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  1. Hello, Do you mind sharing the contact info for Mars and GE? I have two of the GE sport pins and I am trying to complete the 6 pin set. Thanks
  2. Bob, when are you volunteering at the Coca-Cola Pin Trading outlet?
  3. I got mine right on the 24th. Purolator called (they didn't bother to try to deliver them ) and asked me to come pick them up. Now I have them but considering the handling fees paid, the service should have been better.
  4. Wrote City of Vancouver to ask for a pin and I received a very nice letter saying that I should keep the hope up and visit their website to learn more about the celebrations...
  5. Nice idea you gave me SkiFreak! Went to the local Value Village and found a silver bid pin for $0.69!
  6. Does anyone have an inside into how to get the pins that Wrigley has issued? I think there are three of them, at least according to what I see on ebay.
  7. They don't have a public schedule; they announce the next date during the news hour. You can see some of the pins on ebay or on their website (only pictures). The pins are very nice, some of the nicer ones issued for these Olympics.
  8. I don't understand why they are being difficult about it. If I deposit a US $ cheque into my bank, they will accept it and then adjust my account balance once they make the conversion. Not sure how I can help you.
  9. Victor, send them a cheques for EUR 5, I am sure they will be fine with it.
  10. Thanks Bob. This means that I will not be able to get one
  11. Does anyone know where CTV will be giving out their next pin? It was anounced last night on their news but I missed the part where they mention the location. The next pin I belive it will feature a snowboarder.
  12. It seems that the topic is sleeping these days so I thought I would share with you all that I receibed 3 pins from the Swiss NOC and also a stunning Atos Origin pin (very limited edition according to various sources) celebrating "100 days to go" until the Olympics.
  13. Went to the store today and not coke relay pins as of yet . I saw the monthly pin on display. Received a pin from Teck yesterday and I must say it is stunning. And a few No replies from Tickets.com, BC Hydro, RBC Insurance and CoSport. Good luck everyone!
  14. I just came from the Olympic Store in The Bay and I saw a few Happiness Cafe pins but no Coke Relay pins.
  15. Got pins from Rona and GM Canada. This week is looking good
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