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  1. Haha yeah, you may recall during Seven's pre-ceremony coverage they interview John Farnham. He mentions that Olivia slipped during the rehearsals.
  2. Totally agree. The way I see it is, these are still the 2020 Games (or the 2020 edition of the Games). They just happen to be taking place in 2021. It's not like they are suddenly adding Games to random years.
  3. Very true. That and they've probably changed their logo enough times as it is!! Funny how they can move an entire Olympic Games a whole year - such a logistical nightmare even the IOC probably haven't fully got their heads around yet - yet they can't change one digit.. hehe While it is certainly not the most devastating thing happening in the world right now, it sure is sad to see such a previously unimaginable new "first" for the Olympics. Isn't it weird that these are the Games where the logo had to be changed, then the Olympic Stadium design. Now this. And of course the Torch Rel
  4. Not the bid video but actually the Sydney Olympic Broadcasting Organisation (SOBO) opening titles. It seems to be a pretty standard practice for some broadcasters to use an edited version of the host broadcaster graphics instead of something completely custom. I know Seven Australia took a similar approach in 1996 and I seem to remember someone else doing the same in 2004. Pretty sure it happens every Games.
  5. Ikarus360, clear your messages And to anyone else please private message me to keep requests out of this thread.
  6. I've got the international versions of the Sydney 2000 Opening and the Atlanta 1996 Opening & Closing in high quality. Youtube rejects them every time due to copyright claims of certain segments (the Sydney cauldron lighting in particular). But if anyone wants them, PM me.
  7. No worries Yes it was the most amazing time! Not sure how much I will put up on YouTube at this stage as I do have quite a large collection, but I've just added some September 15th stuff.
  8. As tomorrow marks the 15th anniversary (gosh!) of the Sydney 2000 Opening Ceremony, I have uploaded Channel 7's broadcast of "Olympic Eve" from the night before the Games, when the Olympic Torch reached the Olympic City. There are a few ceremony-related things throughout and I'm sure the whole thing will be of interest to many of you: https://youtu.be/TY8r0ZR0WhI I'll be uploading more Sydney related videos in the days to come which I won't be posting here, so subscribe to my channel if you're interested.
  9. My personal view of the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Closing Ceremony: https://youtu.be/IwN2Q9nlZVY
  10. Seven Australia's coverage of the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Closing Ceremony:
  11. Barcelona 1992 Olympic Closing Ceremony - RTO international feed:
  12. I agree, the miming issue in Beijing was both weird and very sad. Whether it was right or wrong, I guess it comes down to a difference in culture. Arguably acceptable over there, totally unacceptable in "western" society. And considering an Olympic Ceremony is to a degree a global advertising campaign for the host city, it would be kinda stupid to do anything that your target audience would find disturbing. In this case though, we were never meant to know about it!
  13. Ah so that explains it, Baron! I might have known!! Actually the 1996 Closing is one of my sentimental favourites. Probably because it was the first ceremony I recorded and therefore watched to death over the next four years.. plus the handover to Sydney. Was exciting for this Aussie at the time and brings back lots of memories Anyway I don't have a problem with miming, as a musician myself I can understand the reasons behind it when in that sort of environment. Was just mentioning how little effort Al Greene and BB King put into making sure they remembered to do the "ad-libs" they decided
  14. You got the impression through Seven's marketing and presentation that they considered the Olympics to be something special, the biggest and best even in the world. In the lead up to Sydney 2000 - and beyond - they obviously invested a lot in their Olympic brand. Nine pretty much treated the Vancouver and London Games like just another big sporting event on their schedule. That's the main difference between the two, in my opinion. Every Games, Seven copped a lot of criticism for various reasons - too many ads, saying an event was live when it was actually slightly delayed etc etc. Valid argum
  15. One of the more major and painfully obvious mistakes was during the Atlanta 1996 Closing Ceremony, when the athletes were let out onto the field too early (during the "Summon the Heroes" pyrotechnics display). The sound guys and stagehands were left scrambling, causing the concert artists to do a sound check in the minutes after the fireworks had concluded. So painful to watch it's awesome!!! The earlier miming (lip-syncing) of BB King and Al Green were also probably the worst miming attempts in Olympic history LOL. A close second would be Bryan Adams in Vancouver 2010 Opening (he forgets to
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