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  1. I'm not sure you're getting what I'm saying, but let's leave it there.
  2. A solid white logo would only work on black, as otherwise you'd have the rings reversed out in the colour of the banner.
  3. I expect adding another colour (and considering the venue colour combinations you'd need all manner of different coloured banners in various combinations) would be hideously expensive. These banners are paid for by local authorities so can't be too costly for them. I imagine LOCOG would want them as cheap as possible to get a larger amount of look out there. They're feather flags, they come curved whatever design goes on them.
  4. Is there anything you do like about the London look? Or must all hosts abide by your rules?
  5. Then if that's the case you can't judge it until the Games are over, but you and several others seem to have already.
  6. And then not only do I post that, but this photo appears on ssc. What could it be?
  7. I think London's look will be remembered for being the first one to really exploit the 3D environment. Mexico sort of did it, but mostly it was variations of the logo. Other hosts usually have large 3D logos as a piece of decoration around venues, but London's is the first to utilise the simple shard shape to maximum effect in all areas, which I think Rio will be hard pushed to better. Maybe they'll do curvy signs.
  8. There's some filming for the James Bond movie to take place around Tower Bridge at the end of the month, so we won't see the rings installed until after that.
  9. It's orange because the stadium is purple and orange. I presume the sash changes colour per venue.
  10. Podiums, costumes and flowers for Victory Ceremonies unveiled London 2012 have unveiled the key items that will be used across the 805 Victory Ceremonies at the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The podiums, costumes and flowers for Victory Ceremonies have been revealed The design will be used across 805 Victory Ceremonies taking place in more than 30 London 2012 venues this summer. Victory Ceremonies take place shortly after a medal event finishes and will be an exciting celebration of the achievements of the 4,400 medal-winning athletes at the Games. Unique royal purple podiums have been
  11. If you've not felt the presence of the Games looming on the horizon before, you certainly will now. The wayfinding pieces for London 2012 venues inside Tube carriages has appeared on the Jubilee line today. Following the test events in the Park last month and with signage still in place in Stratford station, this pretty much confirms London 2012 signs are in the bright 'shard shape' pink of the original launch of the logo back in 2007. It would also explain two things - why there are no pink banners in the city look we have seen go up so far (so the signage stands out against them) and the b
  12. I wish people would put the Orbit being the cauldron to bed. It's totally unfeasible having a huge gas pipe running up it with a huge flame on top in a steel cauldron, and then expect people to go and up down it in a lift and walk around a room underneath it.
  13. Well it all fits doesn't it? Isles of Wonder, regeneration, inspiring, sending a 'message' to the youth of the world, the shards of energy erupting from the stadium. Heatherwick's most famous structure so far. The 'cathedral of seeds'. This is going to eb absolutely amazing.
  14. What if there was one cauldron lit, but more than one cauldron..?
  15. Blue and orange are the same. Green's been brightened I expect for TV and pink is used throughout as way finding it seems. They've added purple for the medals, and yellow features in Aquatics...
  16. What were the original brand colours?
  17. They are! We've seen them on the Sega visuals... Incidently... "As the brand has matured I can now see why this Olympics will be remembered... The tickets and all the brand for that matter are far more attractive than I thought It would have been 3 years ago. Bravo*****" "I'm going to put my hands up and say that I've completely changed my mind, since the original launch I've grown to really like the original identity and enjoy seeing each new component as it emerges. These tickets really show the elements really coming together in an original and distinctive solution that suitably broke fr
  18. London's strength again is in its simplicity. As I mentioned about the shard-esque shapes and grid lines, it has a back story (that of the energy lines of people coming to London, the shards erupting from the bursting of the logo, etc) but at the same time can evolve itself into massive urban applications tied into everything- one thing that springs to mind is those pink signs we saw in the Park for the test events, and the shards crisscrossing the Park on the concourse. Even the 'Boris pods' feel part of the brand. Anything shardy and pink and you're going to know it's to do with London 2012
  19. All the lines come from the lines of the emblem, which represent the energy lines. The tones in the banners are the build up of energy The shards around the field of play which we have seen on the Games are the punch of alternate colour, as well as the emblems and pictograms as on the tickets. But at the end of the day London 2012 is the first Olympics to have different colours at different venues, with a whole Look strategy based around that, so why wouldn't they exploit that and have a 'simple' graphic that can be used in all manner of creative instances, from the tickets to the T shirts t
  20. Well I can't imagine they want it to look like just an Olympic banner, seeing as it has to stay up for the Paralympics as well.
  21. The first pieces of London 2012 look have gone up in Cardiff. License © All rights reserved by DJLeekee
  22. There is no underground due to the high water table. All the rooms are built under the podium.
  23. Not that I had time to take a photo, but if anyone goes past the Water Polo Arena on the Overground line, there's two shard structures which look like large way finding signs just outside it that have appeared.
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