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  1. Reason.com/Reason Foundation is a right-wing/Libertarian organization, just to let you know; hence their angle and viewpoint in the article you posted. Just saying; Reason Foundation isn't exactly the most objective source you could post.
  2. And speaking of the Coliseum, looks like its renovation is wrapping up: https://app.oxblue.com/open/usc/lacoliseumrenovation
  3. I wasn't sure where to post this article, because it's not really LA2028-related, but I thought this was kind of a cool story, from the Los Angeles Times; my apologies if the formatting is all funky: It was the Coliseum’s mystery mural, until a teenage detective solved its 50-year puzzle By COLLEEN SHALBY JUL 12, 2019 | 5:00 AM Thanks to the work of a young sleuth, restoration artists Aneta Zebala, left, Suzanne Morris and Adam Romcio gained important information about the Coliseum's mural. (Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times) For decades, the
  4. What the heck are you talking about? Atlanta got bad treatment in the press because aside from the Olympic Park bombing, they were considered one of the more poorly run Olympics. I mean come ON, bus drivers there were getting lost taking athletes to their competitions. That's pretty bad! Let alone the crass commercialism that marred those Games, which the IOC was not happy with. Cheap facilities? Again, what are you talking about? UCLA housing the athletes, yeah, they're existing dorms, but they're not exactly mobile homes either. They're perfect for housing Olympic athletes, and
  5. This stadium is really starting to take shape now. From Urbanize Los Angeles: Swooping Roof Canopy Hoisted Into Place at the Inglewood NFL Stadium Link: https://urbanize.la/post/swooping-roof-canopy-hoisted-place-inglewood-nfl-stadium?fbclid=IwAR3PkiTFaFxq4FBt35RAJjz93MPmdno3i_YixoxHijcO4yLxwj-FbJo-QhU
  6. You're being sarcastic, right? But then again, in the US, a lot of conservatives were saying that it was government overreach when states started enacting mandatory seat belt wearing laws back in the 1980s. In Spain, I think carrying a yellow vest in your car is also mandatory; you're supposed to wear it when changing a flat tire or having to walk along the side of a highway or something. Also in Spain, it's mandatory to have warning triangles in your car, so that you can place them on the road when changing a flat tire or whatever. I see nothing wrong with that. How
  7. Congestion pricing already kind of exists in Los Angeles County, so it's really nothing new. For a number of years now, the 10 Freeway from El Monte to downtown LA, and the 110 Freeway from Harbor Gateway to downtown LA, has express toll lanes, with congestion pricing, and I thought the fees collected for use of the express toll lanes was supposed to help with public transit, but not to the extent of making public transit free. My only beef when they put in these express toll lanes was that they used to be HOV lanes, paid for by our tax money, and then they made it so that you had
  8. I believe that's outdated info regarding LA. I remember some time ago I read a news blurb somewhere that LA's GDP was over a trillion dollars. These sources also claim that: https://www.statista.com/statistics/183822/gdp-of-the-los-angeles-metro-area/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cities_by_GDP
  9. I drove by this site a few weeks ago. The stadium in Inglewood is really starting to take shape. Fresh Renderings and a 360-Degree Tour of the Hollywood Park Development https://urbanize.la/post/fresh-renderings-and-360-degree-tour-hollywood-park-development
  10. It never really had one per se, at least not in a very long time. But, when I was younger, certain stretches of Sunset Boulevard were known for prostitution (Hugh Grant back in the 1990s getting busted there). Santa Monica Boulevard east of West Hollywood also was known for where the rent boys hung out, and some of the tranny prostitutes. Nowadays, you don't really see prostitution on those streets. Maybe they've moved. Or maybe the internet has changed things. Or possibly, prostitutes hang out at bars and clubs now.
