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  1. Only for Hornby. Sales elsewhere were very healthy. More to do with their overpricing of products- note the rail set which is now sold out its been made cheaper.
  2. The GB petal is going in the Great British Garden next to the de Coubertin oak.
  3. Wind turbines which power the LEDs which run around the ringed bits at night. The Park has a bit of reputation for being rather windy.
  4. Bit odd to be hearing such negative comments when it seems this look is producing some of the most vibrant, energetic and memorable photos of all Games.
  5. Oh no. Only London could have done this, essentially turning the whole concept of Olympic look on its head. Time to move on from the era of geographical based look and into a more message based design.
  6. But it's orange in real life, labelled orange in the look book, called orange by the look team, described as orange by the IOC and people who have visited call it an orange venue. Really, stop calling it red like you're trying to find further fault with the colour palette.
  7. A look develops from an original marketing brand.
  8. Well that's the power of LOCOG, eh.
  9. These are brilliant. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/olympics/picturegalleries/9406612/London-2012-Olympics-sculptures-of-mascots-Wenlock-and-Mandeville.html?frame=2279335
  10. If you consider the logistics of having to get over 200 permissions from NOCs to essentially redraw their national flag, then that in itself shows the depth the Look team must have gone to really care about how flexible this system is. Never been done before on that scale.
  11. Regarding Earls Court, go around the corner and see the Brompton Road entrance.
  12. I would LOVE it if they did put something on top of the Orbit in the preceeding days of the rehearsals, everyone goes AHHH told you so and then gets taken down on 27th and was all a ruse.
  13. I really like how the burst graphic essentially emanates from the Olympic rings, giving it that kind of kudos status that the look is essentially 'growing' from them. I've seen this before on the material where the rings appear in the brightest tint so they punch out and aren't disrupted by the look behind. I look at a lot of Athens and Beijings and it just seems like it is a large scale graphic, the lucky cloud or the Athens Panorama and it's just cropped to make a banner or dressing and then rings are just slapped on top (albeit located in a spefici area). London's at least tried to get a so
  14. Bland? No texture? Are you having a laugh? Come on, in super HD that burst graphic is going to ZING with the athletes in front of it.
  15. So, here you go. More spoilers than you can shake a stick at. http://creativereview.co.uk/cr-blog/2012/july/london-2012-the-look-of-the-games Brilliant stuff. But then I would say that, of course.
  16. There seems to be weirdly a bit of a lack of look in North London. There's some around Camden and Hackney, but none in Shoreditch from what I've seen through Caledonian Road and Holloway Road. South London is absolutely caked in the stuff. Brixton High Street, Clapham High Street, Kennington Road, all over the shop. Obviously I appreciate there isn't enough money to dress every street from end to end, and prefer the idea of clustering the look into central areas that will get the most exposure, but it is a bit of an oddity that you get a small area (like outside King's Cross) and then as The
  17. I can't imagine they would have chosen not to put the lines on it, but more an actual logistical issue. Maybe the fabric could only be one colour.
  18. Erm. Well that would be even more confusing when it's not in the Olympic Park and it's in North Greenwich by North Greenwich station.
  19. The rings have been unveiled at Eton Dorney. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-18780351 (Photo 8) They've been positioned in a very special way.
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