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  1. The stadium was closed due to risk of collapsing. It is true that the stadium will be partially renovated/modified for the games, but those plans do not include a new roof (at least they didn't, now they do...).

    It is a shame that such a new (and supposedly modern) stadium is already having problems. The stadium was built by either the city or the state of rio, right?

    yeah - they have caught it in time and should have time to fix it - if it was 6 months to go I would be worried!

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  2. The only link I can think of would be if Duran Duran perform "Rio" just before the handover segment. Other than that, don't expect the Rio team to put some symbolism of UK/Brazilian ties. I do hope (as I alluded to in an earlier comment) that Brazil/Rio sort of rub it in with London/UK by getting that Jet designed and built by their Embraer company to do a fly over of the stadium, showcasing it's economic might and being ranked higher than the UK. :P

    Except brazil was only ranked higher than the uk due to foreign exchange fluctuations and it seems we will loose that position and return to 9th or 10th.

    Now back to the closing, brazilian media is reporting that the handover sequence is "integrated" into the whole closing ceremony for the first time. What does that mean.

  3. The article is about Filmmaster Group, the company that will produce Rio's handover segment and also the Opening Ceremony in 2016.

    (you can just create your login/profile and read it for free. there's not much info there, though)

    I am actually glad they will use the "carnival/samba school parade" cliche for the handover as it gives me hope we will not see any of this on the actual opening ceremony in 2016.

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