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  1. Well Canada just needs to change its name to Kanada problem solved!
  2. Its going to be lit in Greece on October 22nd then day one will be October 30th according to the web site.
  3. I wouldn't be to worried or shocked about it. For example before the last election local elections in England the comments on the BBC web sites were like 70% in favor of the British National Party. They ended up winning like 12 races out of the thousands that were being contested. A small group shouting really loud will get noticed.
  4. I don't think its a bad city to have a session in just not an ideal one. what is that from? a radio show i listen to uses it all the time. (and the computer says yes version also)
  5. but being an island it can grow only so much and there is a mountain range in the middle of the island and the fact that its pretty far away from just about everyone might be a strike against it for an IOC session.
  6. Honolulu is to small and crowded for an olympic games and if different events would be on different islands that would get complicaited but it would be a wonderful city to have an IOC session. That could be a great way to war IOC USOC relations
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