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  1. I just realized that they have the fabric for the projections very close to the flame..
  2. funny, i was going to make a thread about the amazing job that CTV has done in regards to their coverage.. not anymore.
  3. I just flicked to NBC from CTV and they are still playing the song. Tape delay..
  4. The thing with them holding up the colored signs didn't exactly seem to work.. were they supposed to make rings or something?
  5. I love seeing the atmosphere there of all the athletes hanging out.. wish I could be there.
  6. Inward Eye, apparently. I've never heard of em. Not sure that the roof could tolerate the flame for 17 days.. and they did it in a tasteful and funny way.
  7. I lost my Main Media Centre pin today!!! :( Must have fallen off on the Canada Line on my way to Switzerland House. (to get a Switzerland pin ) Went back to the MMC and they were sold out..
  8. The protesters who smashed up windows downtown..
  9. http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2010/02/23/bc-no-police-crackdown-olympics.html
  10. As a local, I'm definitely in awe of how smoothly things are going. It's almost been going TOO smoothly.. kind of suspicious.
  11. It was given to me by a Petro-Canada exec. And the Mint pavilion is at Granville and Pender. http://www.mint.ca/store/mint/learn/visit-the-mint-pavilion-4800004
  12. Main Media Centre - I'm actually a volunteer for the Games, and have access to the retail store at the MMC. I've just bought that one. As far as I know, each venue has an individual pin like this, and only people who have access to that venue can obtain those pins outside of trading. GE, BC Hydro, Petro-Canada, Workopolis were all gifts/traded with in person with representatives from those companies which I assisted due to my volunteer position. The CP Rail pins were given to me by a fellow volunteer who works for CP. The maple leaf one which is partially covered up (oops) is from West Vancouver. I believe that these were created by children attending schools in the West Vancouver area, and are sold by the municipality itself at civic buildings. I'm not 100% sure about that though, as I was given it by a volunteer. See: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Visitors/Level3.aspx?id=23766 I can take a closer picture of any of the other ones. The metal detector one that is covered up is a Garret pin who supplies the hand scanners for security screening purposes (traded to obtain this one).
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