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  1. oooooooooooooo. My gut feeling told me probably something from an Istanbul bid, but ok. Still looks neat!
  2. btw, there's a Facebook group of supporters, with over 2,000 members.
  3. So it looked realistic to me (sorry, my Australian geography's rather rusty so I wouldn't know otherwise), until I saw that the "movement" was started by 2 radio DJ's. If your DJ's in Australia are anything like they are here in the States they're pretty well known for practical jokes and the like. Then I did some research and found that Hobart's population is only about 209,000, roughly 100,000 smaller than Antwerp's (smallest host city ever) in the 1920's. I have to say though, this stadium looks pretty cool, but I have a strange feeling I've seen it before.
  4. I love how the lady in the first part has to stop and ask someone for the lyrics. And then the guy with the awful hair in the second part is pretty much making up his own melody. It's a good thing I'm not Canadian or I'd be so pissed! (Then again, I find Roseanne's "Star Spangled Banner" quite funny.)
  5. Turkey would make a fine host for Euro 2016 I think.
  6. omg, when I first saw that I thought it was dust & debris from some sort of demolition. I was thinking "No!!!!!!! Don't tear it down!!!!"
  7. Oh, and you're going to the Peach Drop? Lame. It's a just a huge piece of plastic, and they usually have some local celebrity push the button to make it drop, and when I say celebrity I mean like the weather girl on channel 11. I watched it on TV once, years ago (I think that was the first year they had it, but I don't remember) and have ignored it ever since.
  8. MARTA is frikin useless!!! There's two lines, one goes up & down, the other goes left & right. The former has a little branch that goes north-east, which is very simple but confuses the heck out of all the idiots that ride it (except for me of course ) As Lewis Black put it when he did a show down here a while ago, it's the "subway to no where!" Oh, and don't even bother with the busses, unless you don't mind pan-handlers or being late. With all the problems MARTA has, you think our state legislature would allow them more money, or at least its access to its own reserves, but no! Unfortunately, MARTA is yet another victim in the struggle between progressive-minded Atlanta and the good-ole boy politics that basically run the state of Georgia. You'll have state senator Bubba Joe Dumb-f*&@ from hickville with his argument "My constituents' tax dollars should not have to fund something they's not never gonna use." Well gee, first you should be surprised he knows a big word like "constituent," second why should my tax dollars fund some brand new 4-lane highway that only 4 cars are going to use out on Mt. Redneck?! Sorry, rant over. Anywho, if you want to catch any ramnents of our city's Olympic glory, the only thing really worth seeing is Cenntennial Park. It's very nice, especially this time of year with the Christmas light displays they do. You'll want to get off MARTA at either Peachtree Center or the Georgia Dome (be prepared to walk a significant distance though.) Conveniently located around the park are the other major tourist attractions: Georgia Aquairum, CNN Center, and World of Coca-Cola (and the Tabernacle is like a block away. There's good shows there...sometimes.) It's a nice little area for tourists so they don't have to wonder around the city, which you don't want to do unless you know where you're going. One of the exhibits in the Coke museum has some Olympic memorobilia you might like to check out as well. There's a case with Olympic torches from each recent edition of the Olympics since Lillehammer. Sergei Bubka was on hand at a special little ceremony there (which I missed ) where he donated a torch from the Beijing torch relay to Coca-Cola. Aside from that, the Olympic cauldron is still around. It's not in the original spot, but it's errected down the street from Turner Field, the former Olympic stadium. MARTA doesn't go anywhere near there. Well, the busses might (idk, I don't ride them) but the closest train station is Georgia State station, but again be prepared to walk a long way. You can see it from the interstate, or you can drive right past it on Fulton Street en route to Turner Field or the zoo. It's not really something you visit; it's just kinda there, along with the bridge that connected the Olympic stadium with Fulton County Stadium (which is now a parking lot, btw. You can see the spot where the ball from Hank Aaron's historic home run landed in the stands...which is now a parking lot. Gotta love how Atlanta history is preserved.) As baron mentioned, there was a special exhibit about the Atlanta Olympics that opened for the 10th anniversary over at the Atlanta History Center in Buckhead, but I didn't know it was still there.
  9. Not bad choices, although I really doubt New York will bid again, and Istanbul has pretty stiff competition in Europe, but those are completely different, and lengthy, discussions.
  10. Most Carribbean countries are too small to host something like the PanAms, though I'd probably say the Bahamas or Barbados. The latter is pretty stable, with the 3rd highest HDI in the western hemisphere, however the largest city, Bridgetown (also the capital) has less than 100,000 people. Plus they don't have much of a sports legacy (only 10 Pan American medals, 11 Commonwealth medals, and 1 Olympic medal) Bahamas could be a little more realistic; Nassau has about 260,000 and they do a little better in competition. However, the best bet I think would be San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  11. Jamaica?!?!? Are you kidding? Sure, they make loads of money on tourism, but much of the country, mainly the interior, is still dirt poor. There's also some serious human rights issues. Being openly gay there is a huge no no, for example.
  12. Why thank you! It's nice to see some people up for reasonable, relevant exchange of ideas. I was commenting on the existence of periphery in developed and semi-periphery countries. It was you davidm who decided to take a cheap shot at Atlanta.
  13. But like China, their economy is growing. Parts of both countries may still be poor, but that's almost a given with countries so huge. Even here in the USA, there are some places with crappy living conditions such as the Deep South. As for the slums, well, the Rio organizers were smart enough to keep the games far away from those areas and in the wealthier areas with living conditions on par with western Europe.
  14. NBC streamed the OBS feed via its Olympic web-site during Beijing, so maybe here too? I guess we'll see...
  15. I couldn't find anything on NBC Olympics or NBC Sports about the Youth Olympics, so I'm guessing as of right now NBC (which has broadcast rights for the Olympics in the USA) isn't planning on covering them. The NBC Olympics web-site is dedicated entirely to Vancouver at the moment, so maybe after those games are over we'll find out if they're planning on covering Singapore or not. ESPN might talk about any significant stories from the games, as they usually do with every Olympics, but they don't have broadcast rights.
  16. I heard a while back that Tonga was going to try to train someone to compete in luge (or maybe skeleton) and they would spend most of the fall & winter training in Germany, however last I heard virtually no one was interested. Anyone hear anything more on that?
  17. The color scheme for the women's outfit looks like a Starburst wrapper. Otherwise I guess they're ok.
  18. Technically, Hawaii is not North America, but a part of Oceania. If New Caledonia ever becomes independent and gets an NOC, the Noumea would be a remote possibility as well.
  19. I'm just baffled as to how the cauldron is going to work out with the ceremony being indoors, but I guess that's a good reason to tune in on Feb. 12. Also, as many others have mentioned on this thread, how the cauldron was "lit" in Torino was very disappointing. I remember watching it, I just thought "Oh my gosh, you gotta be kidding me."
  20. New Caledonia does have an Olympic flag. Politically, the French flag is their national flag. The government has it's own official flag, and there is another flag of the pro-independence movement that is unofficial. New Caledonia Olympic flag Pro-independence flag, would probably be national flag if independent.
  21. Israel was actually not happy about this to begin with, and some politicians even talked about boycotting the Atlanta games (which was Palestine's Olympic debut) but they eventually grew to be ok with it.
  22. On a random note, I heard Alaska actually tried to have an Olympic team at one point in the 1950's. They were unable to send anyone to Melbourne 1956, and by the time the next games rolled around they had become a state. I don't know how true that is, but I guess it's kinda funny.
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