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  1. An overview of the four constituent parts of the look and feel Olympic programme being run by the GLA. http://sbeg.co.uk/page/Look-and-Feel
  2. #olympicrings was UK trending this afternoon.
  3. The rings move around the river, that isn't a static position for them in that Tower Bridge photo! It's a brilliant idea- getting as many landmarks along the London riverside into a photo with the rings before they are moved into the Park. Unfortunately the tide meant they couldn't go further than London Bridge but will be back at some point to promote Festival events.
  4. The giant set of rings... ...are for the river! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/in-pictures-17189457
  5. And that's Rio's prerogrative. London wants to do things a bit different. There is no 'rule' stating a Games-look must be tied into the culture of the country it is being hosted in. London wants to communicate to the youth of the world, it does that with a universal graphic language that doesn't overtly involve national symbols. Nothing wrong with that. Oh in fact completely the opposite. If anything London 2012 is presenting the UK in a completely different light to the grey, fog filled bowler hatted Queen-come-for-tea country much of the world thinks it still is. Vibrant, youthful, multicultural. Modern day Britain is fast paced, colourful, disonant, brash, but full of opportunity. Why should the Olympic look be any different? What were you expecting? Big Ben and bulldogs?
  6. Indeed. And that's why London won the bid in 2005, because for the first time its core message to the IOC was not one of 'come to London, we'll give you a London themed Olympics', it was 'bring the Olympics to London, and we will send a message to the youth of the world that the Olympics is a force for good, something to strive forward for, and to inspire them to take up sport no matter where they are in the world. London has hosted the Olympics twice before. It didn't need to a third- but it did, because it wanted to project a strong message that wasn't based on geographics or what is so great about London. It wanted to harness the energy of the Games to inspire change amongst the youth of the world. The lines represent the coming of people to London, which intersect and cross over, making the date - 2012. The emblem pulsates with energy from those people (the white of yellow 'buzz' as it is called around the emblem) and explodes with energy created by the gridlines (the shards). All the lines and shard shapes from the brand seen so far come from the grid that makes up the emblem signifying the energy inspiring youth around the world. The vibrant colour palette, the fast paced, eye catching vivid colour are all there to catch the attention of youth in an ever fast paced, hectic attention grabbing world. There's nothing London about it. It's a more powerful message than London. A more powerful message than previous hosts, and I doubt such a powerful message will ever come out of an OCOG again in our lifetimes. Which is why the 2012 emblem is so important as a marker in time of this event.
  7. Would that be like the ODA put up a blue fence around the Park and everyone graffitied '**** the IOC' and '**** The Olympics' on it? Because I can't imagine LOCOG really want that image beamed around the world come Games-time.
  8. Yes, a shame it now has to be associated with a controversial sponsor (thanks Coalition!) as the danger is whoever is approached might not want to be associated with the bad press. Here's hoping they're made of stern stuff...
  9. I guess things get compromised when you have to deal with a Coalition intent on cutting budgets?
  10. In the age of leaks and twitter nothing can be kept a secret these days. The whole ceremony needs to be rehearsed in the days leading up to it so I doubt there will be any major surprises, and this press release will go someway to appeasing people desperate for any ounce of information. That said, the 'way' individual things are done can be kept a surprise until the final night. Whatever is announced though I expect, as always, will be ripped to shreds by the armchair critics and gutter press.
  11. Basketball Arena. They will then be escorted across the Park main bridge, south across the Heneghan Peng bridge, down onto the slope by the canal onto the stadium floor level and into the stadium via the north west entrance. The bridge from the Aquatic Centre only leads into the podium level of the stadium and is inaccessible to the stadium floor.
  12. These colours are great. I mean, anyone who has watched MTV, T4 or any other teen video channels will have seen this kind of thing going on- jaggy edges, attention grabbing colour and all manner of whizzy effects in this fast paced world. I mean look at how X Factor is produced- nothing stays static for too long, it's all cut jumps and endless movement. Nobody is going to forget these Games when they're on, and when they're finished. They will overpower, consume and grab so much attention with so much colour and movement. Imagine the photos taken at these Games if this is the strength of colour being used at the venues !
  13. Apart from a few people on the Internet and the circle of LOCOG and Olympic people nobody cares about Games maker uniforms. Most people on the street probably didn't even know people who work at the Games wear a uniform. But going back to the logo, both of Rio's are nice. That's all pretty much people are saying though.
  14. EG is Estates Gazette, weekly UK commercial property magazine. www.egi.co.uk
  15. You have an overactive imagination davey... But that would be a nice idea.
  16. Not quite. But I was very clever in what I said.
  17. The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be the most successful, ever. Now I do know that is fact.
  18. I believe that British art is still the most dynamic and important in the world. Worded better?
  19. You don't have art on your walls? Because they'll keep their historical value by being limited prints. They're available for £7 each as printed posters. Exactly- only Britain could produce such a wide ranging diverse group of artists, and shows why British art is still the most dynamic and important in the world.
  20. I can't imgine LOCOG would be happy with you having that.
  21. Those bits of the wrap are still the test bits. I doubt they would go to all that bother of getting a big sponsor on board to keep it plain white!
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