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  1. Ticket office, by diamondgeezer on flickr.
  2. The Olympic Route Network is taking shape. from diamondgeezer on flickr.
  3. Well if you're willing to pay £15 to go up a tower with a burning gas line in a metal cage above your head, with the only escape route if anything goes wrong a flimsy lift and staircase that takes ten minutes to get down...well.
  4. A lot of the 'oversights' are intentional. At Liverpool Street people looking for the Olympic Park are directed to the mainline platforms rather than the Central line. Signs on the Easbound Mile End station direct people to the District line, not the Central line, because by this point the Central line will be so over capacity the only way to get people is to use the District line and alight at West Ham for the Park. In a way, it's been over engineered so it's not necessarily the quickest journey, but the one that it is hoped means the least amount of overcrowding (!) from certain stations.
  5. Part of the tier dressing. You can also see the rings on the back wall when he dives.
  6. Rings were installed at the base of grass leading up to the Aquatics Centre entrance at the weekend. ;-)
  7. Well each of the venues will get their media rooms decked out in their respective colour treatment. That dark purple though matches the media tribunes in the stadium, so it's sort of a darker colour that calms the rest down or knocks back so it' not noticed. The Aquatics Centre has dark blue ones, so I imagine it's to do with which spectrum the two colour ways are in.
  8. I know it's orange because I've seen it in real life and it's orange. It's orange since there are no red banners. It looks red in photos, and in the Glasgow one the colour has been pumped so full of saturation the tints have disppeared into one colour and the bright purple has turned into what looks like magenta. The only time bubblegum pink appears is on the Boris' uniforms. London 2012's uses are the wayfinding magenta, which will be used next to orange in North Greenwich Arena (which we've seen on the Sega and Nintendo Games). The only red in London 2012's brand is when it is used on the
  9. This was posted on facebook as part of the journalists stay at the athletes village last night.
  10. Okay so here's one with less saturation.
  11. It's not that red in reality. It just flares into a hot orange red when looking through a screen.
  12. It matches the colour combinations of the venues which are orange, blue, purple and magenta. The orange saturates on screen but it's definitely orange in print. There aren't magenta banners around the city because that's the colour of the way finding. There's only six colour banner combinations, (orange, blue, yellow, purple, green, magenta) and each of those has six tints from the bright to dark, which you can see in the exploding bursts on the conference table, the bright being the correspoding tint of the emblem.
  13. This looks like the media conference room in the Media Centre. Very impressive. Now that's a logo that pops.
  14. Eh? It's a pretty momentous occassion. What were you expecting?
  15. I think that would have been a bit too Sydney...! Edinburgh got silver ones. I expect the venues will get them in the next few weeks. Which ones though!
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