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  1. If curling actually involved giant bears I think a lot more people would find it interesting.
  2. I may be at the dress rehearsal subject to midterm exam timings, though I am coming from the suburbs to the East..
  3. The birks clock.. it was just re-installed today after undergoing renovations for the last two years. It's about 100 years old or so. http://historicvancouver.com/order_birks_clock.html
  4. That would be Granville Island.. right beside the Aquabus dock. It will be very VERY busy given all the stuff going on there at Games-time. The demonstration streetcar line will take you to the island though Article about events at Granville Island: http://www.vancouversun.com/business/Granv...2767/story.html
  5. I wish that RBC would put up the rest of their wrap on the building..
  6. Ah okay! That's here: http://olympichostcity.vancouver.ca/gettin...e-network.htm#1
  7. Not sure what you mean by enforcement? For the Olympic Line, there's a little bit of information here: http://olympichostcity.vancouver.ca/gettin...t/olympic-line/ Typically transit related information can be found at TransLink's website, but the City of Vancouver is in charge of this project, so there's nothing of note on TransLink's website aside from a link to the City of Vancouver website. If you're interested, however, here's TransLink's games-time page: http://www.translink.ca/en/Utilities/2010-Games.aspx
  8. Prices printed on a book are usually pretty high. I don't think I've ever seen a book priced higher than what is originally printed on the jacket.. not aware of any laws which would prohibit a book from being priced under the jacket price, however.
  9. You can also purchase a Visa prepaid card.. works like a regular Visa card but no credit application required. Most banks that offer Visa cards sell them as do many supermarkets. In Vancouver I know that VanCity sells them.
  10. You can hop on the new Canada Line to get straight to YVR, btw.
  11. They have one at the airport as well. Not sure if they have mugs, but when I was there over the summer they didn't have the posters.
  12. Not sure about a book review program but the local CTV affiliate is probably your best bet - http://ctvbc.ctv.ca . News1130 is the official radio station.
  13. No, that's not the case.. they allow you to purchase tickets anywhere in the world as long as the person buying them resides within Canada. I still have a waiting room open to look at some other stuff, so there's still a wait.
  14. A session refers to an individual event. For example, for the ceremonies, one session is the opening ceremony, one session is the closing ceremony, plus the victory ceremonies. The Opening Ceremony only seems to have B and A level tickets remaining. I was trying to get a D level ticket but was not able to.
  15. Short Track is completely sold out, it looks like. I guess it's more popular than I thought it would be..
  16. Heard a report over at SkyScraperPage forums that someone successfully bought a ticket to the Men's Gold Medal Hockey game.. personally, I'm still stuck in the waiting room.
  17. I still don't understand why this was even brought to a lawsuit in the first place. What response did the ski jumpers have to the technical requirements not being met? All I've heard is discrimination, blah blah blah, and in that respect the court found in their favor..
  18. Not sure about any musicals, museums, or sushi, but the building with the sales is actually part of Canada Place. It's simply convention space. It'll be used Games-time as the Main Media Centre. There's a fantastic wooden rollercoaster in town at the PNE, however, it won't be open in February.
  19. Oh, I agree that a structure like that could certainly physically be built in that timeframe.. though Vancouver's certainly got plenty of red tape to spare!
  20. December is not exactly prime construction weather in Vancouver..
  21. Beijing, I think, had more media attention with the whole 'How will they pull it off?' aspect given that they are not a first world country and their human rights issues over the years. Vancouver is in Canada, and a lot of people tend to have trouble pegging what exactly Canadian culture is. Look at Torino and Nagano - pretty specific visuals come to mind. Canada just isn't exciting enough, especially for those living in the USA. Vancouver also hasn't had a whole lot of media attention in general. Not sure how much (if any) attention is being paid to these Games outside of Canada, but I doubt it is a substantial amount in comparison to previous games. On the other hand, VANOC has reported that the tickets are selling fairly briskly and they believe that they may be essentially sold out come Games-time.
  22. They should rip off the old roof as part of the opening ceremonies since it's due to be replaced by a retractable one immediately after the Games anyway.
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