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  1. Is it true to say, that for all 3 times that Paris and Los Angeles have hosted/will have hosted the Olympics, none of those times was the result of a vote? If so, I find that very interesting...
  2. Cool, so it's official---Paris and LA will join London as being the only cities to host a Summer Olympics thrice.
  3. That's interesting; so instead of a vote of who will go first, it's more of a "Who will volunteer to go second?" That way it really is a win-win in the sense that the one bidder will actually (if they want to) choose to go second, and then negotiations would be made... so 2028 won't be a "consolation" prize. And then there's this: "If no deal is struck, the election for the 2024 Games will proceed as originally planned." That'd be great if it came down to that! And then 2028 will be a free-for-all again!
  4. Greg Louganis. And then after the cauldron(s) is/are lit, a supermarket checker (a la 1984) can sing an old song that's in 3/4 time; instead of "Reach Out and Touch Somebody('s Hand)," he or she could sing Burt Bacharach's "What the World Needs Now Is Love." You gotta have Burt Bacharach in the opening ceremony, right? If not the actual guy (if he's even alive in 2028), at least one of his enduring songs.
  5. I didn't even think it would be possible to have "naming rights" sold on the Coliseum; it is, after all, owned by 3 different government entities (State of California, LA County, City of LA). But I guess the lease that USC secured for it includes naming rights? At least from what I've read, "Memorial Coliseum" has to be maintained in the name. It's called the Memorial Coliseum because when it was built, it was dedicated to the World War I veterans of LA County, or something like that. So it might become the United Airlines Memorial Coliseum. So tacky. I hate commercialism.
  6. This bid race has become so anticlimactic for me. I'll admit my excitement for it started to go down once the other bid cities started dropping out. I couldn't have cared less if LA got 2024 or not, I just wanted to see how LA would have fared in the vote when 5 cities were bidding, or even between Paris and LA for a sole 2024 bid. So if indeed '24 and '28 will be awarded, there really is no excitement for me; it's more a matter of which city will go first, or to look at it another way, which city will have more time to prepare. But I don't know, 11 years of preparation can also mean 11 ye
  7. I went out tonight and took a few pics of some of the buildings in LA that were lit up in the bid logo colors. Los Angeles City Hall and Grand Park fountain The Broad Museum Disney Hall Wilshire Grand Center
  8. I agree; my first thought was 'why are they just now opposing the Olympic bid? If they were gung-ho against it, they should have raised up the issue from the beginning. This group is the DSA (Democratic Socialists of America), LA chapter. I actually went to two of their meetings maybe 6 or 7 years ago, before I put more of my efforts into the FSP (Freedom Socialist Party) and signed a notarized affidavit so that I would be able to vote for a write-in candidate which was the FSP's candidate for President in 2012 (Stephen Durham), the only time I ever did a write-in ballot for President..
  9. Hey, could it be, that if LA does not get 2024 or 2028, that it won't bid again, at least not in the foreseeable future? "While there remains confusion over the award process for these two Games, [Casey] Wasserman provided one point of great clarity – if LA is left empty-handed after its bid, the city would not be bidding again. "'We won't bid again in Los Angeles. Because we have to pay for the bid privately. And raising 60 million dollars privately from individuals in Los Angeles is a tough road to go down once. I will tell you, twice it is not going to happen,' said Wasserman, the
  10. Thanks. Incidentally, as an aside, I just learned that the Uytengsu Aquatics Center on the USC campus is named for Wilfred Uytengsu, a swimmer and USC alumnus, who happens to be Filipino. He represented the Philippines at the Southeast Asian Games. In 2013, as CEO of Alaska Milk, he donated $8 million to USC for the complete renovation of what was then called the McDonald's Swim Stadium---hence its renaming. filipinoknow.net
  11. OK. The Festival of Books, at the USC Campus. I usually try to go every year; I didn't go last year. It used to be held at UCLA, and then some years ago they moved it to USC. Though I'm a UCLA Bruin at heart (my sis went there and I've always loved the campus) and will always bash USC whenever I get the opportunity (hehe), I like that the book festival is at USC---more centrally located, and very rail transit handy. The book fest seemed particularly crowded this year. You can see this fountain in the 1967 film "The Graduate" with Dustin Hoffman, where his chara
  12. Hehe. You mean Tippi Hedren might be attracting whole flocks of different species of them? I'm actually quite excited about the opening of the LA State Historic Park. I've been waiting for its current iteration for years, and riding the Gold Line and driving by it often in anticipation. I realize its grand opening coincides with Earth Day.
