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  1. Shreya Ghoshal -in green...has divine voice...specially at 2:00.... Doha Games..Sunidhi Chauhan....the girl in orange in above video...tru rockstar! Sunidhi-Doha Games
  2. poor obama......that lady had evil superpowers!
  3. ya u r rite.... he is an absolute loozer!!
  4. for your kind info. i would like to highlight certain facts here:- 1.Age of harrapan civilization is judged by the carbon cating resulty of food grains and other organic remains while that of mesopatima also includes the scriptures and language, as of now harrapan language and scriptures have not been decoded so no onw exactly knows the age of of the civilization. 2.mesopatamian civilization and culture has vanished now but harrapan is still there in the form of hinduism. 3.Our ancient scriptures(mahabharata and ramayana) narrate stories and events as old as 10,000 b.c. and even older Krishna was born in 5000 b.c. as told by west indomaniacs. 4.Following is an article showing the words of famous historians and archeologists who have worked in India:- The perception of Indian history and culture by Europeans was fluctuating between two extremes in the 18th and 19th century. Many European writers have seen India as a cradle of civilization during the 19th century Friedrich Schlegel wrote in a letter to Tieck that India was the source of all languages, thoughts and poems, and that "everything" came from India. In the 18th century, Voltaire wrote that "I am convinced that everything has come down to us from the banks of the Ganges, astronomy, astrology, metempsychosis, etc.. An important development during the British Raj period was the influence Hindu traditions began to take on western thought and new religious movements. An early champion of Indian-inspired thought in the west was Arthur Schopenhauer, who in the 1850s advocated ethnics based on an "Aryan-Vedic theme of spiritual self-conquest" as opposed to the ignorant drive toward earthly utopianism of the superficially this-worldly "Jewish" spiritAt the end of the introduction to the World as Will and Representation, Arthur Schopenhauer claimed that the rediscovery of the ancient Indian tradition would be one of the great events in the history of the West. Goethe borrowed from Kalidasa for the Vorspiel auf dem Theater in Faust. Goethe and Schopenhauer were riding a crest of scholarly discovery, most notably the work done by Sir William Jones. (Goethe likely read Kalidasa's The Recognition of Sakuntala in Jones' translation.) However, the discovery of the world of Sanskrit literature moved beyond German and British scholars and intellectuals — Henry David Thoreau was a sympathetic reader of the Bhagavad Gita — and even beyond the humanities. In the early days of the Periodic Table, scientists referred to as yet undiscovered elements with the use of Sanskrit prefixes (see Mendeleev's predicted elements). Scholars like Schlegel also influenced some historians like Friedrich Creuzer, Joseph Görres and Carl Ritter, who wrote history books that laid more emphasis on India than usual. Helena Blavatsky moved to India in 1879, and her Theosophical Society, founded in New York in 1875, evolved into a peculiar mixture of western occultism and Hindu mysticism over the last years of her life. Hinduism-inspired elements in Theosophy were also inherited by the spin-off movements of Ariosophy and Anthroposophy and ultimately contributed to the renewed New Age boom of the 1960s to 1980s, the term New Age itself deriving from Blavatsky's 1888 The Secret Doctrine. 5.But who needs nostalgia....the present tells a different story....."COMMONWEALTH GAMES IN DANGER"..on which we shall continue....with our typical childish attitude and insults and frustration!
  5. Devil's Advocate: Kalmadi denies ego fight in Games madman singing ...do watch it!
  6. mr thatnotmypuppy your ass stinks!!!!!hehehe with love, Dr baton sent
  7. I shall post what is true....unedited and not at all nationalistic........the both sides of the games.........
  8. i don't think so........he appears to be a great guy here.....don't know about others...but i appreciate his contributions a lot! and to Indian guys here.........have some patience.......this is not the way.........if some one provokes you....just ignore............or pass a funny comment rather than some strong and poisonous ones!
  9. + India seeks UK help for foolproof security Security of nearly 8,000 athletes who will be here for the Commonwealth Games 2010 is a primary concern for the authorities making preparations for the mega sporting event being hosted by India. New Delhi has sought the assistance of Britain and other major world powers in sharing their experiences with India for providing foolproof security to the athletes. According to high-placed sources, India and Britain are discussing security preparedness of the Indian agencies in eliminating any possible terrorist threat during the games. Particular emphasis was being laid on ensuring security of the mass rapid transit system (MRTS), particularly the metro rail service. The counter-terrorism cooperation between the two countries figured prominently in discussions between British Metropolitan Commissioner Paul Stephenson and his Indian interlocutors during his stay in Mumbai and Delhi. Stephenson had yesterday met Delhi Police Commissioner YS Dadwal. The sources said Britain was sharing with India the security measures it had put in place after the audacious 2005 tube train terrorist attacks in London in July 2005. London also wanted to know from India the measures that it was taking for the safety of the athletes. Britain will be sending a large contingent for the games. Britain also is facing a situation somewhat similar to the challenge that India faces since the 2012 Olympics are to be held in London. The sources disclosed that during his talks with Indian security experts, Stephenson told them in detail about Britain’s ‘Operation Overt’, a conspiracy to commit mass murder by using improvised explosive devices on transatlantic airliners. It was one of the largest investigations the British authorities had dealt with till date. Triggered by the arrest of a suspect in Pakistan, the British authorities made 24 arrests in August 2006, 17 of which were charged with a total of 30 offences. Enquiries were undertaken in the US, South Africa, Mauritius and Belgium. He impressed upon the Indian authorities that good working relationship among international security agencies was now more vital than ever in meeting the threat of terrorism, which was a menace that has now engulfed almost the entire globe. +
  10. the girl is in her orgasm this time..........orgasm of national hatred and envy and frustration.......
  11. Please don;t make a joke of this thread or i'll make you a joke...a big joke!
  12. Commonwealth Games an opportunity to present India as a unique tourism destination: Selja ► Retweet by ANI on November 12, 2009 Source: Commonwealth Games an opportunity to present India as a unique tourism destination: Selja London, Nov 12 (ANI): Union Tourism Minister Kumari Selja said on Thursday that the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Delhi provides an opportunity to India to emerge as a unique and hospitable tourism destination. Addressing the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) summit here, Selja said: “The Commonwealth Games have given an opportunity for showcasing India as a unique and hospitable tourism destination. It is expected that a large number of tourists would visit the country next year, bringing back the buoyancy in the sector.” She said, her ministry has been working towards developing adequate accommodation, sprucing up the tourism infrastructure and enhancing the quality of hospitality related services to make the visit a truly pleasurable and enriching experience for visitors during and after the CWG-2010. “The goodwill generated through the successful organization of this mega sporting event would enable a sustainable growth of tourism sector,” Selja added. The minister expressed concern about the recession’s cascading effect on the tourism sector. She also highlighted major initiatives undertaken by India to meet these challenges. Selja said promotional efforts in key source markets have been enhanced through important global events, road shows and outdoor advertising [^] campaigns. “India is also making conscious efforts to develop emerging short and medium haul markets and for this, development and promotion of the Buddhist circuits is carried out,” she said. (ANI) Source: Commonwealth Games an opportunity to present India as a unique tourism destination: Selja
  13. hey...don;t do this dude..these people are just dogs barking..ignore them..i m listening you..!!!!!!!
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