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  1. Opening and Closing Ceremonies in long-form feature entertainment and the lighting of Vancouver 2010 Olympic Cauldron.

    I'd imagine that this means that they are without commentary or commercials. Probably just the straight OBS feeds.

    I ordered a Blu-Ray copy last week. ;)

  2. As a Canadian, Vancouverite, and a VANOC volunteer, I'd like to say thanks to you guys for your support of these Games. Your insights and enthusiasm have been wonderful to read over these past few months. :) I hope that you've enjoyed Vancouver 2010 as much as I have.

    I might post here a few times over the next few days but after that I probably won't be back unless I end up scoring a job with LOCOG, or maybe once Sochi gets closer. :) Once again, thank you, GamesBids! And goodbye for now..

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