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  1. It is Joni Mitchell - the version of the song was in the movie "Love, Actually."
  2. I was able to buy tickets at face value for Alpine Skiing (Men's Super-G), which I was pretty amazed at considering other tickets for the same event were going at three times (or more) over face value. I've been able to sell a couple of the Victory Ceremony tickets I had but won't be able to use (at face value), as well as Ladies Aerials Qualifications at a bit over face value (but still about half of what most people have it up there for). I can't believe how much the Men's Halfpipe tickets are going for (so many were in the $1000 range the last time I checked).
  3. Take the Canada Line (SkyTrain) from King Edward Station (a 10-15 minute walk from the Curling venue) and travel south to Aberdeen Station, then it's a 25 minute walk along River Road (according to Translink and VANOC) to the Oval. An hour should be enough time to travel between both venues.
  4. I hope the only First Nation involvement they have in lighting the Cauldron will be with children of each 'host' First Nation holding hands with the final Torch bearers - or four of them running along side the final torch bearer, who should be a well-known athlete (or just one Aboriginal child holding their hand as the athlete lights the cauldron). I'm hoping its Klassen or Clara Hughes (given that she's one of the very few athletes to win medals in both the Winter and Summer Olympics).
  5. Could it be a "camp fire?" At the centre of BC Place there could be a "camp fire" at the centre of the stadium... It would make sense to have something linked to nature, since that seems to be the main theme of the graphic identity/look of the Games. As for lighting the cauldron outside the stadium by the waterfront, it'll probably be by fireworks. Or they'll do something virtual - like a having a starry sky on the roof of BC Place and then a 'shooting star' will streak from one end to the other to appear like it's gone beyond the confines of the stadium, which would 'light' the cauldrons in Whistler and the second one in Vancouver.
  6. I've been lurking on the boards for a while, but thought I'd share some details about my Olympic trip. This morning I managed to get tickets to Ladies' Aerials Qualifiations (FR003) and Men's 1500m Speed Skating (regular sales, not through the marketplace). We're still hoping to get tickets for an Alpine Skiing event and Skeleton... But looks like there isn't any tickets for Whistler in the marketplace yet... I've also purchased tickets for my brother and I to: - Men's Hockey (Canada v Norway, Russia v Slovakia) - Women's Curling (qualifiers, with a Canada game) - Men's 1000m Speed Skating - Men's Ski Cross - Biathlon (BT004) I'm looking forward to it! We also went to Torino where we saw Aerials, Biathlon, Alpine Skiing, Men's Hockey (Canada v Finland), Speed Skating (2 events), Short Track.
  7. Tickets for the Olympic Bus Network will be on sale on November 24. I asked VANOC the same question a couple of days ago, and that's what they told me. They'll be available online from vancouver2010.com.
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