opening ceremonies, people at both stadiums would be getting live entertainment, and seeing two cauldrons being lit. For the closing ceremonies the stadia's roles would be reversed, in that the Coliseum would be the main ceremony stadium. I'm sure it'd be a much different experience than seeing it on TV at a sports bar.
  17. According to this article in the Daily Breeze, the IOC has known about LA2024's 2-stadium Opening/Closing Ceremonies plan for months, so it's no surprise to them. http://www.dailybreeze.com/events/20170116/la-2024-plans-using-both-coliseum-and-new-inglewood-stadium-for-olympics-opening-closing-ceremonies I guess LA2024 wants to give live spectators and the TV viewing audience the quintessential LA razzle-dazzle. What do you guys think, might this proposal backfire for LA2024, in light of the IOC wanting to keep costs down so that the next host city wouldn't feel pressured into o
  18. According to this, it seems to be the official plan: http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Los-Angeles-2024-Opening-Ceremony-Olympics-410851885.html Coliseum and CoC stadium for opening ceremonies (with CoC stadium being the main stadium for the OC) and then the Coliseum for "official" closing ceremonies, with CoC stadium hosting spectators for live viewing and entertainment. This LA Times article says that the opening ceremonies will begin at the Coliseum and end at the CoC stadium; when the cauldron is lit in Inglewood, the Coliseum cauldron will simultaneously light up and
  19. I guess I have to connect the dots for you. None of the cities are bidding for 2028, they're all bidding for 2024. Now that there's the possibility that this bid cycle will include awarding the 2028 Games also, *which no city is bidding for*, whichever city gets 2024 is the winner of this current bid cycle, while the (I assume runner-up) will get 2028, which again, no city is bidding for. That's what would make it a consolation prize. Again, Tokyo lost 2016, not being able to beat the other cities that were bidding for 2016; it lost that bid to the competition. Again, Tokyo's
  20. Los Angeles used to have both the Rams and Raiders prior to 1995, when they both left.
  21. Of course those weren't consolation prizes, they won the bids for those specific years and beat the other cities that were also trying to host for those specific years. Example, the IOC felt Tokyo wasn't the best choice for 2016 over its competition for those Games, but felt it was the best choice for 2020 over its competition for those Games. Why would winning 2020 be a consolation prize? 1984 was not a consolation prize for LA, it was the only city left bidding for those games after Tehran bowed out---and Tehran had excellent-looking facilities, at least from the few photos I've seen,
  22. This is my thought too, and is basically what I said in my previous post. Their aim is to host in 2024, not 2028. I don't see it as douchey at all. It would be different if the cities were bidding for both 2024 and 2028 from the get go, but instead, there's supposedly now the possibility of the IOC changing the rules mid-game. The three candidate cities' goals are to host in 2024; so, going by that logic, wouldn't 2028 be seen as a consolation prize by any of the cities? And being that Budapest isn't seen as a front-runner, it totally labels them as the loser. Even if Budap
  23. Empty rhetoric? But the LA Times headline is "U.S. Olympic Committee puts full weight behind LA2024 bid, ruling out 2028 as consolation prize." And there's also this: http://www.dailynews.com/events/20170111/if-la-2024-olympic-bid-fails-usoc-wont-pursue-2028 “After a full and frank exchange of ideas, issues, and possibilities, there was general agreement that the LA 2024 bid is specifically configured and calculated for 2024 rather than 2028 activation; neither LA 2024 nor the USOC have focused at all on the possibility of any bid other than for the 2024 Games; and the USOC Board
  24. Isn't it ultimately the USOC's decision if the US will put a bid in for 2028? LA can decide it wants to bid for any year it wants, but only if the USOC allows it to. For all we know, the USOC will sit out 2028, or choose another city.
  25. From the Los Ángeles Times: Jan. 9, 2017 L.A. Olympic bid report forecasts $11-billion boost for local economy http://www.latimes.com/sports/olympics/la-sp-sn-oly-econ-impact-20170109-story.html
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