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  1. 22 medals. 4 gold. 20th by medal value but 10th by medal totals. Not bad for a country where winter sports are more popular than summer sports. Not bad at all. I´m glad Canada made a good appearance in Rio 2016. Really.
  2. That´s one is easy. The Games were enjoyable, although some serious organization issues. Athletes made history and saved Rio 2016.
  3. Great memories of the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games..... http://www.gettyimages.com/photos/pan-american-games-2015?excludenudity=true&family=editorial&mediatype=photography&page=3&phrase=pan american games 2015&sort=mostpopular I planned to be in Toronto at that time but I couldn´t due to vacation re-schedule, but I watched lots and lots of Tv and online coverage. It was an excellent event. Some friends had the opportunity to go and praised both the city and the Games. Toronto and its people proved that they´re able to handle any big event with class. I´m saving money in advance to not miss Lima 2019. I must be there. And I hope my country may host the Pan Am Games once again
  4. Having good memories of Vancouver 1999, I feel excited about what Toronto is doing for the Next PamAm games. Hope they do it great !
  5. Most companies are focusing on the World Cup right now. After all, historically, football always attract more TV audience in Brazil than any Olympic events and big media conglomerates are tossing it everywhere. I believe Rio Games will be a success of tickets sales (as was the PanAms on 2007) but won´t have nearly the same impact on Tv audiences as the World Cup
  6. ^ This is the point. And many brazilians believed this. I´m worried about the WC, specially regarding logistics, air and urban transportation. As for the Olympics, I think everything will go well.
  7. hehehe..not that much. The sales of Confederations Cup tickets was a huge success ! I expect 2014 WC tickets to be sold rapidly too, as many, many brazilians are just crazy about football.
  8. Dannyel, I agree with the video... because I´m realistic. I´m not a brazilian who lives on fantasy. Don´t get me wrong, I do love my country and I do love my city but.... ......as long as brazilians keep ignoring our country´s priorities and problems, and we do have deep problems, Brazil will never be a modern country. We will never surpass the line of "developing" countries and we will continue to have pathetic growth. People die everyday waiting for health treatment on hospital corridors, students finish high-school tottally unprepared for work, public transportation on big cities are chaotic, corruption is endemic, favelas are always spreding more and more, poverty overcomes several regions.... and we DO have what is necessary to transform all of this. I wouldn´t change quality of life for fancy parties and football fanatism. And as a Brazilian who loves his country, I will always support what is better for it and for its people. And my people deserves more than that. I can´t tell you what will be the result of those mass protests (and that´s not the point of this topic, anyway), but I do know that Brazil can´t stay forever pretending to be something it is not. That´s all.
  9. in some places, protesters demands about the cut of public transportations were met yesterday, but still there are protests schedule for the next days in other cities and about other big issues. It seems that they´ll be focused on corruption (PEC-37) from now. Despite clashes in Fortaleza yesterday it seems that those gatherings are not endangering the Tournment. Which is a good thing
  10. Wow. what a game. I was supporting Japan. But even with the loss they did a great job
  11. You´re getting all wrong Danniel. Nobody is blaming the World Cup about the problems in Brazil. People are just realizing that there are other priorities and the expenses with the WC are too exaggerated. And the girl is not boycotting the WC. She just stated her reasons why she´s not going. She even says that the WC is a great event. It´s up to anyone to support the event or not, but the ones who don´t support it must have their right of opinion respected The real problem is that both politicians and now Fifa are trying to imply that the WC will bring structural legacys for the country. You and I and all Brazilians now well that it won´t. The promised structural works are not advancing. The public-money-free Stadiums promise were not fulfilled. The Sao Paulo-Rio high-speed train. The new subway lines. It´s ok if you don´t agree with me or with her, but in your last line you´re blaming the riots for speeding up our problems, so you´re just did exactely the same thing you´re arguing she did: blaming a present event for something that has been happening for some time Peace, Agreed.
  12. That´s true, boycotting the event right won´t change anything. We assumed the commitment, we must deal with it, the best way we can do. A lot of money has been already spent in controversial ways. Boycotting would just do harm. But I do believe that the protests are valid, as long as they remain pacific and the voice of the ones who doesn´t agree with the event must be heard. 30 billion BRL may not seems too much for the size of our economy, but as you stated, our government is in constant debt and inflation rates are rising again. But for investment in public services it would help a lot.
  13. If you watch the video carefully, you´ll see that the girl is not condemning the WC for what is happening in the country or its situation. She even says that both the Olympics and the WC are great events. And I´m sure everydoby agrees with that. What she´s stating is that, with the actual social situation in the country, the WC is nothing more than fancy expenses that won´t help change anything nor give the country some useful legacy, as the government want the population to believe. Only a small fraction of all infra-structure projects that were planned for it are actually on the works. The only palpable thing the WC will leave are stadiums. But apart from the temporary jobs during their construction, stadiums won´t leave any real legacy for the population of the host cities In any given point the WC is blamed by the situation of the country. It´s all about what our country should consider as priorities. And staging big events shouldn´t be one of them right now. And why people are protesting now ? Because for some time people believed that there would be some legacy, but now with all those expenses and zero impact of their lives, they´re starting to realize that they have been fooled. Again. And as always. Unfortunately, many brazilians are too alienated by soccer to notice that.
