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  1. It's a greater humiliation for a Swede to be in a Team Norge shirt
  2. We should have made that bet with the Swedish sports minister
  3. I was fortunate enough to by coincidence tune into the slalom event just as the final 4 were starting. Once the Togoan started getting close to the finish line, I realized history was in the making.
  4. 5. The opening ceremony 4. Togoan kayaker dude! 3. Usain Bolt 2. Icelands handball team And at number 1, Norway's handball team's semi final win against South Korea. Not just for patriotic reasons, but for the sheer explosion of joy throughout Norway when the 29-28 goal was scored with fractions to go.
  5. Criticizing an athlete is still on the topic of sports.
  6. *Sigh* Call it a draw. We may have made a mistake with the horses, you may have been right with protesting. Would be better than just exchanging insults. I'm still cosigning the ban though.
  7. Political attacks and FLAMING have nothing to do on a sports forum.
  8. ^^^^^^^ Cosign. Immature, insulting and quite simply stupid behavior. (And no, that's not just because I'm a Norwegian and she's a Swede.)
  9. Well, I never said he was wrong to protest. But it's possible to protest in a more...subtle...way.
  10. News polls are veeeeeeeeeery accurate sources.
  11. I like how they did it at the handball and athletics. Apparently, only the rowing orchestra is incompetent.
  12. That makes two out of five possible Norwegian back-to-back champions
  13. I agree it's a crazy system, but there's not much time to change it. Softball is done in the Olympics after this.
  14. Which is, if we are to believe him, accidental. I believe him, anyway.
  15. The guy has achieved more in the space of a few days than most athletes do their whole life. I think he's allowed to be a little cocky.
  16. To the poster who said "Like the rest of the Nordic countries"...I disagree. He did not show great sportsmanship. While I agree that he has the right to protest against a corrupt sport, having a temper tantrum at the medal ceremony is not the way to do it. Most Norwegians disagree with his decision, most of the newspaper commentators (including Aftonbladet in Sweden) do too. I don't think there's a massive movement of supporters.
  17. I just watched a replay of the race. Everybody in the commentary box quite simply exploded when they saw the time. You could hear some of them had been cheering for Bolt all along.
  18. Too slow as usual. Ja Vi Elsker is NOT supposed to be a funeral durge.
  19. Norway's guy DID get further than expected. I think he's aiming for 2012 though.
  20. Of all the competitions we entered, Equestrian was probably the last one I expected us to win a final in
  21. Norway Jokes aside, I'm thinking Britain, Russia or Germany...
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