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  1. London 2012 Paralympics: medal designs unveiled at British Museum The London 2012 Paralympic Games medal designs have been unveiled at the British Museum. With one week to go until the ticket application for the Games closes, the public have the chance to get their first look at the medals which will be hotly contested next summer. The medals have been designed by Lin Cheung, a Jewellery artist and senior lecturer in Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design, London. London 2012 chairman Sebastian Coe, said: "I’m sure that the design of the medals will be a source of inspiration for the thousands of Paralympic athletes around the world who are counting down the days before they compete in what will be an amazing festival of elite sport." More than 2,100 Paralympic medals will be presented in 502 Paralympic victory ceremonies in more than 19 venues over 11 days of competition. Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson DBE, winner of 16 Paralympic Games medals, said: "Winning a Paralympic medal is the pinnacle of an athlete’s career and the reward for years of dedication. With less than a year to go I'm sure that seeing these beautiful medals will make Paralympic hopefuls around the world train that little bit harder to ensure they're in the best possible shape to win one." The front of the medal represents ‘Spirit in motion’, and has an outstretched wing of the Greek Goddess of Victory. The back of the medal represents ‘The heart of victory’ and has an image of the area close to the Greek Goddess of Victory's heart which is used to symbolise the togetherness of the Games.
  2. From twitter: "timcwood: Going through the London 2012 'Look Book' . Suggestions include on-brand crop circles, and flower species which match the official palette"
  3. These are not the banners which feature in the BBC News article images when Boris did a press release about giving the boroughs money to dress the streets- considering that, plus how long the Mario & Sonic trailer has been made I'd say this is an old version. I reckon they'll be refining the design of the banners up until they're printed (didn't this happen in Vancouver?)
  4. I don't think extravagance is particularly welcome considering this is public money being spent in times of hardship. But dressing places around London certainly helps make more people feel a part of the festivities who maybe can't get to the park.
  5. I'm completely shocked the London 2012 OlympicGames has been a complete sell out. I mean, who thought that would happen, eh?
  6. Whoever wrote that text does not know how to use 2012 Headline correctly!
  7. I get the impression you've never been one to say positive things about London's preparations. They are! 70x30 feet. The ones on the Eye will be bigger though.
  8. They don't light up as such but have spotlights on them which make the paint on them 'glow'.
  9. London Bridge station City Hall HMS Belfast Unilever House
  10. Yeah, because it was conceived under a Labour Government. Let's be honest here, if the Orbit was conceived by anyone other than Boris Johnson you'd be just as horrified about a 'tall building in isolation' and 'sceptical about the reasons for building' it.
  11. The Tower Bridge Fox thinks the Shard is ugly so I wouldn't take his aesthetic judgment on the Orbit too seriously.
  12. If the Olympic Stadium or Aquatic Centre was given permission without any indication of sewage pipes, lift mechanisms if it had it or how it integrates into the landscape, would you support it just to make a really important statement?
  13. CABE's comments form part of the decision process regarding planning permission, along with local documentation, comments from EH and other planning bodies. That's how it works. Now the structure has been given permission, the developer can address CABEs concerns or decide not to. They no longer are part of the process and do not have to give their opinions on any further design changes. The fact they had GRAVE concerns the structure as we have seen so far will be SEVERELY compromised by the needed addition of sewage pipes, lift structure and other elements missing from the planning application, the fact these can be added willy-nilly by the developer is putting a lot of faith in them that they will do a good job. The only hope is they do address CABEs comments and produce a good job doing so. They would have had to, in the proper manner as they should have when they submitted the planning application, if the tower had been denied permission citing further planning detail needed. The fact this has been rushed through with such lack of basic utilities is a worrying trend, and smacks of higher echelons moving the process for their own gain. There is nothing wrong with this per se, but to do so without stating the need for further design work is ridiculous.
  14. Examples please. Boris is set to approve the Orbit at the next planning meeting and dismiss CABE's concerns according to my City Hall spy. He is desperate to be there for the beginning of construction around 24th September when Labour choose their 2012 Mayoral candidate.
