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  1. GOLD IN EQUESTRIAN Eric Lamaze and Hickstead made it and brought home Canada's 3rd gold medal in Beijing ... what en equestrian nation you are suddenly This makes Canada being 16th in the medal table with 3G, 7S, 5B ... go, Canada, go !!!
  2. Canada in men's relay final !! Wow ... what was that in the 4x100m men's semi-final ? Only 10 of 16 teams passed the finish line ... 2 DSQ and 4 DNF ... that's a pretty weird result ... well, with the USA and Britain not qualified for the final this brings a chance for Canada to win a medal. Probably none of the teams will top Jamaica being the top sprinting nation in Beijing ... but Canada, Trinidad & Tobago and Japan might fight for silver in there ... ?!? Good luck, Canada !!
  3. True, true ... seems that Great Britain is the new "benchmark" for the Australian team ... I must admit that though being German ... but anyway, you can be proud of such a good team this year, and London will push you to be third again ... hope you can defend this third position this year ! Britannia, rule the ... games !!
  4. I saw Steiner in the interveiw on ZDF (German TV channel), he is really a profit for us, very likable and a strong athlete ... not only by his muscles ... and a great job in triathlon ... this was a gold medal by Frodeno that I didn't expect at all ... haven't even heard of him before (seems that I never watched triathlon before, but now I do) !! I agree, Germany is not bad at these games - just one thing that we already realized : There is almost no sport left in which we are really dominant. The ones we had - rowing, swimming, cycling, fencing (well two gold this time is a real COMEBACK for us in fencing), ... do not work out for us any more ... obviously our medals are well distributet over several sports, and some of the medals are real surprises for us. I doubt that London will see us Germans back in the top three or four You know, when watching winter sports you can bet your money that our athletes in Bobsports, Luge, Biathlon and Speed Skating bring home several medals in their sports - continuously. But in summer sports I see some nations overtaking us ... but well, still we are one of the strongest teams here in Beijing ...
  5. Hey to the South !! Almost ten medals, wow, not bad, respect ! And still we can expect NZL to do well in canoeing, cycling and sailing, eh ? Good job !!
  6. Sorry for posting way too late - but CONGRATULATIONS CANADA .... 13 medals is not too shabby ... let's hope for Adam van Koeverden and some divers to add a few medals (hopefully some gold for the better rank in the official medal table) ...
  7. OK, I've compared the current medal table to the one of Athens and to what I remember from past Olympic Summer Games ... so here is my "vote" for current "losers" or "winners" of Beijing : WINNERS : China - Beijing 45 15 21 ; Athens 32 17 14 ... nothing to talk about, just incredibly dominant in almost every sport, congrats to the host ! Great Britain - Beijing 17 11 11 ; Athens 9 9 12 ... good job, and more is to expect from such a team in four years in London ... especially an impressive cycling dominance ! Jamaica - Beijing 4 3 0 ; Athens 2 1 2 ... and the relays are still to come ... Jamaicas sprinters have overtaken the US-equipe which dominated the short running distances Georgia ... don't want to compare the medals to Athens, pretty similar, but a really good result for this country, which is severely damaged by the current war LOSERS : Russia - Beijing 15 14 19 ; Athens 27 29 38 ... yes, some medals will still come up for them, sure ... but the old mark will not be reached any more ... guess that China and Russia have strenghts in lots of same sports such as weight lifting, gymnastics, ... thats probably the main reason for that Cuba - Beijing 1 6 6 ; Athens 9 7 11 ... OK, the boxing nation is still waiting for the final days, and some medals will surely be in Cuban hands after that, but the 9 golds ? no way ! Bulgaria - Beijing 1 1 3 ; Athens 2 1 9 ... well, BUL hasn't really done well in Athens either, but compared to what Bulgaria once was in sports - shameful result ... and the 12 medals of Athens won't be easy to get during the last days - let's see how the rhytmical gymnasts do in Beijing Greece - Beijing 0 1 2 ; Athens 6 6 4 ... yes, Greece was the host in Athens, but nevertheless I remember Greek athletes being strong in weight lifting, wrestling, some in rowing, athletics, ... and now ?!? Sweden - Beijing 0 3 1 ; Athens 4 2 1 ... hard to imagine that Sweden once was one of the strongest summer nations in the first Olympics, this year nobody even realizes them in the medal table Brazil - Beijing 1 1 5 ; Athens 5 2 3 ... what a big country, what a bad result for them ... where are the track & field successes, the equestrians, the beach volleyball golds ?! I wouldn't agree with FRA, ITA und UKR being losers this year ... France has won a lot of medals in Beijing, just a lack of gold for them this time ; Italy has done really well in Athens (better than average), and still there are some Italian medals to come in Beijing, same for the Ukraine.
