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  1. The only way it would be The Orbit is if a) they had supercoated the viewing gallery with some kind of heat resistant material so people inside don't die and b)didn't design it with a loop of steel where the flame will be at its hottest. Plus I doubt LOCOG would give Boris the credit of having his sculpture as the main stage of the Park.
  2. I think they got more things right in this prediction than they ever throught they would...look at that stadium design!
  3. I know all about Tribity Buoy Wharf I'm just at a loss as to why you think LOCOG would be dressing it with look?
  4. Why on earth will Trinity Buoy Wharf be dressed?
  5. Games Makers have started collecting their uniforms and apparently the whole warehouse is branded with look, banners, the lot.
  6. " Red Arrows to mark Opening Ceremony The London 2012 Organising Committee (LOCOG) also announced today that the world-famous Red Arrows aerobatic display team will perform a nine-ship flypast in Big Battle formation to symbolically link the whole of the UK and provide a quintessential British welcome on the day of the Olympic Opening Ceremony (27 July). Further details of the London 2012 Live Sites up and down the country have also been announced. The big screens, run in partnership between London 2012, the BBC and local authorities, and supported by the National Lottery through the Olymp
  7. Live sites unveiled. "London 2012 Live Sites will be among the destinations in 22 towns and cities across the UK for communities to come together and cheer on the athletes this summer. Up to 500,000 people per day are expected to celebrate the Games at Live Sites throughout the country, and watch the sporting action on the big screens. The sites, run in partnership between London 2012, the BBC and local authorities, and supported by the National Lottery through the Olympic Lottery Distributor, partners BT and Lloyds TSB, and supporters Cisco and Cadbury, will become fully dedicated to London
  8. Well it's a motto which sums up, just as other Games have, the brand ethos behind the Games.
  9. It's pretty obvious what it is, for those following the journey.
  10. Well it's Easter now, so no-one's going to be installing over that holiday. But the first test event at the stadium is May 4th, so that gives two and a half weeks to install. And with 100 days to go in the middle of that, well I'm imagining something will be 'unwrapped', so to speak.
  11. Well, as anything is, until it is all revealed and the result is clear for all to see is the point when opinions properly form. From what we have seen, and from what I expect we are to see, those six weeks in the summer are going to completely change the landscape of the UK. In fact, so much so, that once it is all taken down there is going to be one hell of a grey morbid hangover lingering over the nation. Athensfan, I'm intrigued to what you expected a London look to be like. Even I've had other ideas, some more in keeping with the geographical and cultural notion of previous cities looks.
  12. Snazzy. http://farm7.staticflickr.com/6048/6868646332_733233bb3f_b.jpg By sludgegulper on flickr.
  13. Of course there's a style guide. There's also a Look of the Games style guide. As has been said before The Orbit is nothing to do with ODA and LOCOG it was placed upon them by the Mayor of London as a sculpture to last long after the Games and the Look has ended its lifetime. To force the artist to design within the Look for such a large legacy piece is ridiculous. You might as well say all the venues should be deconstructivist in style to match a brand launched two years after the bid was won and the venues had outline planning permission. The look is incredibly consistent. Each venue has t
  14. Well it needs to be done for the test event so some point in April I would imagine.
  15. Well I think you're totally wrong, and it will be interesting to read the official IOC reports released after the Games to see how London has been a total game changer for Olympic look.
  16. There's no red in the palette. The pink is from one of the venue colours: the gymnastics test event had a pink carpet. A first i think. The purple looks great. Very regal. The stadium shots make it look very, very classy and very British. Not sure what the problem is saying they are kids colours for eight year olds who like making cupcakes- the whole reason London wants their attention...
  17. They're the London Ambassadors uniforms. The Games Maker uniforms are the purple ones unveiled a few months back. There's a difference between the two, in that Ambassadors are around London and direct/answer questions to visitors outside of the Olympic venues and peripheries. As has already been said in a news article (and Davey posted a sign a few weeks back) pink is the wayfinding colour which will guide visitors around Tube stations and Olympic venues, so it's I guess a link that if people are in doubt about directions look for the pink people or signs (which, incidently, is the colour of
  18. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-17397577 Uniforms for the UK's 2012 ambassadors have been unveiled to the public for the first time. They will be worn by thousands of volunteers during the Olympic Games. London Mayor Boris Johnson met with 30 of the 8,000 Team London volunteers at Wimbledon station. He revealed one of the ambassador 'pods' from which the volunteers will base themselves at more than 40 key locations across the capital to welcome visitors.
  19. The bridges will be lit with lights in the water, as we've seen in that GLA document. Whether it will be that vast amount of colour I'm not sure.
  20. Well we've already seen each venue has it's own dual colour way, so I presume it's a case each venue will be decked out in banners of said colour combination. And then the streets will be lined with all colours, so I expect the colours will run in an order that then 'builds' up to the two colour- almost like a trail around London. So then, if you took that to the Park, you'll have all these colours running around the Park probably from the stadium, changing into the dual colours when it reaches each venue. Which, when youthink about it, is a pretty clever way of giving venues a character, and
  21. I imagine all will become apparent once it is up.
  22. No-one saw this then? http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01dbchg/BBC_London_News_14_03_2012/ Click to 18 minutes in.
  23. Lasers that create straight lines and grids across the stadium and beyond? Well that could create something quite familiar above the stadium.
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