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  1. Seems that countries which can be called also as "new economies" are now getting the games. Olympics go where the money is and it seems to be now in the more "exotic" locations.
  2. I guess it was done today at CNN. Not officially though... Also as sad as it is we all know the weaknesses of Tokyo's bid :/
  3. Financial situation in Spain and Italy is so bad that they have hardly chances for getting the games. I thin Istanbul has great change to get the games! Not only turkey have a strong financial strengths but also the location in between Europe and Asia.
  4. Looks like there is an easy possibility to build temporary seatings to both ends of the stadium which would also prevent wind.
  5. Can you imagine audience in athletic games in Doha or Dubai? A few tourist and goverment paid audience filling all the empty seats in stadium
  6. Istanbul might have a good change since its considered to be in Europe but still it can claim to be in Asia and the fact that it is Muslim country might be benefit. If Rabat, Dubai or Doha makes a bid it would probably just strengthen Istanbul's chances in the final 4 is Istanbul makes it. Turkey wont be part of EU in 2013 but I don't see that a problem at all
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