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  1. You mean how much does the IOC value the objectively verifiable aspects of a bid (compactness, sustainability, transportation/logistics, safety and security, financial support, local engagement)? If the IOC decides to send the games somewhere, clearly that's what they'll do regardless. But don't forget to attach a few billion dollars in defense and oil contracts - assuming you have them to give out. If not and another city has them - Can't Japan find another use for $70 million? CHItown '16
  2. The argument about Europe having greater densities does not hold up - add up the population of the stops before the first TGV line (Paris-Lyon) and the stops after the TGV and it's pretty clear that France's population outside of Paris is pretty comparable to U.S. populations between major regional city pairs (Dallas-Austin, San Francisco-Sacramento, Chicago-St. Louis). There are about 300,000 people in the cities served by the old French rail lines - an amount exceeded by the population between a number of the proposed U.S. high speed rail city pairs. The advantages of the train aren't ju
  3. I think urban/skyscraper based fireworks are going to be out of fashion for a while: Beijing CCTV / Mandarin Hotel After a Firework Misfired: CHItown '16
  4. At least in the U.S., stadium-adjacent shopping malls don't have a great record: New Orleans Centre (near the Superdome): http://www.deadmalls.com/malls/new_orleans_centre.html Tampa Bay Center (near Raymond James Stadium): http://www.deadmalls.com/malls/tampa_bay_center.html often due to customers that are cut off during game days (huge crowds of people fill up parking and roads during the games, don't shop during the games, and leave after the stores are already closed) and limited access to these sites due to stadium parking and site requirements (due to noise and traffic, stadiums are
  5. Calgary 1988 - Saddledome, home of the NHL Calgary Flames, used for skating during the NHL season. CHItown '16
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