  8. Absolutely right ... so let's hope that another of our "traditions" will still bring some success for us ... starting tomorrow - canoeing !
  9. Yes, this was my morning coffee ... here in Hanover the Maschseefest / Lake Masch Festival is finally over today, so I went there last night and got up at 9:00 to see rowing ... didn't want to leave the TV for a coffee, so I went into the kitchen afterwards Yeah ... seems that Germany discovers new sports to finally combine to that amount of medals ... such as judo, shooting, ... so does China, but somehow with way more success
  10. Hey guys ... let's just cheer for that second gold medal for Britta Steffen !! I am more dissapointed about our rowing results ... this morning we just won a single bronze medal with Great Britain, Poland, Denmark and Canada doing a way better job in their boats winning a bunch of medals ! Moreover, the British success continues - they've just overtaken us by gold now ... thanks to their outstanding rowing and cycling performances !! Congrats to Britain ... but we'll finally get them again, right ?! Uahhh, these Olympics are really sleep taking ... going to get a coffee now .... after all the exciting rowing finals I feel a lack of sleep in my bones now
  11. Eight Maple Leafs rowing to gold .... woooooooow, great job ... Canada domiated the Men's Eight ... congrats to you Canucks .... and congrats to all rowing boats winning Canadian medals this morning ... Canada currently on rank 18 in the medal table ... on their way up
  12. Hello to the most Southern country on the globe !! Gongrats for your crazy performance today ... not bad ... seems like the outstanding performance of your former mother nation today gave you a push, as well ... awesome day, New Zeland .... and good luck for rowing and cycling tomorrow !!
  13. Go Canada, go !!! What a day for this amazing country ... couldn't believe my eyes when scrolling through the medal table (just missed all the events this night/morning) and when coming back home it was just a WOW WHAT IS THIS ?!? Surprisingly it's wrestling that brought Canada into the medal table ... and let's see how you guys do in rowing tomorrow ... hope your crazy country will enter the top twenty tomorrow ... good luck
  14. Well, the outfit is a bit "American" ... looks as if we are trying to catch the gold by the colour of our outfits ;o) ... yes, I definitely prefer the white shirt with the red strip, as well .... though an entirely red or black shirt with sth on it could look nice as well ... but gold ?! Anyway .... we're THIRD right now ... looks like Russia has a hard time to catch up with us ... ... let's hope some rowers, equestrians, canoeists and track and field athletes will bring further success to this German performance Talking about others ... what a Slovakian dominance in whitewater canoeing ... great job, Slovakia ! ... I am really f***ed up with this schedule for the decision in the middle of the night - thanks to NBC ... why the hell can they influence the schedule ? I can't imagine that all European countries (together) haven't got the same amount of Olympic TV viewers, so why didn't the Chinese take us into consideration ? Now entire Europe has to watch the games at midnight !
  15. Thanks, Olympian2004 ! Damn, really a pity for Fabian ... now that we have a good world class gymnast ... long, long after Andreas Wecker ... he falls from the horizontal bar, which usually is his best discipline ... well, still there are the single events to come in gymnastics !!
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