  12. An LA Metro video promoting the use of Metro Rail to get to the Banc of California Stadium, featuring Latif Blessing of the LAFC. It'd be great if Metro started promoting itself more and more and producing more of these kinds of videos to encourage residents and visitors to take public transportation to the Olympic venues come 2028. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7V61dgYxgCE
  13. I'm looking forward to the Samuel Oschin Air and Space Center and the new display for the Endeavour as well. I saw that model when I went to the California Science Center on Monday; I skipped work that day to go there, because one of my nephews, who is 14, had a science experiment entered into the California Science Fair, held at the Science Center, which took place April 23-24. I wanted to spend time with him and support him and his science exhibit. I didn't realize what a big deal that Science Fair is, students from the whole state participated, so Exposition Park had a lot going on; plus
  14. The current Los Angeles City Hall was dedicated 90 years ago today. Obviously, it'll be 100 years old when LA hosts the Olympics again. And at Exposition Park, adjacent to the Coliseum, construction on the Museum of Narrative Art is well underway. Hunter Kerhart Flickr
  15. The Banc of California Stadium is nearly finished. Is it me, or did this go up really fast?? The Coliseum renovation is moving right along... All images by STERLINGDAVISPHOTO.
  16. New fly-through video posted yesterday of LAX's automated people-mover, scheduled to start construction this year, to be completed by 2023:
  17. LAX is now the 2nd busiest airport in the US, and 4th busiest in the world. So yeah, it's a stressful place indeed. The last time I flew out of/flew back in to LAX, I took the FlyAway bus from Union Station, which was actually not bad. But once there is direct rail connection to LAX, that'll make it much nicer.
  18. Like the article says, I don't think palm trees will completely disappear, I think they will just plant fewer of them. And like styles of architecture, landscaping goes through a cycle of what's in and what's not, even with street trees. Decades ago, for some reason, ficus trees were really popular as a street tree, but then decades later, we've learned that the roots really damage streets and sidewalks. It seems to me that in the 70s, palm trees weren't even fashionable anymore, as many newer developments at the time seemed to have canary island pine and eucalyptus (like where I grew u
  19. You should ride it some time. It's only a buck one way, 50 cents if you have a valid Metro TAP card. And, if you buy the two-way fare, you get a cute, old-timey Angels Flight ticket stub: Photo by me It's a nice little trip from say the Grand Central Market to the top of Bunker Hill to get to The Broad or Disney Hall or the Music Center or MOCA, and vice versa. And of course it's been seen in movies over many decades, from the silent film era, to film noir, to modern films: Hehe... Do I need to say the name of this movie? Scene from "Cry of the H
  20. Took some pictures over the weekend of the progress of construction for the new soccer stadium being built next to the Coliseum. It's really moving right along. Oh, and I'll include some pics I took of Angels Flight, which reopened earlier this month. I love this cute little funicular. Then of course there's the Grand Central Market across the street. OK I'll stop.
  21. Here's my two cents... 1) I don't think it's final. Like with Tokyo's bid that won for 2020, and where their venues are now. There have been some changes, as I recall reading some time ago, and their overall venue footprint isn't as small as it was; they spread some venues out to save money, I believe. So, LA's venue plan might change as well. 11 years is a long time, a lot can happen---more sports might be added, some sports might be dropped... 2) Here you go, Sepulveda Basin Olympic Sports Park. Mind you, for some reason, the map is oriented east (east is at top).
  22. LA used to have NFL teams, but they left in the mid-1990s, so it's been a few decades since the NFL was in LA. Like jtrevino said, a fan base has to be grown.
  23. I stand corrected, then, my apologies. I guess I was basing an opinion on one line of "Howards End" by taking it in and just running with it. How very presumptuous of me. Maybe it's a generational thing? I mean, wasn't that Tolkien's motivation for writing his books, in that he felt that England didn't have its own ancient stories and mythologies? I could be wrong with that as well, but I thought I read that somewhere...
  24. I hazily remember an "Old West" sequence for the LA84 opening ceremony (not as memorable as the rocket man of course), with covered wagons and dancers dressed in dubious wild west/"pioneer" costumes. That's what I was getting at in my initial comment in this thread, about settlers moving west in the US; I find it to be such an ethnocentric (and East Coast/Midwest-centric) point of view of what the western US is. First of all, there were people already living here well before the Europeans arrived, and the Yankees weren't even the first Europeans to have settled here; it's obvious from many o
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