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  1. 22 medals. 4 gold. 20th by medal value but 10th by medal totals. Not bad for a country where winter sports are more popular than summer sports. Not bad at all. I´m glad Canada made a good appearance in Rio 2016. Really.
  2. That´s one is easy. The Games were enjoyable, although some serious organization issues. Athletes made history and saved Rio 2016.
  3. Great memories of the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games..... http://www.gettyimages.com/photos/pan-american-games-2015?excludenudity=true&family=editorial&mediatype=photography&page=3&phrase=pan american games 2015&sort=mostpopular I planned to be in Toronto at that time but I couldn´t due to vacation re-schedule, but I watched lots and lots of Tv and online coverage. It was an excellent event. Some friends had the opportunity to go and praised both the city and the Games. Toronto and its people proved that they´re able to handle any big event with class. I´m
  4. Having good memories of Vancouver 1999, I feel excited about what Toronto is doing for the Next PamAm games. Hope they do it great !
  5. Most companies are focusing on the World Cup right now. After all, historically, football always attract more TV audience in Brazil than any Olympic events and big media conglomerates are tossing it everywhere. I believe Rio Games will be a success of tickets sales (as was the PanAms on 2007) but won´t have nearly the same impact on Tv audiences as the World Cup
  6. ^ This is the point. And many brazilians believed this. I´m worried about the WC, specially regarding logistics, air and urban transportation. As for the Olympics, I think everything will go well.
  7. hehehe..not that much. The sales of Confederations Cup tickets was a huge success ! I expect 2014 WC tickets to be sold rapidly too, as many, many brazilians are just crazy about football.
  8. Dannyel, I agree with the video... because I´m realistic. I´m not a brazilian who lives on fantasy. Don´t get me wrong, I do love my country and I do love my city but.... ......as long as brazilians keep ignoring our country´s priorities and problems, and we do have deep problems, Brazil will never be a modern country. We will never surpass the line of "developing" countries and we will continue to have pathetic growth. People die everyday waiting for health treatment on hospital corridors, students finish high-school tottally unprepared for work, public transportation on big cities are ch
  9. in some places, protesters demands about the cut of public transportations were met yesterday, but still there are protests schedule for the next days in other cities and about other big issues. It seems that they´ll be focused on corruption (PEC-37) from now. Despite clashes in Fortaleza yesterday it seems that those gatherings are not endangering the Tournment. Which is a good thing
  10. Wow. what a game. I was supporting Japan. But even with the loss they did a great job
  11. You´re getting all wrong Danniel. Nobody is blaming the World Cup about the problems in Brazil. People are just realizing that there are other priorities and the expenses with the WC are too exaggerated. And the girl is not boycotting the WC. She just stated her reasons why she´s not going. She even says that the WC is a great event. It´s up to anyone to support the event or not, but the ones who don´t support it must have their right of opinion respected The real problem is that both politicians and now Fifa are trying to imply that the WC will bring structural legacys for the country. Yo
  12. That´s true, boycotting the event right won´t change anything. We assumed the commitment, we must deal with it, the best way we can do. A lot of money has been already spent in controversial ways. Boycotting would just do harm. But I do believe that the protests are valid, as long as they remain pacific and the voice of the ones who doesn´t agree with the event must be heard. 30 billion BRL may not seems too much for the size of our economy, but as you stated, our government is in constant debt and inflation rates are rising again. But for investment in public services it would help a lot.
  13. If you watch the video carefully, you´ll see that the girl is not condemning the WC for what is happening in the country or its situation. She even says that both the Olympics and the WC are great events. And I´m sure everydoby agrees with that. What she´s stating is that, with the actual social situation in the country, the WC is nothing more than fancy expenses that won´t help change anything nor give the country some useful legacy, as the government want the population to believe. Only a small fraction of all infra-structure projects that were planned for it are actually on the works. The
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