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  1. It's kinda odd they would pick Nanjing to host right after Singapore (and only six years after Beijing's Olympics) but then again the IOC didn't have much choices since so many cities opted out of bidding or canceled their bids (one not too long ago.) The bid for the 2018 edition should be interesting, after the world sees if the youth games are a hit or a miss.

    Good luck Nanjing! smile.gif

  2. biggrin.gif I would estimate V.Putin's influence as a half-a-dozen votes or so. Of course it was decisive given the closeness of the final result, but the statement above is definitely far from reality smile.gif

    Plus keep in mind he was clearly unable to save Moscow's 2012 bid, which had nothing going for it either and in the end finished dead last in the voting.

  3. In his address at the closing ceremony, Juan Antonio Samaranch, president of the IOC, named the Lillehammer games "the best winter games ever", a characterization that has yet to be repeated concerning any winter games. In his address at the opening ceremony, Samaranch recalled Sarajevo and its 1984 Winter Olympic Games, at the time in the midst of Yugoslav war of 1991-1995, with an emotive message: "Our message is stronger than ever: Please stop the fighting. Stop the killing. Drop your guns." The composition of the Bosnia and Herzegovina four-man bob team was one Croat, two Bosniaks and a Serb, mirroring the ethnic diversity of the country.

    I just realized that the OC will be on the one month anniversary of the Haitian eathquake. Given that, they'd probably be insensitive to not say a word in memorium.

  4. I think Canada's going to win gold, both men & women. I think probably Russia & Finland will duke it out for the men's silver and bronze, and for the women it'll be between USA and Sweden. I don't really follow hockey so these are just hunches. I'll be rooting for China on the women's side, simply b/c sometimes I enjoy rooting for the under-dogs that have no chance. tongue.gif

  5. They should be in French and English, and only written once if they are spelt the same.

    I imagine the order will be based on the English spelling, though in the past French has been considered the language of diplomacy.

    I am hoping for LCD screen placards :-) They could display the spelling in both languages separately and incorporate some sort of splash graphics.

    My favourite placards were the 3D cylinders from Barcelona.

    The ones from Sydney and Nagano were boring.

    Athens ones were hard to read. Beijing was nice, but text got kinda small.

    Remember the Albertville ones?

    I wish for Athens and Beijing they just left the signs in only Greek and only Chinese respectively. It'd be more reflective of the host country's culture, plus having 3 languages on on sign is just too much, especially for the countries that have to have the really long names like Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia or United States of America.

    I really like your LCD idea! Have the name in English *splash effect* name in French. Maybe do another spalsh effect and then show the outline of the country, although that probably wouldn't work for countries with disputed borders like India and Pakistan. It wouldn't work really well for Oceanian countries that have a bigillion little islands, but none of them are going to be in the winter Olympics anyway. tongue.gif

  6. they just buy their athletes anyway.

    They should try to buy the games like they do their athletes. It wouldn't be unprecedanted. laugh.gif

    But yeah, while there are pros ($$$) and cons (weather, sports tradition, etc.) to Doha's bid, it does all boil down to politics regarding the Middle East.

  7. I think Montevideo, Uruguay would be perfect for the '19Games.

    "According to Transparency International, Uruguay is rated as the least corrupt country in Latin America (along with Chile),[6] with its political and labor conditions being among the freest on the continent."

    "Uruguay is one of the most economically developed countries in South America, with a high GDP per capita and the 47th highest quality of life in the world"


    Reminds of Rio..

    This first picture looks very Greek to me, like something on Santorini or Mykonos.

  8. Doha got a screw job, they were reasonably capable. They scored higher than Rio

    Totaly! I know the time of year was a problem for the IOC, but surely they could work around that in order to get more favorable weather like they did with Sydney. Doha was probably more capable of hosting the Olympics than Qatar is hosting the World Cup, I'd venture to say.

  9. As I've said before, if cities waited until absolutely every financial, organizational, and social problem was solved before bidding for an Olympics, then there'd be no Olympics. City governments are always going to have a bunch of problems on their hands; that's a part of life.

    Canada is one of the best countries in the world to live in with one of the highest HDI's. I'm sure the Vancouver games will be splendid! smile.gif

  10. 95% would be generous. I suggest under 99%!

    I wonder what UK % could tell you where the Winter Olympics are being held this February. Under 20%?

    I think it's probably the same to some extent here in the States, though probably not as low since we do much better than you Brits. Although, I'd venture to say that a lot of Americans don't care so much about that, rather that the USA kicks ass.

    My mother thought they were going to be in London. laugh.gif No, that's the next summer games. There's a summer games and a winter games. I also had to explain to back in October when Rio won its bid that they pick the host city 7 years in advance.

