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  1. does anyone have pictures of the cauldron in whistler? i was watching the Lindsey Vonn medal ceremony and saw the cauldron in the background behind the raising of the 3 flags. had no idea there was one up there.
  2. i sure hope you're right. the idea of an indoor cauldron at BCP is killin' me! they've added pyro equipment for the fireworks around the "ring" of BCP, maybe they added a gas line there as well for the flame? hmmm
  3. did any watch the Today Show this morning? they had a few clips of the opening ceremony rehearsal from last night. it actually gave you a good look of a particular segment of the ceremony. looks grand and great!
  4. yea the blue plastic film that they tell you to remove off of appliances! if it is aborignal-inspired, it may be apart of the art work. i've seen similar silver native jewelery w/ that same blue-ish tint...
  5. "major" as in big enough for a "ring of fire" around BCP? that would be insane.
  6. i think thats b/c BR/BRplayers have become more widely available and affordale since Beijing 08. As well, majority of new LCD/Plasma/LED TVs now are fully compatible w/ BR.
  7. i'm hearing that they may be projecting the olympic rings on the roof of bc place at the start of the games. it will be visible from a birds eye view. can anyone confirm this?
  8. that is the same questions i've been wondering about. i wonder how they will incorporate that in to the lighting at BCP, if at all. from what i've read some ppl have said that in the past olympics, the secondary cauldrons are lit w/ little notice...
  9. outdoors at the Jack Poole Plaza? hard to tell where that is
  10. canada hockey place: will they by covering up the "GM Place" signage and replacing it w/ the Rings? I haven't seen them do that yet.
  11. the birds nest is only one of the most impressive free standing structure, ok slight exaggeration...but it doesn't need anything else to impress. bc place on the other hand...i don't think they'd have enough shrink wrap to beautify it like someone said, i'd rather more $ be spent on the inside. i assume that the white roof will be multicolored similar to the sails at canada place.
  12. 3-4 mins of focusing on the singer would be boring no? during the torino closing ceremony, bocelli sang a song and they had performers dancing w/ the camera cutting to different things going on in the stadium. My link
  13. im not entirely sure...it sounded similar to "i believe", but then again that was about 2weeks ago, before i heard "i believe". and it was muffled behind the tent and the "1 and 2 and 3 and 4...step, turn lift and down!" orders being barked! i gotta say that my first reaction was "sarah mclachlan?". i wish i had that iphone app that identifies songs haha.
  14. if you go down to the plaza of nations, right in front of the casino entrance, you can hear them practicing for what seems to be either the opening or closing ceremony in one of those big white tents. about 2 weeks ago i was down there walking my dog and heard loud music, sounded like a muffled sarah mclachlan, and a choreographer yelling out dance instructions. now that the "i believe" theme song was revealed, i think it was that song that i heard.
  15. i guess it would depend on how you interpret "venue security closure" and if that applies just to vehicles. for example, the map had the olympic village area as "venue security closure" and that area is 100% closed off to the public. however, areas like concord pacific place, canada hockey place are listed as "venue security closure" as well but will be opened to the public b/c a lot of the pavilions and free events will take place there. we'll find out in 14 days! http://www.vancouver2010.com/dl/00/23/22/updated-venues-jan-12_82d-gf.pdf
  16. I was down at the IBC during lunch and was thinking the exact same thing, that what a shame it would be if that whole area where the cauldron is was closed off to the public. Those fences surrounding the area looks pretty permenant. If so, that is poor planning on VANOC.
  17. stay away from the U.S. House is all i gotta say!
  18. you know i've never noticed the past olypmics, but i'm sure your history is spot on. i'm simply stating that fact that it may look odd to me, regardless of whether it's my 1st olypmics or my 30th. i think it may look odd to me this time around b/c it's an indoor venue. and maybe you can fill me in, but i don't remember ever seeing an indoor cauldron during the olympics. empty stadiums are definitely at every olympics, but it's always been outdoors (i think). granted post production can do wonderings for the networks, but i was invisioning bc place empty with dimmed flourescent lighting and an enclosed flame...w/ those nasty pale blue seating i the background. i gotta say that i can see it looking amazing during the VC ceremonies w/ the ppl, stage and concert lighting. i guess the factor that stands out for me the most is that it will be indoors and that i'm having a bitter time letting go of the fact that a rectractable roof is going in right after the games!
  19. true enough. But each ceremony is 2-3hrs tops? My point is that it will be odd to have a video shot of this flame burning in an empty stadium. I guess that's why there us the vcc cauldron as well
  20. OK thanks for FILLING me IN. I guess I SHOULD be placing an ORDER for your BOOK
  21. YES! i agree...i'm telling you, a floating cauldron in false creek would be uber original, at least i think it would be. we should just discount the indoor one at bc place as it will not be seen in person by anyone other than ceremony goers. it will be all alone...encased in a glass cylinder, allegedly...in an empty concrete building.
  22. i will be renting a lodge at creekside during the games. would i be able to drive up considering i'm not a resident, thus no pass? do i need the owner of the lodge to write me a letter? or is that too unofficial?
  23. single colour will have a better chance of standing out than multi-colour? you think? i've always thought the opposite...more colore more attention.
  24. the flame is off to the left of the convention centre, so i'd be surprised if they closed that off to the public. im hoping that once the games start, a lot of that fencing will come down around that area. it would be quite uneventful if there was a flame indoors for only those going to the opening/closing ceremony & VC would see and then close off the area to the outdoor cauldron. now that it is established that there will be an outdoor flame at the VCC. what are the chances of vanoc working in an outdoor flame at bc place?
  25. it's actually not that short once you're there...it kind of goes on this rise. after being down there, it looks like mr. x took the picture from the sidewalk/street. there is a dip. but i could see them adding the top piece once they finish the base. i thought "gray" was referring to the weather
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