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  1. looks like a viral marketing campaign sponsored by samsung. In every video someone is using what appears to be one of their smartphones. Also, the whois info on the domain points to samsung servers.
  2. The stadium was closed due to risk of collapsing. It is true that the stadium will be partially renovated/modified for the games, but those plans do not include a new roof (at least they didn't, now they do...). It is a shame that such a new (and supposedly modern) stadium is already having problems. The stadium was built by either the city or the state of rio, right?
  3. I know its too soon, Bit I don't think there will be a Cauldron on the roof of maracana stadium. I'd say it will be another indoor cauldron.
  4. Except brazil was only ranked higher than the uk due to foreign exchange fluctuations and it seems we will loose that position and return to 9th or 10th. Now back to the closing, brazilian media is reporting that the handover sequence is "integrated" into the whole closing ceremony for the first time. What does that mean.
  5. So this could be the second time the OC starts with helicopter, following beijing08.
  6. Just because LA84 had water doesnt mean they cant do it again. Sydney had fire on water (the cauldron) and Athens had fire on water (the opening segment) and that wasnt a problem at all.
  7. It's been reported in Brazilian press that singers Marisa Monte and Seu Jorge will perform at the closing ceremony. Might be interesting. Seu Jorge is a good option to include samba in the ceremony without bringing the whole "samba school" circus to London.
  8. The article is about Filmmaster Group, the company that will produce Rio's handover segment and also the Opening Ceremony in 2016. (you can just create your login/profile and read it for free. there's not much info there, though) I am actually glad they will use the "carnival/samba school parade" cliche for the handover as it gives me hope we will not see any of this on the actual opening ceremony in 2016.
  9. Any news on the hand over segment? What is rio planning for the closing ceremony?
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