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  1. I just heard from YVR that they are not giving out pins anymore. I got 2 from them a while back. I have never gotten a pin from Rona and I have tried emailing and calling everyone I can find on their website.
  2. Hello All, Thanks for the help with all the pins. I have been successful at some and others not so much. I would love to know from everyone how you got your BELL pins and who you wrote to or spoke too? I have tried calling and emailing the company many times to no avail. I keep hearing its the easiest company to get pins from yet I have been trying for 5 months and have not received one. Thanks so much!
  3. Did you get a response via email from Millenium Water or Garret or did you just receive pins in the mail?
  4. I was told my Transword Canada, Sportsnet, BCLC, and GM that they are only sending pins to Canadians. When you write letters do you send a self addresses envelope?
  5. Most places have told me they will not give out pins to Non-canadian residents. I have received several "no's" from BCLC. What email did you use for them? I requested a millennium pin but I have heard nothing back. A few other companies (GM, Trans Canada) said they are only sending pins to Canadian residents. I understand this, but still there are lots of people around the world who want to share in the fun of pin trading. Any suggestions on how I can work around this?
  6. Can I ask a question. Do all or most of you live in Canada? I live in NY and I am hoping that some of the sponsers will send me pins even though I am outside Canada. Also, what is the email for RBC and BCLC?? I have tried every email on their sites over 4 months ago and got nothing. Just wanted to know if there were specific emails. Thanks.
  7. Can someone tell me the email address for BCLC? I have searched thru the website but I can't find anything. Thanks.
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