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  1. Thank you guys for the help! Thats a great shot. The image on the hanging screen I remember-it was of the cauldrons at Bergisel. way cool....!!!
  2. Greetings from Alaska again. I've been an Olympics nut for a long time and especially love the ceremonies. My favorite games of all time was Innsbruck in 76- this was the 1st one I really followed (and developed my first "celebrity crush" with Dorothy Hamill ) I was inquiring about footage from the closing ceremony- video footage specifically. I was always fascinated with the two cauldrons and how dramatically they went out. Is there footage of it anywhwere out there? I grew up with Jim McKay and ABC's coverage....pure greatness of memories for me....would appreciate any help with all this.....Cheers to all in the coming year!!!!
  3. This might answer your question.... ( this was dated Jan. 10th of this year)
  4. Newbie from Alaska (NO, I cannot see Russia from my house!) ....Olympic greetings to one and all. Had a goofy idea about the Cauldron. I say that the entire inside rim of the roof of the main stadium is lit (a ring of fire) and the WHOLE stadium becomes THE cauldron....huh??!!!! Maybe they should do what Los Angeles did and re-use the cauldron London used for the games of '48...,.
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