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  11. MARTA isn't terribly bad if you live right near the station

    True, but most people don't, and therein lies the problem. lol.

    Yes, ACOG was smart enough to put a lot of the venues near MARTA, such as at Georgia Tech, Georgia State University (my alma mater) and the made great use out of the Georgia Dome/World Congress Center complex. As far as how crowded each line was during the games, I have no idea, but it would make sense for the north/south line to be more crowded since there are lots of hotels along that line. The east/west line, well, aside from the part that goes from Five Points to the Georgia Dome (which is only 3 stops) no one really likes it. It's just.....yeah. I don't know how to explain it. Remember the crazy "Soulja girl"? I'm pretty sure that was some where on the east/west line.

  12. We wish to commend the bright minds and organizers who will lead the efforts to bring the Olympic Games to Tulsa and Bentonville. Inspired by Atlanta’s 1996 bid, they have sailed on the reed of “Tulsa has the same number of people as Atlanta,” which is a fine argument. If you ignore the 2 million people who were living in Atlanta’s suburbs in 1989, the presence of three major league teams, the busiest airport in the world, an international network, and the headquarters of ten of the world’s 100 largest corporations including Delta, Coke, and RJR, yeah, Tulsa is just like Atlanta.

    Zing! Couldn't have said it better myself. Eat it Tulsa!

    Also, I love how the first story on that page was about steroids. I'm sure that falls neatly in line with the IOC's campaign against doping. ;)

  13. If MARTA is so damn bad, makes one wonder how in the world was it ever suitable as part of an Olympic bid.

    Apparently, Delta, Coca-cola, Home Depot, Ted Turner, Hometown of MLK (African American Olympics) & the afterglow of Los Angeles 1984, Athens just wasn't ready & was quite arrogant anyway, etc, overshadowed anything else.

    Bingo! :)

    Remember, sub-par transportation was a gripe of many who visited the city during the Olympics. The political cartoonist for our local newspaper did a nice cartoon where there's angry people on a bus ranting stuff like "THis is the worst Olympics ever!!" and "What a shame for the world to see!!" and the poor bus driver, "but I said I was sorry I missed that turn." I know that's a little over-simplified, but it's still funny and true. :lol:

  14. Kuala Lumpur vs. Buenos Aires. Hmmmmmm

    Common sense would tell me since nearby Singapore hosted a session in 2005 that would hurt Kuala Lumpur, but with Guatemala City holding a session in 2007 and now Rio holding the games (and consequently a session as well) in 2016 then that might hurt Buenos Aires as well? I don't know. Since Malaysia is a largelt Muslim country, awarding them an IOC session might be a good way of reaching out to Muslims, since the games will probably never go to Doha or Dubai (Istanbul was the last predominately Muslim host of an IOC session back in 1987. Tehran and Cairo are the only other two.)

    Could be any body's game, of course I'm not 100% sure how this bid process works out.

  15. hey guys, I'm one of 'those crazy Radio DJs' who started the bid, and although it did start off as a bit off a joke, the support and momentum we have received for it has mad us take it as more of a serious bid! Do we have a massive struggle and campaign on our hands? Yes. Will we succeed? More than likely no. Will we try our asses off and get Hobart recognised for more than a backwater town we are perceived as? Absolutely!

    Laugh and scoff all you want, because we are going all the way with this you can count on that!

    And FYI: Yes we 'borrowed' the design for the stadium but we are getting original ones drawn up...

    AND for others references, we haven't made up the quotes on the website, we do have the full support of the people mentioned

    Well, I guess where there's a will there's a way. I'd take Hobart over Tulsa or Birmingham any day. I'll become one of your supporters on Facebook. Best of luck to you! :)

  16. I don't quite understand. Why are they protesting? Canada is one of the best countries in the world to live in (#4 HDI.) Sure, Canada must have some problems (all countries do) but I just don't see what's so bad these people feel they have to disrupt one of the country's proud moments. Perhaps they got too many wild ideas from the Beijing torch protests? I don't in any way condone those either, but it would make more sense to protest China with all the human rights violations and media censorship. Canada is like infinitely better though! I mean, they have clean air, thousands of acres of unspoiled natural beauty, same-sex marraige/equal rights for gays, freedom of speech & religion, and health care for every citizen.

    It just boggles my mind why some people still feel the need to stage aggressive protests.

  17. All jokes aside, Hobart actually has a very positive selling point. The environment.

    While technically any bid would hardly stack up, any bid team wouldn't find it hard to sell its sustainability case in, arguably, one of most untouched and isolated parts of the world.

    That's actually a very valid point! I wonder how much Olympic development would tear that up though...

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