  15. From this week's Time Out 2012 special: 1 Olympic Stadium Construction began in May on the 80,000-seat main stadium, which will be converted into a 25,000-seat venue after the Games. The design comes from Team Stadium, a consortium that includes the builders of the Emirates Stadium. 2 Basketball Arena A temporary venue that will hold 12,000 seats for basketball and handball, and 10,000 for wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby. 3 Energy Centre Instead of having individual systems in each building, the Energy Centre will generate hot water, heating and electricity for buildings throughout the Park, using biomass boilers and a combined cooling, heat and power plant. 4 International Broadcast Centre/Main Press Centre A 24-hour media hub for around 20,000 broadcasters, photographers and journalists. 5 Handball Arena The venue for handball, modern pentathlon and the Paralympic sport of goalball, with a design to be chosen this year. After the Games, the arena will become a multi-sport centre for community use, training and small-scale events. 6 Hockey Centre A temporary building with two separate pitches seating 15,000 and 5,000. Designs are due to be completed next year. After the Games, the centre will move to Eton Manor and will have 5,000 permanent seats. 7 Eton Manor Named after the sports centre that formerly stood on this site, it will be the venue for Paralympic archery (with 3,000 seats) and wheelchair tennis (10,500 seats). Part of a new group of community and training facilities after the Games, including five-a-side football. 8 BMX Circuit Part of the VeloPark, an outdoor venue with 6,000 temporary seats. 9 Velodrome Olympic gold medal-winning cyclist Chris Hoy was among the team that selected the design for the 6,000-seat arena. After the Games, a road cycle circuit and mountain bike course will be added to create a VeloPark for community and elite sport use. 10 Sponsors’ Village A hub for London 2012’s key partners at the heart of the Olympic Park. 11 Olympic Village Beds for 17,320 athletes during the Olympic Games and 8,756 during the Paralympics, plus shops, restaurants and an ‘International Zone’ in which to meet friends and family. Afterwards, the village will become part of the overall Stratford City regeneration scheme. 12 Aquatics Centre A 50m main pool and 25m diving pool with 17,500 seats and a 50m training pool, plus a temporary water polo venue. Designed by Zaha Hadid, the centre will be turned over to both community and elite use after the Games. And a render of the permanent Handball Arena. I think (hope) the black stuff is backlit glass.
  16. This goes to prove how out of touch Boris is with this Olympic project, not understanding its aims nor its legacy. It's simply an excuse to get rid of the stadium from public hands as quick as possible regardless of its future. I expect at some point he will ask the stadium bowl be filled in and sold off for housing.
  17. Handball arena is permanent and being designed by MAKE; after the Games it will be turned into a multi-purpose sports arena. Knowing MAKE, it could be the most iconic-not-meant-to-be-iconic venue so far! The basketball arena is temporary, which has been moved to the former site of the fencing arena in the northern end of the park, whilst fencing has been moved to Excel.
  18. The last two show the stadium in ceremony mode with all the crosswires slung up on the roof cables for the trapeze artists etc.
  19. The last two show the stadium in ceremony mode with all the crosswires slung up on the roof cables for the trapeze artists etc.
  20. Well the temporary stadium components might be being shipped to Chicago or whoever wins 2016. The other temporary arenas will be dismantled and shipped around the country to give grass root sports a boost. The cleaned up land they were on will be sold to developers.
  21. "Temporary structure The unprecedented idea of a temporary Olympic stadium presents exciting design possibilities. We applaud the simplicity and elegance of the structure and we are excited by the potential of the wrap. At the next stage of design development, we encourage the design team to fully exploit and express the temporary nature. We think that the physically independent components of the stadium - the permanent landscape bowl, and temporary seating stands and roof - should be clearly legible. We therefore note and support the proposal to express the junction between temporary and permanent elements by raising the wrap to reveal the base of the structure. The drama of the construction and subsequent disassembly of the temporary structure is likely to become an important part of the Olympic spectacle and should be considered as an integral part of the stadium design concept at this stage. We think that the density of the wrap should allow the temporary structure to be expressed. Importantly, we would expect to see artistic talent of the highest order deployed its design. We assume studies are currently being undertaken into how to re-use or re-cycle what should be an inspiring and meaningful artwork. LOCOG will need to consider the design integration of the temporary elements, including the wrap and the pods, and their relationship to other temporary structures across the broader Park."
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