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  1. Well, yes, good point indeed. I guess it was a completely erroneous assumption that pushing the same city every time would effect anything one way or the other. But it seems such a misdirection of energy? I assume the grand total of the American Bid City Process is by far the most expensive of any bidding nation?
  2. Summer Games (Don't follow the Winters. They've always felt like second class olympics to me ) Asia • Kuala Lumpur Europe • Istanbul… the little bid city that could. Oceania • Brisbane… with Beijing's budget to fix the public transport and accommodation situation, maybe. • Would Auckland be feasible? How's the weather? Africa • Cape Town North America • Toronto • Chicago South America • Let's just leave it at Rio for a little while. Has the same US city ever participated in consecutive bids? Seems, in some ways, counter-productive to push a different city each time?
  3. I think far too much is being made of the Gold Coast / Brisbane, 'co-host' issue. Putting aside the notion of holding some team sports events in other parts of the state (which personally I think is a fine idea? And comparable, as Puppy said, to soccer in the Olympic Games), this is no more a co-host scenario than any other in the history of the Commonwealth Games. The Gold Coast and Brisbane are regions within the single greater metropolitan area known statistically as '(Greater) Brisbane', and they are sufficiently close that both will be utilised in what is still a perfectly palatable pla
  4. Indeed it does. Doubly so when you take into account that Bob Gordon, as far as I can see, is basically chairman of the pie-in-the-sky cheer squad committee which has sweet FA to do with the feasibility study being run by the State Government.
  5. Well this is interesting, and whoever concocted this Gold Coast stepping aside nonsense sure caught the NZ media with their pants down. (Not least of all because Auckland is actually Brisbane's sister city, not GC's. Two COMPLETELY separate cities, but anyway…). Cr Clarke says GC has a better climate than Brisbane? It certainly is a markedly different climate, being that much closer to the ocean, but I'm not sure gail force winds and flash floods are much of a selling point. I would dearly love to see GC get the games in 2018. I probably won't still be hanging around in Brisbane by the
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