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  1. In my opinion Delhi was biggest success in the history of games.
  2. We Indians are not going to die if certain mr bolt do not participate in the Delhi Commonwealth Games, 2010. If he consider himself bigger than the sport itself he is not required here. We are not going to beg his presence in the games.
  3. All the new stadia which have come up in the recent past show that India has it own way of working with the things and those means are no way lesser than the rest of the world and these pictures being shown here and elsewhere and the gound realities assure me that DELHI 2010 is going to be eye opener for may in the world. We will definitely put up a great great show.
  4. This situation being created by the MCD and DELHI GOVT is being perceived by the whole world as one big family at war with each other. How can one get a positive message from this. What was Mayor of Delhi trying to say whether these sites are not under his jurisdiction ? Whether it was not his duty to check every possible area for prevention of breeding of mosquitoes. Why he singled out the CWG venues to point out. Mosquito breding might have found at so may other places also which has not been mentioned. Is CWG 2010 is going to be played between Congress and BJP ? Only this attitude of our authorities gives others a chance to attack our preparedness about the games. Some NOC or anybody else will pick this and make unnecessary halla gulla about mosquitoe breeding at CWG venues. Our Mayor should have avoided this piece of information spcifying CWG venues.
  5. This is the real potential of the games. If we are able to host sucessfull games at Delhi in 2010, we shall be able to tap so many big opportunies in the world of business, politics, fianance, culture and so on and on and on. We must let the organisers keep their focus on the main aim of organizing a successful games. For this very purpose it is very important that we criticise in a positive way. We must show our concern towards CWG 2010 but we should not spoil the mood or focus of the person who is working round the clock for achieving that goal of orgainzing a successful games in Delhi in 2010. We have broken their sleeps and now keep them awake and let them work. My sincere thanks to all those foreighn bloggers who have expressed their positive views towards India and those who have expressed their confidence in our capabilities. One must not consider our great country INDIA any inferior to anybody whatsoever (forget about china). We are providing solutions to the problems of the world now a days and we shall definitely overcome our shortcomings also in the most special indian way and the whole world will admire us for that. Let the CWG 2010 happen here the whole world will remain here to salute my great country. We will difinitely do well despite all the negative campaigning going on and with whatever positive comments coming our way.
  6. Not exactly everybody who is criticising our preparation for the games is doing it with negative mind. But if you go thourgh the thread you will definitely find so many of them who are there with a negative agenda right from the word go. It is not for you people specially.
  7. yashchauhan I have started a thread regarding our preparation for the actual games in which are atheletes are to take part which according to me is being neglected due all the hoopla over the under preaparedness of our venues and other facilities. Lest we neglect that aspect of the preparedness. Please contribute there also because indians who understand the situation on ground should participate in the discussion as much as possible to negate the negative mindset of other participants who have nowhere connected with India.
  8. We will definitely cross the bridge when it comes. We will deliver the best ever games for sure. It does not matter whether you people consider our efforts serious or not. What was the thinking all this people with negative minds ? Our govt will definitely realease more funds when needed. Anyway they also have realized that the things are on right track. Positivity in any form should be welcomed
  9. Thanks Yashchauhan. But I still think that if we start concentrating hard on the work on our hand, we can still deliver it in a big way. But still we are in a very dangerous situation. Even if Rahul comes in to fray we can manage without sonia or anybody else. Remember the role Rajiv Gandhi played in Asiad 1982.
  10. Apart from new pictures of under construction stadiums we can also discuss some other under construction facilities for the commonwealth games 2010. Please also let me know do you really think that we have a great danger of having under prepared stadium or does it make any big differecne if the JLN is ready in March, 2010 instead of Dec 2009 ?
  11. Dear yashchauhan do you have some lates pictures of under construction national stadium and shivaji stadium apart from yamuna vellodrum ?
  12. What is this happening ? Somebody expressed his or her happiness over more indians joining in the discussion and I am seeing a complete lull ever since. Where are all the participants gone ? Come on lets have some fruitful discussion over the commonwealth games 2010. For example is there anybody who can discuss under preparedness of China before Olympics there ? :
  13. I fully agree with you. But I hope that they have planned it also in a big way.
  14. I have seen the progress of these venues for some time now. Our main stadium is being refurbished ony (JLN Stadium), Two new stadiums being buits new are almost ready ( Thyagaraja Stadium & Talkatora), games village is almost ready too. you must not think that there is same set of managers, contractors and workers who is going to work on the remaining site. Each site is being developed by a separate team of managers, contractors and workers and there in no dirth of skilled and unskilled labour and workforce in India. The task is worrisome but not impossible. Reason of my confidence is that I live in Delhi itself and I have seen Metro lines getting complete before time every time.
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