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  1. Completely false. Everything look-based came back to the grid that emanated from the logo. London was the most integrated look for its time, and Sochi have taken (dare I say even ripped off) various elements of it in terms of its system and strategy. I don't see Sochi's quilt pattern as a basis for the torch or cauldron design, neither was it for London.
  2. Well it's just the same four venue colours - purple, orange, blue, a bit of pink. In fact watching the speed skating you could be mistaken for watching the London 2012 velodrome albeit different sports obviously. There's a lot of elements from London that Sochi have adapted to match their brand.
  3. Surprised they got away with the rings on the quilt pattern on the bibs.
  4. Very interested to see how they've dressed the back of the grandstands.
  5. Well Futurebrand didn't because McCann Worldgroup were a service provider to the Games which paid itself back in advertising that fact alone. Iris and Someone were named checked from the start as being agencies responsible for mascots and pictograms and received massive exposure for that fact (Someone regularly talk about the pictogram work as the best work they've ever done simply from the exposure it got them). The Olympic licensing issue that a lot of agencies had to apply for before advertising their work for the Games after it occurred usually were the ones that received a payment of some
  6. It's an interesting article. It seems the OCOG were keen to redefine the logo away from the traditional and head in the web address direction. And yet, as far as I'm aware, the Sochi 2014 website is hardly anything ground breaking. Is this really the first digital Olympics? Are people in their droves heading to the website instead of the TV, etc? I just don't see it. The brand 'message' and the reasoning behind the logo doesn't seem to resonate with the Games themselves. It's all gone full circle because now they're infilling the logo with the quilt pattern, but even this seems a random act a
  7. The 'logo' of the Games doesn't appear much in the Look because Look is designed mainly for long horizontal tier dressing, where the word mark is preferable. It's usually the case you have a repetition of wordmark/rings/wordmark with possibly a motto. The graphic of the Games is then repeated around this breakdown of information. The logo usually appears either as a backdrop to the ceremonies or in places in the venue, or on the field of play if it's in dramatic shots. The IOC demand it's a case the rings need to appear on the field of play (on the corrals or first tier dressing). And generall
  8. The Games-time Look 'system' is usually finalised about eighteen months before a Games and the OCOG send the design and visuals to the programmers for the games to be as realistic as possible. There's usually a few tweaks here and there in terms of details which is what the Look team are responsible for once the venues complete and installation teams can get in and report back to the Look team if what they are proposing is possible! You can see in the London Mario and Sonic Game some of the ways the London 2012 word mark appeared changed slightly and how the Aquatics Centre became more detail
  9. Well, replace the turquoise venues with hot magenta and you're got pretty much the same four colour ways as London - even down to the tickets. That's a little bit too much of a coincidence if you ask me… they're going to look very similar Games on TV albeit obviously different sports. The secondary venue hoarding behind the field of play with the dark unifying strip along the top with smaller rings and wordmark are a straight copy from London's media conference tables! Also still not convinced by the need for so many full colour rings on the perimeter scrim, the jumps to white just seem to th
  10. I know of a few ex-LOCOGers who left the Sochi Organising Commitee due to the anti-gay legislation. If even people working within a supposedly 'secure' zone of an OCOG feel threatened, and Government officials aren't willing to support them for their first hand experience of having done a Games before, then there is seriously something wrong there. I can't think the Sochi Organising Committee would have been happy for them to leave. It is an interesting conundrum about what they will do if Russia ever hosts the Eurovision Song Contest again, what with high percentage of gay fans as well as Eu
  11. I'm surprised they were allowed to do that in the Olympic colours, unless they intend to remove them before the Paralympics. I would have thought the Look team would have gone for Sochi brand colours.
  12. Sochi seems to be going down the London route with differing colour combinations for their venues - orange, blue, purple, green, with the section of the quilt corresponding to that part repeated around the venue with a fade to white for full colour rings and solid colour behind white rings (as per IOC guidelines). It's a very similar system to what London did, especially when you closer into the details regarding transition to Paralympic branding. There seems to be quite a bit of inconsistency though between the logo type and word mark (which is simply 'sochi 2014' in uppercase Sochi font) an
  13. For anyone into that sort of thing, the Design Museum in Shad Thames has added several pieces of 2012 paraphernalia to its collection.
  14. SPIRIT OF 2012 TRUST LAUNCHES 27TH NOVEMBER 2013 Today marks the launch of the Spirit of 2012 Trust, an independent organisation established with a Big Lottery Fund endowment of £40 million. It has the challenging and exciting task of helping to deliver a lasting social and community legacy from the London 2012 Games. The Spirit of 2012 Trust has four key aims: • Harness the positive and generous volunteering spirit that was embodied by the London 2012 Gamesmakers to benefit communities across the UK. • Build on the potential of the energy, creativity and optimism inspired by the London 20
  15. It will be interesting to see what Rio propose, in terms of its resting location.
  16. One of the things I'm interested in seeing is how Rio will translate their look into 3D spaces. I think we're already seeing hints in the renders of the Olympic Park, with the twisting walkway through the centre with its graphics embedded, similar to what London did with its grid and shard pattern emanating from the stadium onto the Park concourse. Also if they are using the logo as a starting point it will be interesting to see how this is extrapolated into 3D gantries, signage and wayfinding pieces. London was clever in that the nature of its linear triangular look meant architectural struct
  17. I'll just leave this here.... http://www.buzzfeed.com/scottybryan/22-signs-that-you-still-havent-moved-on-from-the-b7bm
  18. Russian lawmaker: We will arrest gay athletes, tourists at Olympic Games'Gay propaganda' law co-sponsor says he is unconcerned about a US visa ban, saying: 'I've spoken to US politicians, and they support my stance' 30 JULY 2013 | BY JOE MORGAN A Russian lawmaker has said the ‘gay propaganda’ law will remain enforced during the Sochi Winter Olympic Games in 2014. Vitaly Milonov, co-sponsor of the ‘non-traditional relationships’ bill, said the government cannot decide when to selectively enforce the law. It comes as the International Olympic Committee said the Russian government had
  19. One year later and still can't get the correct London 2012 and logo!
  20. There's a Look book in the works but I gather only LOCOG people will be getting it. Maybe it will appear online. Mine's a bit more related to the history of the Park but it's taking its time, I was supposed to have it ready at Easter but things have slipped. I can't say I've had a massive amount of interest though, the jamboree has obviously moved on, but it was never really about getting massive sales but more my story of how and why I ended up working at the Games. "It's a bit too 'me me me'" as one publisher said. There's some work on my website, but it's tailored more towards what I speci
  21. They matched the colour scheme of their venue. The original pictograms designed by Someone agency had the silhouette box version (which were used for wayfinding) and the dynamic line version (which were used for the look). Originally before Futurebrand (the agency who conceived the original strategy for the look of the Games) came up with the idea of different venue colours the box versions were the four original brand colours (orange, magenta, blue, green and black) and the dynamic ones blue and magenta. I think this was around 2008 they were released. Around 2009 Futurebrand were brought
  22. 'The grid' I guess was the closest, which was the graphic that everything went back to. 'Burst graphic' was the name used mainly for the energy shards coming out of the Olympic rings on the fields of play. We had different terms for the actual artworks from their file names, so the burst graphic which mainly appeared on the corrals was the primary graphic, tertiary graphic was the one with the grid lines and tones of colour used for large scale backdrops (diving wall of Aquatics, ceremony backdrops, etc). Secondary got dropped somewhere along the journey, but it was essentially the primary gra
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