  13. I just may be at the LA State Historic Park on Saturday, as well as the Festival of Books at USC. Tippi Hedren's gonna speak there, I'm hoping I get there in time to see her.
  14. I'm hoping that whichever plan for the park they choose to go under the new 6th Street Bridge will be lush and not have a lot of hardscape. That area of LA needs more park space.
  15. LA2024 releases some renderings of the proposed venues: https://www.flickr.com/photos/la2024/sets/72157680690947351 From the LA Times: LA 2024 releases new visuals of potential Olympic Games
  16. From LAist, new renderings of the LAX-Metro Connector Station, completion date estimated to be between 2021 and 2023: Link: http://laist.com/2017/04/17/lax_metro_connector.php#photo-6
  17. Here's a new Kinki Sharyo P3010 Expo Line train going by USC's Galen Center.
  18. The color scheme with the yellow dots or bubbles kind of mimics the newest Kinki Sharyo P3010 trains on the Gold and Expo lines:
  19. Some blurbs about the new LAFC stadium under construction, or the Banc of California Stadium... From Urbanize L.A.: New renderings posted fo the website of LAFC provide a first glimpse of the premium seating at the new Banc of California Stadium, which is currently under construction in Exposition Park. The $350-million venue - now rising on the former site of the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena - will offer 22,000 seats for eager soccer fans in time for the 2018 MLS season. [...] Link: http://urbanize.la/post/look-lafc-stadiums-private-clubs
  20. And on the flip side, when people *don't* say "the," then they're obviously from somewhere else. And, people from LA will know someone is a transplant if they refer to PCH as *the* PCH. There's a reason why we say "the 5" or "the 10." It's a holdover from when the older generations used to call the freeways by their actual names: "To get to my house, take the Pomona Freeway to the Santa Ana Freeway to the Hollywood Freeway, and get off at Barham." When people started using the route numbers instead, the "the," stuck. And it kinda makes sense to me, since these are freeways. In LA
  21. For whatever reason, my comments seemed to have touched a nerve. For argument's sake, what if Honolulu were the US' candidate city? Would Honolulu be considered "the face of America" (whatever the hell that means)? And SHOULD it be considered the "face of America," in terms of an Olympic bid? Honolulu and Hawaii obviously have their own thing going on, and are unique to the rest of the US. The same could be said if Dallas, or Miami, or Chicago, or New York City, were Olympic candidate cities; in my opinion, none of those cities represent the whole US. I never said Califor
  22. It's capitalism, pure and simple. Overbooking is a way to maximize profits, at customers' expense. Passengers are seen as money, not people. It's not just the airline industry, but hotels and car rental agencies also overbook. I think it should be outlawed too, but I think the airline industry would just use that as an excuse to get money in other ways, like a rise in fees, even more fees for whatever else, etc. And by the way, this latest incident from United Airlines was not an ordinary "overbooking" incident; 4 people were asked to leave so that they could accommodate 4 Unite
  23. Your statements have proven my point. LA is not like the rest of the US, and I think you'd only understand that if you lived here or stayed here for an extended period of time. Maybe not to the extent of Barcelona vs. the rest of Spain... because if you think that people in Barcelona are like the typical "Spaniard," you are highly mistaken. Catalonians have their own culture and even their own language. They are "Spanish" in the sense that they are part of the nation of Spain, but they are essentially a completely different ethnic group. But I digress.
  24. Just out of curiosity, may I ask where you live? Of course Toyota is gonna contribute to any state's economy that it's in, it's a huge global company, with a product that many people buy. Incidentally, Toyota still has a large presence in southern California... its aforementioned design center, port facilities and parts distribution centers are here and of course it still has field offices in SoCal. Economics is not an exact science; it really is all just conjecture. Economists predict economic upturns and downturns all the time, but we won't know for sure until after the measure
  25. Yeah. Where've you been, homie? The Blue Line was the first of Metro Rail's lines; even the Gold Line's initial leg opened in 2003, and the Gold Line is one of the newer lines.
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