  14. The protests actually started due to the raise on public transportation fees, but people started to protest against other things too. The funny thing is that this girl actually made this video many weeks before the protests started, and the day she finally had the video edited and published coincided with the day of the 5th protest in Sao Paulo
  15. Yes, spending money on big events will always be an issue for some people, wherever they are. The problem is that Brazil still has a long way to go in its social conditions. Countries like Uk and Australia are better prepared and have way better health, security, educational and social conditions than Brazil. Brazilians pay around 37% of their wages in taxes and don´t see improvements in any area. So the issue is even bigger
  16. It doesn´t appear that she´s using wrong numbers on her video. The values she used are the ones that have been widely stated by media and by our government. The point is that our government often announces mannipulated data. At a certain point she said that illiteracy can be between 21% or 10 %, because for the Brazilian government a person who can at least (or only) write its own name is not considered to be illiterate, even if she/he can´t properly read. And, Danny, our country has a lot of good things, specially natural beauties, cuisine, music, arts......but as long as Brazilians keep distracted by parties and football and our Goverment keep ignoring our real problems we will never been a modern country. We will never achieve our full potential, either economic, educational or social. It´s great to have the World Cup, it´s not a bad thing, but remember that we had a promise from the Organizing Committee that we wouldn´t have public money spent on stadiums - these would be built through partnerships - but guess what ? Only two of those stadiums are following this, and I´m not talking about São Paulo. And the necessary infra-structure works are not counted on that $ 30 billion bill, maybe a few very small improvements here and there, but not all that is necessary and that was promised. With so many structural problems, this is the least thing Brazil should care about now. We could be better prepared, we could prepare better our cities and our people for that and staging the WC later not worried about proving anything to the World, but proving to ourselves that we can do it. But no, we need the WC to prove to the developed countries that we´re developed too (and we are not). It´s a shame. The WC is nothing more than a distraction. It won´t change our situation, it won´t change our education, our security, our transportation, bureaucratic, healthy problems, like the government wants people to believe.
  17. It´s been a long time since I last checked these forums... Not that I´m trying to be a troll or to start a pointless and sensationalist discussion, but this brazilian girl made this and she´s getting a quite good audience, because actually many, many brazilians, including me, agree with her statements I thought this could be interesting for anyone who don´t know Brazil
  18. Sort of.... It´s in the top considering the total number of medals.. But taking the traditional ranking by gold medals, Canada finished 1st, Germany 2nd and USA 3rd.
  19. Maybe I´m not used to watch curling competitions, but from what I saw on Tv, I didn´t see anything special ou offensive about Canadian crowds. For me they seemed just enthusiastic fans. I didn´t notice any kind of behavior during swedish plays that could harm their game anyway. Sweden won because they kept their heads cool all the time. It seemed that the Canadian team had really felt the pressure of getting the gold at home. They seemed kind of anxious, specially during the three last ends of the game.
  20. A big Hoorray for Canada ! Only the most optmistic Canadian fans would imagine Canada topping the medal table like that. At least here in South America, most media makers were betting in Germany for finishing first, then USA second and Canada third. But everybody´s glad with Canada finishing first. Congratulations ! What a great Olympic Games !
  21. Brazil´s coach changed some of the setter main functions. Instead of just tossing the ball for an attacker, he introduced the act of fooling the defenses with different moves, specially when attacking from the 3-meter line. In almost every tossing two or three players jump for the attack, confusing defenses. Our previous setter, Ricardo, was excellent in doing that, even when tossing from the back of the court. Marcelo Elgarten do not do that with the same speed and technique, so it´s easier for the other teams to read his movements and either block or defend. Power never was a characteristic of the Brazilian team, since we don´t have many players taller then 2 m, like Russia or Serbia ou even the USA. Our players are not very tall, so we must use speed and strategy to win. And Bernardinho showed the world that this really make a difference between teams who rely only on power.
  22. Yes. It was dissapointing, specially in soccer. We still couldn´t get a gold medal, neither with the boys nor the girls. Hypolito (in men´s floor on Gymnastics) was another big dissapointment. As for indoor volleyball.....Actually, for us, the loss of the gold medal in indoor volleyball was not a dissapointment, as it may seems. Brazil got all important titles it could get from 2001 and 2007 - except from 1 World League, 1 PanAm games and 2 America´s Cups, where they got silver, bronze, silver and silver. They won so much that we didn´t felt they were obligated to win this time. And we´re sure our volleyball teams still can do a lot in the future. We have to consider that the US team made a work of 4 YEARS, studying Brazil´s style of play. I remember, in a interview, the american coach saying that if they wanted to win anything in volleyball they should be able to defeat Brazil. So he conducted his team in all those years with only one goal: defeating Brazil. And they achieved that. Interesting to notice that the games against Russia and Serbia were, in a certain way, more challenging than the final, simply because they spent so much time studying Brazil that they couldn´t count much on strategy against these teams. The final was a very, very strategic game and the US deserved this gold medal, as it deserved the World League title. Ah... just to complete the information. Brazil won 2 WChamps, 2 WCups, 1 PanAm Games, 1 AmCup, 6WLeagues, 1 OG, 3 SAmerican Cups, 2 ChCup in only 7 years. This can demonstrate how huge was US achievement in defeating them.
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