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  1. Thanks. That one was straight from The Bay..
  2. Busy but smooth.. I've been hearing of long waits at stations around waterfront around rush hour, though.
  3. I tried to get in last night but the lineup was 30+ minutes to get in.. I'm pretty sure that it does not require glasses.
  4. IMAX Corp. decided to not renew the lease. During the Olympics, it is being used by VANOC for internal purposes. I don't believe that there are any long-term plans for the space.
  5. Meanwhile, Give The Podium Away On A Silver Platter is floundering..
  6. Yes, it'll be on CTV. http://www.ctvolympics.ca/ has stated over the past week or so that their webstream would be worldwide, so you might be able to access it there.
  7. If you liked the Tokyo Dog then check out Japadog.. http://www.japadog.com/en/
  8. An awesome recap of the torch relay so far.. Boston.com's Big Picture is excellent as usual: http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2010/02/olympic_torch_relay_nearly_com.html
  9. News article about it with an artist's drawing.. http://www.bclocalnews.com/richmond_southdelta/richmondreview/news/78338777.html
  10. They will be filling those with cranberries in the river.. so you'll see the canadian maple leaf and the olympic rings made out of cranberries.
  11. I really like the slogan being in the ice at the oval.
  12. I hope they don't try to obstruct the SkyTrain (subway/metro) system in some way. That would certainly cause a lot of problems..
  13. Those signs have actually been around since the 80s. Only recently, however, they put more up. Here's an article from the Straight about it (if you can stomach it the Straight that is..) http://www.straight.com/article-268634/nonuke-signs-go-olympic
  14. If only the City of Vancouver was more willing to allow light features in general.. but that's probably a topic for another forum.
  15. The Quebec Pavilion looks amazing lit up at night!
  16. Looks very nice. I wonder if they used BC pine beetle wood like they did for the convention centre..
  17. Canada Place the building itself will not be open to the public, however, nor will the promenade, but I imagine the plaza will be. I didn't really get into specifics, but the area will definitely be open to pedestrian traffic.
  18. I'm volunteering at the Main Media Centre in Vancouver, doing Accreditation. Big tent between the IBC (new convention centre) and the MPC (old convention centre - Canada Place, the building with the sails).
  19. I'm not worried. In fact, I'm off to a volunteer shift right now..
  20. I've heard the opposite from my colleagues - that the area will be open to pedestrian traffic, just closed to vehicle traffic. The public should be able to access the plaza during the Games.
  21. Sweet, thanks! I saw a sign up at a dealership yesterday in Burnaby, BC.. will swing by there today on the way home from class.
  22. Yup, I'll be there.. err.. here. Here as in both on the forums and in Vancouver..
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