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  1. And wouldn't they have done something more original than using stock game character images? I swear I've seen them from some Korean-made online game.
  2. I'm not saying you knowingly posted fake images. Your intentions were good, obviously. But perhaps the original source of the images were trying to pull our legs? A lot of the images look very badly done. With all the money going into the ceremony, you would think that anything official would look more professionally done than this. For example, this picture looks to me like a copy+paste job. I can do a better job with photoshop.
  3. I don't know why your getting so defensive about this.
  4. Are these official concept art? Because I would hardly believe that BOC would use video game characters. And some of the photoshop effects look very off and half-assed.
  5. I'm assuming that this is the work of the APC, of course.
  6. God, we should just ship them off to Tibet and let them protest there. Or better yet, make them watch the Paralympics. They need to see how the athletes come on top of real and unfixable problems. Instead of finding a solution to their poverty, they sit on their asses waiting for the government to feed them caviar.
  7. Ugh, why can't the winter game logos be more reflective of the host city? It's always the same mountain backdrop. I would've been cool to see something like a totem pole or even a maple leaf.
  8. Ugh, no maple leaf? Does anyone have the video of the segment NBC did on Vancouver?
  9. When will the medal design be released? I'm very anxious about the medal design because Winter Games have greater control over what the medals look like yet none of the past games have been exceptional in the department. Though I liked Torino's rather original design.
  10. I suppose the dragon pillars in the OC counted? It's a real shame that more of Chinese culture and history wasn't shown. Whatevs.
  11. The Chinese singers have a thing for tacky, over-the-top dresses. Just watch any CCTV concert and you'll see.
  12. WHAT. What is South Korean singer Rain doing there? Not that I'm discriminating against the Koreans, but he had no right to be there.
  13. Wait, what does Rogge usually say? Has he actually referred any games as the "best ever"?
  14. Exceptional games....Oh shi-. I think Dr.Rogge has just pissed off 1.3billion people by saying that.
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