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  1. I found it pretty funny that they spoofed this mascot as a stoner given that most of the protesters fall into this category.
  2. I found on Facebook that the waiting room does apparently exist for phase 3 and it appears to be working.. but does it actually do anything? https://frontline-tickets.vancouver2010.com...XX&roomid=5
  3. There are a few here: http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/2010win...5277/story.html
  4. The Ralph Lauren uniforms are very.. something. From what I can find, they'll only be used for the opening/closing ceremonies.
  5. I doubt this is the case if you have more than one event at Whistler on a given day. Their concern is probably more that people will buy tickets for the OBN, but hang out in Whistler, causing overcrowding on the final buses for the day following the victory ceremony. If you have tickets for an event during the day and the victory ceremony, you'll probably need to leave on the victory ceremony bus heading home.. if you don't, there won't be room for you on that bus since they'll have as many buses as needed to transport those that have purchased tickets for a given event ONLY.
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