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  1. I was waiting for this idiot to post. How are you feeling?
  2. There is a reason why their bid scored so low, and I'll leave it at that.
  3. Against Morocco's issues, these are minor. Probably why the tide is tilted towards the joint bid.
  4. This tracker is fun. So much for an African bloc. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/06/08/sports/worldcup/fifa-vote-world-cup-2026-host.html
  5. I'm not even understanding this. They surely weren't expected to medal, were they? Why the disappointment?
  6. It's hilarious how much of an afterthought the team event still is.
  7. Not really. These exemptions are given to athletes all the time. Interesting that they failed to leak the names of the other high-profile athletes who have also received them.
  8. What of GB's would Russia have won? They aren't really competitive on track anymore and the few field events they excel in would not have affected the GB medal count.
  9. Already at 100 medals with several more opportunities to come. This really has been a dominant Games for the US. Should easily beat London's total and could threaten Beijing.
  10. Thank you. The French Open crowd is notorious in the tennis world because of their rambunctious behavior. It's not limited to Brazil. I'm happy to call it out whenever its warranted. Again, this is not the World Cup. This is the Olympics.
  11. Oh my God, I clearly oversimplified the issue at hand at an attempt to make a clever post.
  12. Oh please. There is hardly a difference between the bolded. When was the last time a pole vaulter was booed at an Olympics? A gymnast's mistakes in floor exercise applauded and celebrated? Clamor is not just clamor. There is a vast difference between clapping/cheering and booing when it comes to noise. You can realize that is a part of their culture and be bothered by it at the same time.
  13. You can still show culturel expression and identity in your cheers while maintaining respect for the athlete and his or her opponents. Expecting an audience not to cheer at the expense of an athlete is not tone-deaf at all. There of course is a right way to behave at an athletic event. Would you be OK with a crowd screaming homophobic or racist slurs? Because this is their Games and their country, it does not mean they are absolved of any criticism of how they behaving when spectating. This is the gymnastics event at the Olympics, not the World Cup.
  14. This is absurd. Asking a spectating audience to show respect for athletic performance is not cultural imperialism, lol. White man's burden? WTF. What the hell does actual imperialism have to do with this? This is not soccer or volleyball. And I say this as a black man.
  15. Big win after a disastrous start. If the American men can get into the knock out rounds and maintain momentum, watch out.
  16. Remarkable, really. Teared up at her win. An amazing moment.
  17. Simone Biles has to be the best ever at floor exercise, right? I can't think of a better routine. Straight up domination.
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