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  1. What a nonsense article..... How can the author compare the Athens and Beijing legacies. It it not possible to compare the posterior use of Olympic venues? if Beijing olympic period is not finished yet, they are already in use because of the paraolympics. What a crap is that. It its possible to compare past olympics, as Athens with Sidney, maybe the best, or Atlanta, the worst Games ever held. All of them "small" cities. Even Barcelona, that can be considered as the best example of how Olympics has a positive effect in the city and country. is smaller than Athens. And there were several venues not in use for several years, as the Montjuic Olympic Stadium. I havea my comparison, mi personal comparison. I did not like Beijing Olympics, Why? They were good regarding to sport results, lot of records, heroes.... But no soul, cold even frozen atmosphere in almost are venues, unless chinese athletes were in competition, and it was evident even by tv. That plenty on events were not as interesting and full of emotion as in Athens were. I think that Athens were full of great moments which were supported by greek people. Chinese were correct, but without soul.
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