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  1. No bearing with the real world? Did you even look at my post and all the links that accompanied it? No one is being a shill, everything there is documented and is happening in the real world, the same one you claim to live in but are probably just dreaming about. It seems to me that you have your mind made up and even if the truth slapped you in the face, you wouldn't budge. Then again, judging by some of your other "posts" here I can't say I'm surprised.
  2. Things were better around here when you were asleep.
  3. What is so self-observed? The writer's assertions that 21 out of the 22 facilities are laying in a state of abandonment or ruin is flat out wrong, and can be proven just by doing some quick research to find out which sorts of events have been held in these facilities recently. Savas and myself described many of these uses in our posts. Uses such as the Olympic Stadium being used for domestic soccer league matches (home field for two teams in the Greek Super League, Panathinaikos - www.pao.gr - and AEK Athens - www.aekfc.gr), track meets (like the Tsiklitiria meet, part of the IAAF Golden Le
  4. Funny, I could say the same thing about you. Moving on...
  5. Your insults towards me and your comments belittling me were wholly unnecessary and made you be the one that looks foolish, not me.
  6. Baron and LA84, the fact that this is the best response you could both come up with in response to the points that savas and myself made really shows how weak your assertions are. It seems you have both run out of negative things to say about Greece (and positive things to say about NPC - National Phelps Channel) that this is the only response you have left. You can turn around and say "whatever" and that you are "tired of this topic" (how convenient that you get "tired" of it when you run out of negative points to spew and how mature of you as well) but the facts remain the facts and you ca
  7. First off, what lessons did they have to learn from Athens? Turnout in Athens was not the disaster most people claim it to have been. Outselling successful Olympiads like Barcelona and Seoul is no small feat, especially with the first games held after 9/11 and in a country of 11 million. When comparing the size of the two countries, Greece can be excused for having had some empty seats. What's China's excuse? Oh, I forgot, they "sold out" all of their tickets (purchased by the government). What good does that do? And my observation was that Beijing's stadiums were NOT "a lot" fuller tha
  8. 3600 hours? So what. It's quantity over quality. How many of those hours were fluff pieces? How many of those hours were interrupted by continuous and annoying commercial breaks? How many of those hours showed us an event without Team USA in it? Also, allow me to ask you, are you able to make an argument without belittling someone or being so condescending? Your assumptions of what I would have wanted to watch during the Olympics are juvenile and arrogant, and certainly take away from the old adage that one gets wiser as they get older (which I have to assume as you say you have been
  9. Umm, how do you know that I don't live in America? I never said where I lived. Isn't it a bit presumptuous of you to make that assumption? And using the Katerina Thanou example is pretty lame...that's old news, and it seems to be intended to rub salt into old wounds. It has no place in this conversation. I follow media closely and frequent many TV and media industry message boards and I can tell you, with certainty, that NBC's coverage faced much criticism this year, probably even more so than in past years. CBC, the BBC, etc. focused on more than just their medal hopefuls. Same in Gr
  10. Of course they have every right to feature or over-feature whomever they want. However, after a certain point, it gets in the way of what they originally paid to do, which is to cover the Olympic Games. In many other countries, coverage of the Olympics doesn't rest merely with what the home country is doing, but focuses on events that feature other countries competing as well. NBC did not even show the men's 100 meter dash, they were too busy showing beach volleyball (with Team USA, of course). I mean, that's just absurd. And I am not alone in my disapproval of NBC's coverage of the game.
  11. Sydney did do better than Athens in terms of attendance, that is true. No one denies that, though I do still recall seeing empty seats even at some track and field events (I can find photos if necessary). That shouldn't be held against Sydney any more than empty seats should be held against Athens or Beijing for that matter. Except that it seems that Athens was assailed quite unfairly over it when it would have been more responsible to look at the final ticket count to see that Athens did outsell some other very successful Olympics of the recent past, like Barcelona and Seoul (both of which
  12. All of those sporting facilities are in use on a frequent basis. For instance, any of the sporting facilities that are now used for football or basketball matches (Olympic Stadium, Karaiskaki, Kaftanzoglio, etc., the converted baseball stadium, the Hellinikon arena, the Olympic indoor arena, the Peace and Friendship Stadium, etc.) are in continuous use for league matches, as well as matchups with European squads. The Olympic Indoor stadium also held the Olympic qualifying tournament for basketball just a couple of weeks before the games. The OAKA held the Champions League final in 2007, hol
  13. Allow me to also say that there's nothing to feel bad about regarding Greece. The facilities are just about all in use or are in the process of being converted. Aside from the facilities, Athens has benefited tremendously from all of the infrastructure improvements that were made (and which continue to be made to this day, as the metro, Attiki ring road, suburban railway, tram, etc. are all still being expanded). Tourism in Greece went up tremendously after the 2004 games, and as it is Greece's most vital industry, it has been a major boon to the economy. Greece is going to host the 2013 M
  14. I'm sorry, but this article is a blatant misrepresentation of the situation in Athens. Yet so many people here seem to be taking it as the gospel, without any sort of second word from anywhere else. I personally take a lot of what is written by the American and British press about Greece with a grain of salt...they have a history of lambasting Greece unfairly, not just over the Olympics, but politically as well. It's absurd of the writer to assert that the Beijing games were a model of economic management when $40 billion was spent on the games. The opening ceremony alone cost 10x what w
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