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  1. Does anyone know if buses are running later during the Olympics? (as well as Skytrain?)
  2. Olympic Superstore will have them in this week. Please call ahead.
  3. The Olympic Superstore usually has everything but sells out the fastest, so do keep that in mind. The superstore is finished with some small additions.
  4. Everyone can have their own opinion and speak it anyway they wish. But honestly I see and hear these protesters swearing in front of children and really bringing out the wrong messages. It's too bad that they're getting bad reviews right now because if a you live in Canada you know that protest here are pretty weak compared to any others. I wish I could tell them that people would listen to them more if they showed some respect to others.
  5. The coke relay pins are late D: phone ahead to reserve (max 4 per customer). They should be in tuesday. The monthly pin (mascot birthday) will be in sunday!
  6. The only one I saw left is the one without the opening date. There WILL be ANOTHER a new COKE pin OCTOBER 30TH at the Olympic superstore. Flyers have been handed out for two days now, I do not know what the pin will be or will look like. Likely something to do with the torch relay.
  7. right... they are already released. What's your point?
  8. New coca cola cafe/happiness cafe pins are in the Vancouver 2010 Superstore/The bay Downtown. They're quite nice and are running out quickly~! Limited amounts.
  9. I got my new CTV pin. I'm still having a rough time finding all the mascot pins I'm looking for though. If anyone has mascot traders let me know :3
  10. I know some Coke people will be in the superstore prior to opening, I'll see what they have to say about any coke pins :'D
  11. Hey there Pin traders! It's getting pretty exciting here at the Olympic Superstore. I'm waiting patiently every day for the Mascot torch relay pins to arrive. :'D Other than that, grab your Monthly pin quick as I see they're slowly running out. I've also noticed Hudson House in Gastown has some retail pins I couldn't find anywhere else. G'luck~
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