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  1. Why would it be confidential? It has been reported at various time in both the Province, the Sun and all free newspapers for the last two years.
  2. here is a youtube video showing the 94 Victoria Commonwealth games race walker event...the volunteer uniform is peppered throughout. Look for people with yellow tshirts and bright teal and purple track suits. Its probably the reason why Vancouver went conservative for the Olympics! LOL
  3. I will be an OFA during the olympics and all 430 of us will be assigned an Olympic family member (IOC, VANOC, NOCs, valued sponsors)...the main hotel is the Westin...the secondary hotels are Delta Pinnacle and the Rennaissance.
  4. Thanks Lehari...here is a little story about how conservative we are here in Vancouver and Canada: When I volunteered at the 1994 Victoria Commonwealth games and we were given a very colourful uniform. It was electric teal blue/green, bright yellow and purple track suit with yellow t shirt, teal hat, fanny pack and a few other things. We stood out so much but looked good! All volunteers got stopped for their uniforms and I had many want to buy it off my back. The problem was, where do you wear it after the games? The closing ceremony had tons of volunteers walk into the stadium wearing the outfit. It was so bright that we dulled all the colours of all the national teams. But after the games, no one wore a single thing out. It just stood out too much for most of our tastes. You cant even find pics of it on the internet! LOL I will try to send pics...it was a nice uniform but now its in a box up in the attic.
  5. I totally agree with this article...First Nations people have been victimized for far too long. Any foreigner that is commenting on here and has never even been to Canada or even experienced a First Nation reserve should really not be talking. The reason for including many elements of First Nations culture into the Olympics are nicely explained in this opinion piece. while I do agree that EVERYONE should be given a fair shake at contributing to all aspects of this Olympics and to Canadian culture, the four First Nations cultures are so regional and identifiable with southwest BC that it would be insane not to include it in the design. And may i say that the olympic logo was actually designed by two Mexican graphic designers now living in Vancouver!! Hell, our current national bank notes were designed by a famed Mexican currency/graphic artist now living in Canada! There are plenty of opportunities to shine here in Canada for all of us, regardless of First Nation status. Rachel Marsden's credibility in this city was destroyed twice by her antics back the late 90's. She literally destroyed two lives in the inferno that she created in our legal system. No wonder she doesn't live here anymore.
  6. For all of you out there, here is an interesting article that was published in the Vancouver Sun today...it makes some very good points. http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/2010win...9501/story.html
  7. True...Olympian...you said it well. We Canadians are known to be hyper critical of our own things...the goal is really the athletes and making sure they have a safe, well planned and executed olympics. PS...I like your new Munich olympic 2018 bid logo but I thought the first one was really great! Nice stories behind each...too bad you can view the links any more. TTFN
  8. Please folks, lets not take things personally...the clothing reflects regional tastes...and its great that people all over liked their own olympics uniforms. And yes, its great to get lots of stuff...but our olympics is dealing with trying to keep costs down...we are lucky that we are getting what we are. The goal here is the athletes and not the uniforms, or how fantastic one olympics is over everyone else's. I just hope we have snow and can keep our traffic down during the games!
  9. Well said! The logo is a bit disappointing. Its nice but not suitable for a winter olympics...the colours and the fact that it has no connection to BC is annoying. VANOC tried to please all canadians when they said that this was CANADA's GAMES...personally most Canucks could give a crap where the logo reflected all of Canada or just BC. OUr big issues will be weather and traffic related. Hopefully we will have snow during the Olympics and hopefully people will stay away from the roads during the games. I am a volunteer OFA so I am lucky enough to get a vehicle to fly around in on those Olympic lanes! Woo hoo!
  10. Wow...red for a winter olympics? Granted you do stand out, but its a bit 80's looking... I doubt many would wear the sweater underneath...a bit too bright for those of us in NA
  11. All good points...and yes the shape is a bit out there, but its still original and very nicely done. Dali's clocks were sliding off the table, these kind of remind me of potato chips! LOL Seriously, I am a huge critic of most of the graphic identity work so far...its nice but luke warm at best. There is little innovation...just glimmers here and there. The medals are the first thing that I have seen that have impressed me. The coolest thing for me is that each is unique and that each winner will get a silk scarf of the entire art work design. There is something very special about thinking that all of these athletes have something original and one of a kind and that, if all of them brought their medals together, they could re-create the entire art piece. Its about both individuality and the collective spirit... Well done!
  12. The crazy ass graphic design of the backpack is meant to be the wild graphic thing that some said that they desire on the uniform... unfortunately I am a bit bothered that you have to pay 50 bucks for it! It should be free or at least half that...
  13. It was said at the uniform unveiling: " everyone (volunteer and paid staff) will get the same 6 piece uniform. Only the pants are different for mountain workers." It was designed in layers and is made for mountain and city use. Remember that Vancouver/Whistler winter weather is wetter than other places so waterproofing is more important. Warmth will come from that and the layering thing. We all did this with our uniforms when I worked at Blackcomb/Whistler mountain years ago. Just take off stuff when you are too hot...we all do that here on the coast. Personally, I did not like it at first and thought it was boring (like what others said), but on further review, its a great uniform and very Canadian. its functional without being overly flashy...the colour makes it standout without making people want to throw up when they see it.
  14. I love the fact that they are original pieces of art and that each one is part of a larger art piece. That is a great idea and very first nations... That YOUTUBE video is great!
  15. Again, the photos suck. The uniform is actually very impressive in person...and fits incredibly well.
  16. I too attended the uniform launch. The pics don't do the uniform justice. I thought it looked boring and conservative when I checked out the web pics. In person, the blue colour is more like a very rich/intense teal blue. The rings and wording on the jacket is in refective silver so they will stand out when light is directed on them. The great thing about the uniform is that its offered in a 6 piece component in great fabrics...the volunteer models all raved about the colour and feel. Funny, I volunteered for the Victoria 94 Commonwealth Games and the volunteer uniforms were in almost the same bright teal blue colour (in track suits with bright yellow shirts...you could see us from space)
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